The Blue Nile African Restaurant


612 Head Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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Entrees - Poultry

All poultry entrees are served with injera!For Gluten free ask for Rice

  • 1. Zebhi Dorho

    Tender chicken served in a flavourful berbere (spicy) sauce, which is delicately seasoned with succulent spices to create an exquisite dining...



Entrees - Beef

All beef entrees are served with injera! For Gluten free ask Rice

  • 3. Zebhi Siga

    Slices of top sirloin served on an awaze and kibe sauce that's prepared with a unique blend of Blue Nile's exotic spices.


  • 4. Kilwa

    Succulent slices of top sirloin marinated in tej and sauteed to perfection with an array of peppers.


Blue Nile Combos

Try Blue Nile's mouthwatering combos!For Gluten free ask for Rice

  • 1. Meat Lovers Combo

    A combination of chicken stew (doro zebhi), beef stir fry (siga kilwa),spicy beef( Zebhi siga) ,lentils (tumtumo), and cabbage and potatoes vegetable...


  • 2. Siga Zebhi Combo

    Succulent slices of beef marinated in a flavourful butter sauce (tej) and berbere, which is served in a lightly browned onion sauce. It comes with...


  • 4. Chef's Favourite

    A combination of Doro zebhi, potatoes and vegetables (aletcha), and lentils (bursen tumtum), served with cabbage.


  • 5. Manager's Favourite

    A combination of beef and vegetable stir fry (siga kilwa), potatoes and vegetables (aletcha), and spinach (hamli).



    A combination of bursen thmtumos (lentils), hamli kawlo and mix of potatoes with carrots.


Entrees - Vegetarian Dishes

All vegetarian entrees are served with injera! For gluten free ask for Rice

  • 5. Bursen Tumtumo (vegan)

    Lentils slowly simmered in a flavourful berbere sauce.


  • 6. Ater Tumtumo(vegan)

    Yellow split peas prepared with light, organic sauces.


  • 7. Hamli Kawlo(vegan)

    Cabbage, potatoes, and carrots cooked in a mild caramelized onion sauce.


  • 8. Hamli Zebhi(vegan)

    Freshly chopped spinach sauteed with onions, ginger, and garlic, then mixed and cooked to perfection with Blue Nile's blend of exotic spices.


  • 9. Aletcha(vegan)

    A tasty mixture of potatoes and vegetables delicately flavoured with an exotic blend of herbs.




Traditional side dishes!

  • 2. Injera (4 pcs Rolls) max order 2

    Traditional East African bread.


  • 3. Saleta

    Fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, chives, and jalapeno peppers, tossed with Blue Nile's special house vinaigrette.


  • mitimita

    Spicy Powder


  • Extra Spinach


  • extra chicken


  • Extra Beef


  • Rice Small (12 oz)


  • Rice Large (16 oz)


  • Extra Veggie



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  • Exotic Blends (16 oz)

    Choose your favourite exotic blend beverage.


  • Soft Drinks

    No order is complete without a tasty soft drink.