The Momo Spot


79 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Steamed Momos

Hand-made Nepalese dumplings. You'll fall in love with the first bite into the warm, fresh, succulent dumpling. Served with in-house sauces.

  • Vegan Momos

    Tofu, vegetables, spice blend and aromatics.


  • Chicken Momos

    Chicken, cabbage, spice blend and aromatics.


  • Pork Momos

    Pork, spice blend and aromatics.


  • Chilli Momos

    Momos are stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, chillis, and bell peppers. A medley of flavours in your mouth with the right level of sweetness, savoury,


  • Pan Fried (Kothe) Momos

    Just the right amount of char to balance the soft momo skin with a touch of crunch. This is just the right amount of experimental if you love love...


  • Deep Fried Momos

    These provide that bit of texture to experience momos in a completely different way. Crunchy on the outside and warm and juicy on the inside! Mmmmm...


  • Jhol Momos

    Momos in soup - this is the perfect way to enjoy momos if you love yourself a bowl of warm tasty deliciousness. Also, the perfect option if you love...



Snacks and Sides

For when you're craving an extra something something on the side.

  • Puri Chips


  • Chicken Chilli

    Crunchy deep-fried chicken pieces tossed in our famous Chilli stir-fry with Bell Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes. Sweet with a bit of a kick.


  • Chips Chilli

    Potato strips in our famous Chilli Stir-fry



  • Mild Sauce (No Spice)


  • Spicy Sesame (Medium)


  • Chilli Cilantro (Spicy)




  • Pop (Can)


  • Bottled Water

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