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Hot Dogs Delivery & Pickup

Thinking of ordering some Hot Dogs today? You came to the right place. Browse through our variety of Hot Dogs restaurants and taste the most delightful dishes with SkipTheDishes.

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New York hot dogs, Mexican hot dogs, veggie hot dogs — still one the world's favourite foods, the hot dog is as hot as ever. It might be a simple sausage in a sliced bun, but it hits the spot every time.

It's been that way since the hot dog first started taking taste buds by storm in New York more than 150 years ago — according to New Yorkers, that is. Germans will tell you that it started with the Frankfurter over 500 years ago. But all you need to know is mouthwateringly magnificent hot dogs are ready to be delivered to you from nearby restaurants with the SkipTheDishes app.

A true American icon, the classic Hot Dog is an American-style Frankfurter, made from beef or pork, placed in a sliced bun, then drizzled with mustard, ketchup, or relish. A BBQ hot dog might add lightly smoked beef and ranch sauce. A chili dog is coated with fresh beef chili and chopped onions (don't skimp on the cheddar).

Want to try something different? Japanese hot dogs have found their fans in Canada. Different from more traditional hot dogs, Japanese hot dogs come with fresh toppings like carrot, sliced parsley, and nori, a chopped seaweed garnish. Whichever is your favourite, order hot dogs for delivery or take out with the SkipTheDishes app.