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Order Asian Food Online

Try Chinese Fried Rice , Chow Mein , Pad Thai , Gyoza and many more! Ordering from an Asian restaurant with SkipTheDishes allows you to sample dishes from different regions without having to leave your home.

Asian cuisine is a great way to experience exotic, new flavors. Ramen, kimchi, pho, and matcha are all delicious dishes that will expand your culinary horizons.

Sushi, Dim Sum, Curries, Bao buns, Nasi Goreng, Bibimbap - these are all examples of delicious Asian cuisine. Bao buns are made with a soft and fluffy steamed bun, and filled with either pork or vegetables. The pork version is usually served with a sweet and sour sauce, while the vegetable version is usually served with a soy sauce based dipping sauce. Bao buns are a great alternative to traditional sandwiches, and are perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

There are amazing dishes on Asian menus everywhere that have tempted us away from our usual diets and given us a whole new world of fave food. Some of them have even taught us to use chopsticks. And many of them can be ordered from a great Asian takeaway near you, via SkipTheDishes.