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  • Tapsilog

    Marianted beef fried with onion, two fried eggs, garlic rice, and fresh fruits.


  • Longsilog

    Sweet garlic sausage, two fried eggs, garlic rice, and fresh fruits.


  • Sisigsilog

    Pork trims sauteed with onion and chilis topped with onions and chicharron, two fried eggs and fresh fruits.


  • Kingsilog

    Bonelessbangus, longanisa, tapa, two fried eggs, garlic rice


  • Purefoods Hotsilog

    Purefood tender juicy hotdog, garlic rice, two fried eggs, and fresh fruits.


  • Bangsilog

    Fried marinated bangus in vinegar, garlic pepper, garlic rice, two fried eggs, and fresh fruits.


Kids Meal

  • Kids Spaghetti

    Filipino-style sweet spaghetti, topped with lots of cheese.


  • Nugget Meal

    Six pieces nugget, steam rice, and fresh fruits.


  • Kids Hotsilog

    Purefood tender juicy hotdog, eleven pieces fried egg, and garlic rice.


  • Spaghetti and Nuggets

    Filippino style spaghetti with five pieces chicken nuggets.


Noodles Bowls

Noodles soup bowls

  • La Paz Batchoy

    Egg noodles topped with pork, boiled egg,chicharon,fried onions garlic and finish with beef broth


  • Beef Mami

    Egg noodles topped with braised beef, boiled egg, bok choy,fried onions and garlic finish with beef broth


  • Special Palabok

    Rice noodles topped with pork,smoked fish,chicharon,fried garlic and pork gravy


  • Goto Batangas

    Ginger broth with beef tripe, beef trims, chicharon and fried onions and garlic.


  • Special Lomi

    Thick noodles soup serbe with boiled egg, Chinese kikiam, pork, fish nuggets, fried garlic and green onions.


  • Lugaw All-In


  • Lugaw w/ Goto and Egg


  • Bulalo

    Sold Out

Rice bowls

Rice bowls topped with different meats

  • Shawarma rice bowl

    Marinated beef with garlic aoli sauce, tomate, lettuce, scrambled egg on steam rice


  • Sisig rice bowl

    Sisig meat, lettuce, tomato, scrambled egg, mayo, chicharon, on steam rice


  • Adobo Rice Bowl

    Steamed rice topped with Adobo marinated pork belly, tomato, lettuce and scrambled egg.


  • Pares Retiro style

    Beef cooked in star anise, savory and sweet sauce. Serve with garlic rice and soup


  • Sisig ala carte

    Spicy Pork ends sauteed with onion, garlic, egg,mayo. Serve with chicharon on top.


  • Ulam of the day

    Our featured special for the day. Can be found on our Facebook page.


  • Dry Ribs


  • Tokwa't Lechon


  • Pares Ala Carte


  • Bulalo

    Sold Out

  • Chicken Inasal


  • Pork BBQ (5pcs)

    Marinated in sweet soy sauce, lemon and garlic Pork BBQ skewers. 5pcs per order. Good for 2people.


  • Kare-kare

    Beef braised in peanut sauce, best to eat with rice and shrimp paste to complement the taste.


Breads and extra

Assorted breads and add-ons

  • Garlic rice

    Steamed rice with garlic flavor


  • Purefoods Hotdog


  • Chicken Skin


  • Peanut bar

    Moist and chewy cookie like bread. If you know max's caramel bar, this one will give you the same taste but cheaper.


  • Steam rice

    Steamed jasmine rice


  • Chicharon

    Pork cracklings. Comes with our home made vinegar dip