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Thinking of ordering some Wings today? You came to the right place. Browse through our variety of Wings restaurants and taste the most delightful dishes with SkipTheDishes.


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Chicken can be savoured many different ways, but there's something special about wings. The heat, the mess, and the shareability make them a party favour of choice.

Craving wings? When they are deep-fried or grilled, their skin retains natural moisture to create juicy, succulent, and flavourful bites. Spicy wings (aka hot wings) are marinated in a hot sauce (usually cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, and honey), and range from mildly spicy to 'WHOOOAH!'

Buffalo wings (named after their US city of origin, not the large herbivore) are coated in a vinegar-based hot pepper sauce and melted butter. BBQ wings are dipped in (you guessed it) BBQ sauce. And tandoori wings have a scrumptious, crisply red exterior from being marinated in tandoori spices, lemon, and yogurt sauce. Hungry? Time to wing it.

If you want even more flavour, bring on all the sauces and dips. Wings are perfect for sharing — just make sure there's enough for everybody. Order wings now with SkipTheDishes.