The Cherie Bistro


538 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2E1, Canada

License #1148983

Opens at 10:00 AM

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Dinner - Appetizers

  • Daily Soup

    Prepared fresh daily.


  • Bruschetta

    Vegetarian. Sliced baguette, fresh tomatoes, shallots, basil, garlic, olive oil, and grated Parmesan cheese.


  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip

    Warmed house blend of mixed cheeses and artichokes, and buttered grilled naan triangles.


  • Escargot

    Sauteed escargot, portobello mushrooms, shallots, and cognac basil cream.


  • Capesante al Balsamico

    Jumbo seared sea scallops, capers, onions, leeks, spinach, and apple cider balsamic vinaigrette.


  • Crab Cakes

    House-made crab cakes, tartar sauce, side mixed greens, roasted bell peppers, olives, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and an herbed vinaigrette.


  • Calamari

    Calamari, side mixed greens, roasted bell peppers, olives, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and an herbed vinaigrette.


  • Mussels

    Steamed mussels, bacon, leeks, sweet peppers, and garlic toast.


  • Baked Brie

    Walnut-crusted baked brie, strawberry, apple, and mango chutney, mixed greens, and garlic toast.


  • Garlic Shrimp

    Seared black tiger shrimp, fresh tomatoes, leeks, and lemon white wine garlic reduction.


  • Coconut Shrimp

    Black tiger shrimp battered with shredded coconut. Served with sweet spicy chili sauce.


Dinner - Salads

  • Caesar Salad

    Hearts of romaine, garlic croutons, bacon bits, Parmesan, and house-made Caesar dressing.


  • House Salad

    Vegetarian. Spring mix, hearts of romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemon dill dressing.


  • Greek Salad

    Vegetarian. Heart of romaine, red onion, tomato, cucumber, olive, roasted red pepper, feta cheese, and herb vinaigrette.


  • Chicken and Arugula Salad

    Baby arugula, grilled chicken, avocado, mixed berries, candied pecans, goat cheese, and orange honey dressing.


  • Wild Autumn Mushroom Salad

    Vegetarian. Mixed greens, sauteed wild mixed mushrooms, shaved Asiago, and balsamic drizzle.


  • Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

    Vegetarian. Baby arugula, poached red and golden beets, goat cheese, cranberries, candied pecans, and honey yogurt dressing.


  • Smoked Salmon Salad

    Baby spinach, Norwegian smoked salmon, cucumbers, radish, sweet red onions, capers, and house-made lemon dill dressing.


  • Smoked Duck Salad

    Baby spinach, smoked sliced duck, strawberries, sliced pears, cashews, goat cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette.


  • Grilled Cajun Shrimp Salad

    Grilled cajun shrimp skewers on spring mix greens with sliced avocado, grilled pineapple, spiced pecan, cherry tomatoes, radish, and a lemon dill...


Dinner - Burgers

All burgers are served on a sesame seed bun topped with tomato, lettuce, onion, and choice of side.

  • The Classic Burger (7 oz)

    Tomato, lettuce, onion, and bourbon BBQ.


  • The Cherie Burger (7 oz)

    Sauteed onions, mushrooms, mixed cheese, and house-made Bourbon barbeque sauce.


  • The Banquet Burger (7 oz)

    Smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.


  • The Veg Burger

    Vegetarian patty, fire-roasted red peppers, avocado, and mixed cheese.


  • The Prosciutto and Pineapple Burger (7 oz)

    Prosciutto, grilled pineapple, and chipotle aioli.


  • Chicken Burger

    House-made chicken patty, caramelized sweet red onions, smashed avocado, and provolone cheese.


  • Mediterranean Lamb Burger (7 oz)

    Feta cheese, yogurt, and mint spread.


  • The Turkey Bacon Burger

    Fresh ground turkey seasoned and flame-broiled with smoked bacon and mixed cheese.


  • Beyond Meat Burger

    100% plant-based patty topped with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese served on a brioche bun.


Dinner - Vegetarian Pasta

All pasta is served with garlic bread.

  • Mediterranean Pasta

    Vegetarian. Penne, mixed wild mushrooms, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, spinach, zucchini, olives, feta cheese, roasted garlic,


  • Lasagna Vegetariana

    Vegetarian. Fresh pasta, meatless ground beef, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.


  • Gnocchi alla Ricotta

    Vegetarian. Fresh potato gnocchi, zucchini, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and vodka-infused rose sauce.


  • Tortellini Sette Formaggi

    Vegetarian. Fresh pasta filled with seven cheese blends, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, wild mushrooms, and chardonnay cream sauce.


  • Cheese Cannelloni

    Vegetarian. Fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach, rose sauce, and mozzarella cheese.


  • Cherie's Mac and Cheese

    Vegetarian. Macaroni, shallots, and sharp cheddar cream sauce finished with a panko bread crumb dust.


Dinner - Seafood Pasta

All pasta is served with garlic bread.

  • Frutti Di Mare

    Served with garlic bread. Linguine, black tiger shrimp, sea scallops, calamari, mussels, and tomato sauce.


  • Fettuccini alla Vodka

    Fettuccini, sauteed salmon, smoked salmon, black tiger shrimp, roasted peppers, leeks, and vodka rose sauce.


  • Seafood Delight

    Linguine, black tiger shrimp, sea scallops, smoked salmon, leeks, fresh tomatoes, and garlic lemon butter.


  • Blushing Lobster

    Fettuccini, four ounces of lobster tail, black tiger shrimp, leeks, and roasted peppers.


  • Angel Hair Mollusco

    Angel hair, sea scallops, shrimp, mussels, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, and pesto cream.


  • Gamberetto Lazi

    Linguine, black tiger shrimp, garlic, basil, and spicy tomato sauce.


  • Shrimp and Mussels

    Black tiger shrimp, mussels, bowtie pasta, and tarragon cream sauce.


  • Shrimp Al Pesto

    Linguine, black tiger shrimp, pine nuts, Parmesan, and pesto sauce.


  • Shrimp and Scallops

    Black tiger shrimp, fresh sea scallops, fresh tomatoes, linguine pasta, and tomato sauce.


  • Linguine Clams

    Fresh and baby clams, linguine pasta, and tomato sauce.


  • Shrimp and Bacon

    Black tiger shrimp, pancetta bacon, parmesan cheese, bowtie pasta, and cream sauce.


  • Curry Seafood Linguine

    Linguine pasta with shrimp, scallops, salmon, calamari, mussels, red onion, spinach, and tomato in a coconut curry cream sauce.


Dinner - Chicken Pasta

All pasta is served with garlic bread.

  • Fettuccini Pollo

    Fettuccini, grilled chicken, leeks, pine nuts, goat cheese, and pesto cream sauce.


  • Milano

    Penne, grilled chicken, wild mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and pine nuts.


  • Wild Mushroom Fusilli

    Fusilli, grilled chicken, wild mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, broccolini, garlic, spinach, and your choice of sauce.


  • Smoked Chicken Penne

    Penne, smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes, leeks, goat cheese, garlic, and olive oil.


Dinner - Meat Pasta

All pasta is served with garlic bread.

  • Punta Di Manzo

    Penne, beef sirloin tips, wild mushrooms, red onions, baby spinach, and brandy asiago cream sauce.


  • Veal Aglio E Olio

    Linguine, chopped veal tenderloin, broccolini, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, arugula, garlic, and olive oil.


  • Quattro Stagioni

    Penne, spicy Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, leeks, roasted red peppers, and tomato sauce.


  • Jamali

    Rigatoni, Italian sausage, rapini, white wine, garlic, and olive oil.


  • Meat Lasagna

    Layers of pasta, ground beef, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.


  • Spaghetti and Meatballs

    Oven-roasted meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, spaghetti pasta, and tomato sauce.


Dinner - Entrees

Entrees are served with market vegetables and your choice of side.

  • Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

    House-mixed beer-battered haddock, tarter sauce, side french fries, and purple-green coleslaw.


  • Roasted Garlic Pepper Salmon

    Roasted garlic and pepper-crusted salmon fillet, coconut rum-infused apples, and mango and strawberry chutney.


  • Grilled Salmon

    Grilled salmon fillet, basil, olive oil, vegetables, and rice pilaf.


  • Blackened Salmon

    Cajun-crusted grilled salmon, scallions, and grilled lemon.


  • Lemon Chicken

    Baked chicken breast, white wine, and lemon butter sauce.


  • Filet Mignon

    Six ounces of steak, wild mushrooms, blue cheese, and balsamic reduction.


  • Filet Mignon and Lobster tail

    Six ounces of steak, lobster tail, wild mushrooms, blue cheese, and balsamic reduction.


  • NY Striploin Steak (8 oz)

    Eight-ounce AAA grilled striploin, black tiger shrimp, and Jack Daniels-infused peppercorn glaze.


  • Brandied Calf Liver

    Seared baby beef liver, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and brandy glaze.


  • Veal Picatta

    Veal scaloppini, white wine, lemon, and capers.


  • Veal Marsala

    veal scaloppini, mixed wild mushrooms, shallots, white wine, lemon cream sauce


  • Seafood Rassa

    Half lobster tail, black tiger shrimp, jumbo sea scallops, salmon, mussels, leeks, fresh tomatoes, and coconut curry cream sauce. Served with basmati...


  • Rosemary Duck

    Braised duck legs, wild mushrooms, shallots, and pine nut rosemary glazed.


  • Breaded Veal Scallopini

    Breaded veal cutlet, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and red wine tomato sauce.


  • Braised Lamb Shank

    Slow braised lamb shank with a red wine rosemary glaze. Served with mashed potatoes and mixed with seasonal vegetables.


  • Rack of Lamb

    New Zealand grilled rack of lamb with mustard-shallot sauce. Served with a choice of potato Accompanied by a medley of seasonal vegetable.


  • Chicken Wings (1 lb)

    Large roaster wings served with your choice of flavor and chunky blue cheese.


  • Roasted Beef Dinner

    Shaved prime rib topped with gravy, served with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and green peas. Accompanied by lancashire...


  • Hot Chicken DInner

    Chicken breast topped with chicken gravy served with mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and green peas.


  • Souvlaki Chicken (2 Skewers)

    Two skewers of chicken souvlaki served with Greek salad and rice.


  • Rib Combo

    Marinated with hickory barbeque and served with coleslaw, corn, and fries.


  • Fish Tacos (2 pcs)

    Two soft flour tortillas stuffed with battered haddock, shaved lettuce, mixed cheese, tomatoes, and avocado. Drizzled with chipotle cream and served...


Dinner - Parmigiana

  • Paneer Parmigiana

    Breaded paneer cutlet, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese served with spaghetti.


  • Veal Parmigiana

    Breaded veal cutlet, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and tomato sauce served with spaghetti.


  • Chicken Parmigiana

    Breaded chicken cutlet, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and tomato sauce served with spaghetti.


Dinner - Risotto

  • Wild Mushroom Risotto

    Vegetarian. Mixed wild mushrooms, fresh herbs, freshly shaved parmesan, and white truffle oil.


  • Jambalaya Risotto

    Grilled chicken, black tiger shrimp, spicy sausage, bell peppers, onions, and cajun-spiced tomato sauce.


  • Paella Risotto

    Saffron rice, black tiger shrimp, scallops, salmon, clams, mussels, calamari, green peas, and spicy tomato sauce.


  • Prosciutto and Butternut Squash Risotto

    Prosciutto, butternut squash, spinach, and toasted almonds.



  • Peanut Butter Cheesecake


  • Carrot Cheesecake


  • Apple Crumble with Ice Cream


  • NY Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping


  • Bread Pudding with Strawberry, blueberry & banana caramel with ice cream

    Strawberry, blueberry & banana caramel with ice cream


  • Crumblue


  • Tiramisu


  • Old Fashion Three layer Chocolate cake