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Start off your meal right!

  • MenuItemImage
    Beef Naan Keema

    Spiced ground beef stuffed into naan.


  • Beef Samosa

    Flavourful beef filling inside a golden brown flaky shell.


  • Chicken Samosa

    Chicken based filling inside a golden brown flaky shell.


  • Veggie Samosa

    Classic vegetarian filling inside a golden brown flaky shell.


  • Shami Kebab

    A kebab made from ground beef with various spices in the shape of a patty.


  • Chicken Naan Keema

    Spiced chicken stuffed into naan.


  • Naan Aloo (Potato)

    A seasoned potato mixture stuffed into naan.


  • Fish Pakora

    Tasty Crispy Boneless Fish Marinated With Our Special Spices Fried To Perfection Served With Mint Chutney.




All special menu items come with naan or rice.

  • MenuItemImage

    A traditional curry dish of trotters and spice.


  • Chicken Biryani

    A delicious mixed rice with tender chicken.


  • Lamb Shank Nihari


  • Nihari

    Slow cooked stew consisting of meat and marrow.


  • Lamb Karai

    A traditional dish of lamb meat braised in sauce in a wok.


  • Haleem

    A slow cooked rich stew of grains and spices.


  • Fish

    Perfectly fried basa fish.


  • Cholay

    Delicious curried chickpeas.


  • Daal (Lentil)

    Spiced lentil soup.


Karai Special

  • Charsi Chicken Karai


  • Charsi Kebob Karai



Try a chicken dish today! All menu items come with a salad and naan, fries, or rice.

  • Chicken Karai


  • Chicken Kebob


  • Chicken

    Half or full serving of mouthwatering tandoori chicken.


  • Chicken Leg

    An order of tandoori chicken.


  • Chicken Breast

    An order of delicious tandoori chicken breast.


  • Chicken Tikka

    Roasted and marinated chicken in a spiced curry sauce.


  • Chicken Ginger (Dark)

    A richly flavoured chicken dish of ginger and soy.


  • Butter Chicken



All beef menu items are served with a salad and naan or rice.

  • MenuItemImage
    Seekh Kebab

    Pakistani-style spicy grilled beef skewers.


  • Beef Combo

    Beef skewers with rice.


  • Bihari Kebab

    An authentic style of Indian kebab with tender cold cut beef.


  • Galawat Kebab

    A specially seasoned shredded beef kebab.


  • Chapli Kebab

    A minced kebab, made from ground beef with various spices in the shape of a patty.



Live Cooking

  • Chicken


  • Beef Kebob Keral


Family Combos

Try a combo of famous dishes.

  • MenuItemImage
    Family Combo 2 (For 4 People)

    Four pieces of seekh kebob, four chicken legs, one lamb karai or chicken karai, one vegetable dish (cholay, channa, or mash dal), four naan or rice,


  • Family Combo 1 (For 2 People)

    One chicken karai or ginger chicken, two pieces of seekh kebob, one chicken biryani, two naan or rice, salads, and two soft drinks.


  • Family Combo 3 (For 5 People)

    Six pieces seekh kebob, one full chicken or two chicken tikka, one naan qeema (beef, chicken, or aloo), one salad, five naan or rice, and five soft...


Variety Platter

  • Variety Platter

    Three pieces chicken tikka, two pieces seekh kebab, one rice, one naan, and salad.


  • Ribs Platter

    One Pound Grilled Beef Ribs Serve With Fresh Salad & French Fries.


Side Orders and Snacks

Add any of these snacks and sides to any meal!

  • Rice

    An order of fluffy white rice.


  • Naan

    Fresh and flaky naan.


  • Garlic Naan


  • Whole Wheat Tandoori Roti


  • Fries

    Crispy golden brown french fries.


  • Green Salad

    A classic style of simple salad.


  • Beef Kebab Roll

    Beef kebab rolled in the form of a wrap.


  • Chicken Kebab Roll

    Chicken kebab rolled in the form of a wrap.


  • Chicken Tikka Roll


  • Chicken Tikka Roll (White Meat)


  • Regular Rice




Sweet treats!

  • Gulab Jamun

    A dense cake with almond soaked in syrup.



Cool and refreshing drinks.

  • Pakola

    A favourite from Pakistan!


  • Bottled Juice


  • Canned Pop (355 ml)

    Your choice of canned pop.


  • Tea


  • Kashmiri/Pink Tea


  • Lassi

    A classic yogurt drink!


  • Mango Shake

    Creamy and fruity mango shake.


  • Bottled Water (500 ml)

    A bottle of water.