The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor


8737 120 St, Delta, BC V4C 6R5, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM


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Soups and Salads

  • Cream of Tomato

    Desi meets videsi in this soup made with tomatoes and basil.


  • Veg Manchow Soup

    Spicy soup with Indian and oriental flavours.


  • Veg Sweet Corn Soup

    Cream style corn with a touch of Indian herbs.


  • Chicken Manchow Soup

    Spicy soup with shredded chicken, Indian, and oriental flavours.


  • Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

    Creamy style corn, shredded chicken with a touch of indian herbs.


  • Papaya Peanut Kachumber

    Raw papaya & roasted peanuts in a tamarind dressing.


  • Kachumber Salad

    Fresh cucumber, bell peppers, red onions, watermelon radish, sweet vinaigrette.


Papad, Raita and Chaats

  • Raita

    The ultimate Indian accompaniment made with yogurt.


  • Khajoori Dahi Bhalle

    Dahi bhalla stuffed and garnished with dates.


  • Crisp Palak Chaat

    Batter-fried baby spinach leaves drizzled with tangy dressing, sweet yogurt and pomegranate pearls.


  • Dahi Golgappa

    Yummy and lip-smacking gol gappas with the goodness of yogurt.


  • Dahi

    So good, you will want more.


  • Maharaja Samosa

    Two pieces, served with mint or tamarind chutney.


  • Aalu Tikki Chaat

    Two pieces, served with curd, mint and tamarind chutney.


Vegetarian Starters

  • Chanajor Garam Tikki

    Cheesy potato patties coated with spiced chickpeas, perfectly fried.


  • Harippa Paneer Tikka

    Spicy and signature dish. Paneer marinated in a blend of chili and spices, cooked in the clay oven.


  • Paneer Malai Kalimirch Tikka

    Paneer marinated in peppery hung yogurt with spices, cooked in tandoor.


  • Hara Masaley Ka Bhuna Paneer

    Charred paneer and vegetables marinated in the flavourful green marinade.


  • Tandoori Soya Chaap

    Soya chaap marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked in the tandoor.


  • Malai Soya Chaap

    Soya chaap marinated in peppery hung yogurt with spices, cooked in tandoor.


  • Veg Cheese Karara Roll

    Mixed spiced vegetables and cheese-stuffed mini rolls.


  • Shabnam Ke Moti

    Fresh mushroom caps stuffed with spiced cheese mixture.


  • Hara Bhara Kebab

    Panko coated, deep-fried, potatoes, peas, sweet corn, yogurt, and spices.


  • Mixed Veg Platter

    Selection of assorted starters: hara masaley ka bhuna paneer, chanajor garam tikki, harripa paneer tikka, and tandoori soya chaap.


Non Vegetarian Starters

  • Bhatti Ka Jheenga

    Prawns marinated in a fiery spice mix, cooked to perfection in clay oven.


  • Prawns Koliwada

    Panko coated deep fried prawns, indian masala, tandoori dip.


  • Amritsari Machchi

    Crisp batter-fried fish, a special from Amritsar.


  • Murgh Angaar Bedgi

    The favourite chicken tikka spiced with special bedgi chillies.


  • Pudina Murgh Tikka

    Minty chicken chunks on skewers, cooked in tandoor.


  • Tandoori Machi

    Marinated with north Indian spices cooked to perfection in tandoor.


  • Lawrence Road Tandoori Murgh

    Tandoori chicken inspired from the popular Lawrence Road of Amritsar.


  • Chatpatta Seekh Kebab

    Minced lamb on skewers, cooked in tandoor.


  • Bharwan Tangri

    Drumsticks stuffed with dried fruits and indian spices roasted in a clay oven.


  • Afghani Chicken

    Chicken marinated with yogurt and cashews, grilled to perfection.


  • Tandoori Lamb Chop

    Savour, enjoy, and repeat.


  • Mixed platter

    Selection of assorted starters: pudina murgh tikka, murgh angaar bedgi, chatpatta seekh kebab and Amritsari machchi.


Vegetarian Mains

  • Shaam Savera

    Spinach dumplings filled with creamy paneer on a bed of velvety tomato gravy.


  • Paneer Khada Masala

    Spicy and signature dishes. Paneer cooked in flavourful whole spices.


  • Lasooni Palak Paneer

    Spicy and signature dishes. Paneer simmered in burnt garlic, fresh baby spinach puree.


  • Makhanwala Paneer

    Spicy and signature dishes. Rich tomato sauce accentuated with fenugreek.


  • Ghara Dum Ke Aloo

    Spicy and signature dishes. Slow-cooked potatoes with flavors from the north Indian state of Kashmir.


  • Gobhi Achari

    Cauliflower florets tossed with pickling spices.


  • Subz Panchvati (Mixed Vegetables)

    Sautéed assorted vegetables with tangy tempering.


  • Do Pyaaz Ki Bhindi

    Spicy and signature dishes. Do pyaaza originally hails from Persia, meaning two onions, this one’s a treat for vegetarians.


  • Kadi Pakora

    Pakoras (fritters) simmered in gram flour and yogurt-based creamy, tangy, and flavourful curry.


  • Tawa Masala Chaap

    Smoked mock meat made with soybean chunks and flour, cooked in flavourful onion tomato gravy.


  • Matar Paneer

    Spicy. Peas and paneer in spicy masala.


  • Baingan Bharta

    Fire roasted eggplant, mashed and cooked with spices.


  • Sarson da Saag

    Fresh mustard greens cooked with subtle spices and butter.


Non Vegetarian Mains

  • Fish Tikka Masala

    Fish cooked in a tangy gravy.


  • Kadai Jheenga

    Tiger prawns tossed with bell peppers, and aromatic spices.


  • Puran Singh Da Tariwala Murgh

    Signature dish. Chicken curry from the legendary food stall in Ambala on Delhi road.


  • Butter Chicken

    Chicken tikka in rich buttery makhni sauce.


  • Lazeez Murgh Tikka Masala

    Chicken tikka in flavorful tangy gravy.


  • Murgh Survedaar

    Spicy chicken curry flavored with black pepper, and coriander.


  • Butter Chicken Daryaganj

    Tandoori bone-in chicken with a rich buttery tangy sauce.


  • Nalli Rogan Josh

    Lamb shank cooked along with flavourful gravy with garlic, ginger and Kashmiri aromatic spices.


  • Bhuna Gosht

    Spicy. Slow-cooked spicy bone-in goat.


  • Goat Curry

    Goat cooked on the bone with exotic spices.



  • Dal Tadka Dhaba

    Butter tempering with cumin, onion garlic, and dried red chilies over yellow lentils.


  • Lalla Mussa Dal

    Signature dish. Black lentils simmered overnight on slow fire.


  • Pindi Chholay

    Ginger and burnt cumin-flavored chickpeas.



  • Sada Chawal

    Steamed basmati rice. Simple is beautiful.


  • Jeera Pulao

    Fragrant basmati rice tampered with cumin, and desi ghee.


  • Nizami Tarkari Biryani

    Long-grain rice cooked with vegetables, and aromatic spices.


  • Murgh Noormahal Biryani

    Signature dish. Long-grain rice cooked with chicken and aromatic spices.


  • Dum Gosht Biryani

    Signature dish. Slowed cooked bone-in goat, long-grain rice and spices, sealed, and slow-cooked to perfection.



  • Naan

    Indian-style leavened bread.


  • Tandoori Roti

    A popular Indian flatbread made in the clay oven.


  • Keema Naan

    Minced lamb stuffed in naan.


  • Missi Roti

    Savory flatbread made with whole wheat flour, gram flour and spices.


  • Pyaaz Mirch Ke Roti

    Spicy. A popular Indian flatbread made with onions, and chillies.


  • Lachha Paratha

    Layered Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour.


  • Peshawari Naan

    Sweet naan stuffed with desiccated coconuts, almonds, pista, cashews, and raisins.


  • Bread Basket

    Assorted breads.



  • Gulab-E-Gulkand

    Gulab Jamun stuffed with rose petal compote.


  • Kesari Kulfi With Rabdi

    Indian saffron spiked ice cream.


  • Shahi Tukda

    Signature dish. Warm bread, and milk pudding.


  • Zaik-e-Shahi

    Mini gulab jamuns covered in rabdi.


  • Gajar Halwa

    Grated carrots, whole milk, spices, and nuts.


  • Rasmalai

    Juicy cheese discs served with rabdi and pistachios.