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Halal foods are the result of centuries of tradition, and today the cuisine has undergone a modern transformation. While halal cuisines run the gamut of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Caribbean, it's becoming common to find Canadian favourites like fried chicken, burgers, poutine, and pizza on halal food menus. If you're looking for a classic, the most-loved halal dishes from countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey include falafel, kofta, shawarma, gyro, roti, kibbeh, manakish, and kebab.

Everyone's got a fave they rave about, and it can all be heading your way. Order halal food online for delivery or take out now! Yalla!

Some restaurants feature halal items while others serve a full halal menu. If you have any questions about halal compliance, please contact the restaurant for more information.