Skip Rewards

Collect Points on select orders and redeem them for more of what you want. Order. Collect. Save.

No sign-ups or monthly fees. All you need is a Skip account.


Collect Points

Check your Rewards page to start collecting Points.

Rewarding Deals

Enjoy access to made-for-you offers, including Points, discounts and more.

Get Rewarded

Discount your order with Points at checkout.

Skip Rewards Benefits


Orders Per Month

What You Get


0-1 orders per month


Standard offers, Points and discounts.


2+ orders per month


Made-for-you offers, deals, discounts, Points and more!

Redeeming Points

Get discounts on your orders when you use your points at checkout.

Number of points

Dollar value

2,500Skip Rewards points
5,000Skip Rewards points
10,000Skip Rewards points
15,000Skip Rewards points

Download The App

Keep track of your Skip Rewards status with the app. View the number of orders you place each month, your points balance, and more.


All Skip accounts are automatically enrolled in Skip Rewards.

Skip Points are collected through made-for-you offers found on the Rewards tab in the app.

You can redeem Points at checkout, under Use Your Points. You can select between $2.50 (2,500 points), $5 (5,000 points), $10 (10,000 points), and $15 (15,000 points).

You can also select “don’t use Points” to save them for a future order.

Please note that it is not possible to redeem your Points on alcohol.

Order 2+ times within a calendar month to achieve Gold Status.

You’ll keep your status for the rest of the current calendar month, as well as the next calendar month.

Maintain your Gold Status by making just 2 orders per month.

Points expire if your account is inactive for 12 months.

Yes — you can apply a voucher when redeeming your points towards an order.

If a payment fails when redeeming Points, your Points will be converted to Skip Credits. You'll find the Skip Credits in your account.

No — you can collect Points only on completed orders.

Made-for-you offers are tailored to your ordering habits and behaviors. You’ll be rewarded for choosing your favorites, or trying something new. Earn Points and dollars off offers.

To see made-for-you offers:

  • Click on the Rewards tab in app, or on the web, click on the icon at the top.

Your offers are all displayed in one section. Click or tap an offer card to see the requirements.

We’re always creating tailored offers for you. Watch for them in your email inbox, as well as notifications in the Skip app.

You can redeem Points offers and use a voucher code together. However, you cannot use a voucher code and a dollar-off offer at the same time - you must select only one.

Made-for-you offers cannot be redeemed or completed after their expiry date.

You keep all the Skip Points you have today. Points will expire only if you are inactive for 12 months.

You’ll find the expiration date of your pass in the app under the Rewards tab.

Start Earning Points Today