Swaagat The Real Taste Of India

6095 Dunn St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2P3, Canada

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  • Samosa

    Crispy, fried, pastry stuffed with potato, onions, peas, paneer, and chicken.


  • Samosa Chaat

    A mix of samosa flour crackers, chickpea, onion, and chutneys.


  • Papdi chaat


  • Aloo tikki Chaat


  • Panner tikka


  • French Fries


Vegetarian Curries

  • Chana Masala

    Vegetarian. Chickpeas cooked in onion garlic ginger tomato sauces, and spices.


  • Shahi Paneer

    Vegetarian. Diced cheese pieces, cream, fenugreek, spices, and traditional gravy.


  • Kadhai Paneer

    Vegetarian. Cottage cheese, onion tomato based gravy, spices, onion, green pepper.


  • Palak Paneer

    Vegetarian. Spinach puree with cheese cubes, onion garlic sauces, and spices.



Lentils dishes are served with either rice, roti, or naan.

  • Dal Makhni

    Vegetarian. Black lentils simmered with traditional gravy, spices, and butter.


  • Dal Tadka

    Vegetarian. Split pulses, whole and ground spices, cumin, garlic, and mustard seeds.


Non-Vegetarian Curries

  • Butter Chicken

    Boneless chicken pieces, cream, spices, and tomato-onion-gravy.


  • Kadhai Chicken

    Boneless chicken pieces, onion-tomato based gravy, spices, onions, and green pepper.


  • Chicken Curry

    Chicken pieces, traditional gravy, whole, and ground spices.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Boneless chicken, and spices yogurt.



  • Onion Salad


From the Tandoor

From the tandoor dishes are served with rice.

  • Tandoori Chicken

    Marinated chicken pieces, seaweed in the tandoor and garnished with onions, lemon, and coriander.


Rice Specials

  • Plain Basmati Rice



  • Veg Briyani



  • Chicken Biryani



  • Plain Butter Naan

    Each. All-purpose flour.


  • Garlic Naan


  • Tandoori Roti



  • Plain Dahi


  • Vegetable Raita


  • Mixed Pickle


  • Papad


  • Chutney



  • Gulab Jamun



  • Mango Lassi


  • Lassi

    Salted or sweet.