Smith's Pub


777 Courtney St, Victoria, BC V8W 1C3, Canada

Age Verification to order alcohol: 18+ in Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec, 19+ in all other provinces: If the order contains alcohol items, the recipient of this order is required to present a valid government ID to the courier at the time of delivery. This ID must match the name on the order. If the courier is unable to safely verify your ID, or if this condition or any other condition in the SkipTheDishes Terms of Service is not met the order will not be delivered.

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  • Fries

    House-cut Kennebec fries tossed with salt and pepper.


  • Corn Dogs

    Three sharing Nathan’s Famous all beef hot dogs dipped in cornmeal with a side of mustard.


  • Poutine

    The classic with house cut, Kennebec fries, cheese curds, and Smith's Pub's own chicken and herb gravy.


  • Currywurst

    The Berlin classic with a grilled bratwurst and curry ketchup served over house cut and Kennebec fries.


  • Taquitos

    Three spiced local beef taquitos, served with fresh salsa and American Cheese sauce


  • Pickled Egg

    A pub staple lightly seasoned with cayenne


Soup | Salad

  • House Salad Regular

    Fresh garden greens, crudités vegetables, toasted sunflowers seeds and red wine vinaigrette


  • House Salad Large

    Fresh garden greens, crudités vegetables, toasted sunflowers seeds and red wine vinaigrette


  • Kael Caesar Regular

    Crisp kale greens with caesar dressing, fried capers, croutons & parmesan


  • Kale Caesar Large

    Crisp kale greens with caesar dressing, fried capers, croutons & parmesan


  • Caprese Salad

    Beefsteak tomatoes, mini bocconcini, fresh basil and arugula with red wine vinaigrette and honey balsamic glaze


Sandwiches | Burgers

  • Grilled Cheese

    Mozzarella, cheddar & feta melted between slices of sourdough


  • Grilled Cheese with Bacon & Tomato

    Our famous grilled cheese with the addition of crispy bacon and beefsteak tomato


  • Chicken Katsu Sandwich

    Crispy chicken katsu, karashi mayonnaise, cabbage, and katsu sauce between grilled sourdough bread.


  • Smiths Burger

    6oz patty, Smiths sauce, shredded lettuce,red onion & tomato on a burger bun


  • Meat is Murder Burger

    House made vegetarian falafel, shredded lettuce, beefsteak tomato, pickled onions & curry raita


  • Oklahoma Onion Burger

    Two 3oz beef patties grilled with onions, and topped with cheddar and mustar


  • Blackened Chicken Burger

    Blackened chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, honey chipotle aioli, shredded lettuce, beefsteak tomato and red onion on...


  • Harlem Chopped Cheese Sandwich

    NYC original with ground beef, chipotle sauce, onions, garlic, chopped & griddled and topped with melted American cheddar on Portuguese bun



  • Beef Rigatoni

    Tender marinated beef, crisp broccoli, mushrooms and parmesan cream sauce with side garlic toast



  • Shaft Cheese Cake

    Oreo crust, sponge toffee with Sheringham coffee liqueur, and Amarula cream liqueur served in a mason jar.



Non- Alcoholic Beer

  • Phillips IOTA Pale Ale (355 ml)

    Iota pale ale is light gold in color, crafted for smooth and highly balanced malt and hop profiles. This delicious brew brings rounded honey and...


  • Phillips IOTA Hazy IPA (355 ml)

    Iota Hazy Ipa is low on bitterness and full of citrus and juicy fruit notes. House malted barley lends a hand in creating a smooth sip and helps...


  • BSA Tropical Sour Non-Alcoholic (473 ml)

    A sour beer that’s not too sour, with balanced tropical fruit aromas and a subtle cereal finish. A lightly colored body topped with a nice smooth...


  • BSA Raspberry Sour Non-Alcoholic (473 ml)

    A perfectly fruity raspberry sour beer. A dense, mellow, purplish red body. A fresh raspberry fragrance followed by a soft sweet and sour kick. Say...


  • BSA Lime Lemon Sour Non-Alcoholic (473 ml)

    A truly sour beer. Fresh flavors of lime and lemon are softened by the sweetness of the cereal. Light citrus fragrances give it a summer vibe. Added...



  • Pepsi (355 ml)

    355 ml can of pepsi.


  • 7-UP (355 ml)

    355 ml can of 7 Up.


  • Schweppes Ginger Ale (355 ml)

    355 ml can of Schweppes ginger ale.