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Opens at 3:00 PM

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Sándwiches Artesanales

Sándwiches artesanales come with side of fries. Enjoy the flavours of Argentina at your own house.

  • Argentinean Cheesesteak

    Grilled skirt steak(entraña), sautéed mushrooms, fried bell peppers, chimi-cheese sauce, and arugula.


  • Sandwich De Lomito

    Grilled New York steak, pancetta, caramelized onion, fried egg, mixed greens, tomato, cheese sauce, and chimi mayo.


  • Sandwich De Milanesa

    Breaded top sirloin, provolone cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and chimi mayo.


  • Choripan

    Argentinean style chorizo, chimi, salsa criolla, and grilled top cut bun.


  • Vos Rapido Burger

    In-house ground chuck, deep fried provolone cheese, mixed greens, tomato, pickle, and chimi mayo.


  • Sandwiche De Pulpo

    Grilled octopus (4 ounces), paprika aioli, and muffaletta spread (green and black olives).


  • Sandwich De Pollo

    Grilled half chicken deboned (12 ounces), fried provolone cheese, spinach, tomato, and salsa criolla.


  • Quinoa Burger

    Quinoa burger, provolone faux-mage, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, and chimi fake oil.



  • Asado Empanada

    Short rib, Spanish chorizo, caramelized onion, and mozzarella.


  • Ternera Empanada

    In-house ground beef, green olives, bell peppers, raisins, and boiled egg.


  • Mozzarela Empanada

    Mozz, dates, and pancetta.


  • Pollo Empanada

    Lemon and mustard braised chicken, and mozzarella.


  • Humita Empanada

    Butternut squash, corn, and tomato confit.


Sides (Guarniciones)

  • House Cut Fries


  • Sweet Potatoes Wedges


  • Agrega Mas


Drinks (Bebidas)

  • Ginger Ale (355 ml)


  • Coke (355 ml)


  • Coke Zero (355 ml)


  • Ice Tea (355 ml)