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If you love Thai food, you'll love Vietnamese. It's another Southeast Asian cuisine that's all about light dishes, clean flavours, thin chillies, and fresh herbs.

Vietnamese dishes feature a pleasant mix of flavours, spices, and colours in typical Asian style. The most well-known dish is Pho, a perfectly seasoned noodle soup with a touch of ginger that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Another hugely-popular dish is Banh Mi, a baguette packed with greens and whatever savoury filling you're craving.

Vietnamese Cuisine has a notable French influence, with meals often accompanied by baguettes and strongly flavourful coffee. Almost every Vietnamese restaurant offers fresh spring rolls, which makes a great starter. You'll also notice that nuoc mam, or fermented fish sauce, is frequently used, giving Vietnamese cuisine its characteristic flavour. From Banh Mi to Sticky Rice, Vietnamese dishes offer something for every taste palette! Order Vietnamese food online for delivery or take out now!

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