The Bedouins


12832 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4Y8, Canada

Opens at 12:30 PM


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  • 1. Batata Mbattana (4 pcs)

    Traditional Libyan dish made of minced Deep fried potato stuffed with minced meat and fresh herbs.


  • 2. Buraik (4 pcs)

    Homemade veggie spring rolls.


  • 3. Tajeen J'ban (6 pcs)

    Crust-less quiche made with eggs, potato, minced meat and veggies.


  • 4. The Bedouins Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

    Fire grilled chicken wings.


  • 5. Hummus

    Homemade Mideastern dip served with two pitas.


  • 6. The Bedouins Mashweeya Dip

    Flame Roasted Vegetables Dip. Served with two pitas.


Soups and Salads

  • 7. The Bedouins Soup

    Lamb based Libyan style soup


  • 8. Lentil Soup

    Fresh vegetarian soup made daily.


  • 9. Sharmoula Salad

    Fresh cucumber and tomato salad tossed in our house dressing.


  • 10. Tzatziki Salad

    Cucumber, mint and yogurt salad.


  • Spicy Salsa (8 oz)


Main Entrees

  • 11. Couscous Liebe

    Lamb cooked to perfect tenderness in a tomato and onion sauce on a bed of Libyan seasoned couscous. Served with soup and two salads.


  • 12. Chicken Tajeen

    Slow roasted half chicken and roasted vegetables served with served with rice, soup and two salads. This is a meal meant to share!


  • 13. Lamb Mendi

    Seasoned smoked lamb served with an oven roasted veggie stew, rice, soup and two salads.


  • 14. Haneeth

    Slowly roasted lamb and potato served with rice, soup and two salads.


  • 16. Grilled Chicken

    Includes two BBQ grilled 1/4 chicken pieces, rice, soup, and two side salads.


  • 17. Grilled Fish

    Grilled Fish, served with rice, fries, soup and salads.


  • 18. The Bedouins Steak

    Generously cut prime steak cooked to your liking! Served with rice, fries, soup, salad, dips & pita.


  • 19. The Bedouins Burger

    Grilled to perfection. Served on a toasted bun, cheese slice and Bedouins in-house burger sauce!


  • Beef Steak Kabaabs

    Includes two beef skewers, rice, fries, and two side salads.


  • Chicken Kabaabs

    Includes two chicken breast skewers, rice, fries, and two side salads.


  • Mixed Grill Kabaabs

    Includes one chicken and one beef skewers, rice, fries, and two side salads.


The Bedouins Grilled Style Shawarma

  • Chicken Shawarma Wrap


  • Beef Shawarma Wrap


  • Chicken Shawarma Platter

    Shawarma served with rice, fries, and salad.


  • Beef Shawarma Platter

    Shawarma served with rice, fries, and salad.



  • 21. Rice


  • 22. Fries


  • 23. Traditional Dessert (2 pcs)



  • 27. Canned Pop


  • 28. Babrican


  • 29. Ayran