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Thinking of ordering some Sandwiches and Subs today? You came to the right place. Browse through our variety of Sandwiches and Subs restaurants and taste the most delightful dishes with SkipTheDishes.


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It's hard to imagine a world without the mighty sandwich. You've got the BLT, crispy chicken, Cuban, egg salad, and so much more.

Let's start with the BLT, which stands for bacon, lettuce, and tomato. This sandwich is such a versatile meal that we propose a toast. Other faves are the tuna melt, grilled cheese, and the good ol' Philly cheesesteak. Notice a theme? These ones are all super cheesy.

Sandwiches are evolving. These ain’t your mom’s ham and cheese: banh mi (Vietnamese sub) and bao (Chinese lotus leaf buns) are turning into a massive hit nationwide, with their fresh flavours, herbs, and savoury sauces.

Delicious hot or cold food crammed between two pieces of bread so you can hold it? Such a tasty innovation — as is the story behind it. The sandwich is believed to have been invented by John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762, during a 24-hour gambling session. He wanted a clever way to eat that wouldn't involve leaving his table. He'd probably be happy to know that today you don't need to leave wherever you are to enjoy one, either. Simply order sandwiches from your favourite restaurants near you with SkipTheDishes.