Main Kabab Hut


219 East 49th Avenue

Opens at 10:00 AM


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  • Spinach Pie Plate

    Plate served with salad, tzatziki sauce.


  • Spinach Pie


  • Potato Pie


  • Deep-Fried Mogos

    Cassava served with mango ,and tamarind sauce.


  • Samosas

    All samosas served with a mango Tamar chutney sauce.


  • Fresh Naan with Yogurt


  • Spring Rolls (1pc)


  • Spring Rolls (10 pcs)


Kabab Plates

Plate served with basmati rice, salad, and chutney sauce.

  • Lamb Kabab

    Ground lamb, onion, parsley, chives, garlic, ginger, and spices.


  • Beef Kabab

    Ground beef, onion, garlic, parsley, chili, ginger, and spices.


  • Chicken Kabab

    Ground chicken breast, chili, garlic, ginger, parsley, and spices.


  • Mixed Kabab

    Lamb or beef with chicken shish tikka.


Tandoori Plates

Plate served with basmati rice, salad and fresh homemade green chutney sauce.

  • Chicken Tandoori


  • Shish Tikka

    Chicken marinated in a mixed of yogurt, vinegar, chilli, spices, garlic menthol pepper salt, ginger, sauce and roasted in the tandoor.


Butter Chicken

Chicken served with basmati rice, salad, and green chutney sauce.

  • Butter Chicken

    Marinated boneless chicken breast roasted in the tandoor and cooked into the special butter sauce made with ginger, garlic, basil, meith saag...


  • Make Your Own Combo

    One freshly made tandoori naan, one freshly made salty lassi, and get (2 pcs) gulab jamun for free.


Curry Plates

Plate served with basmati rice, salad, and green chutney sauce.

  • Curry Plate

    Chicken cooked with yogurt, garlic, onion, fresh green chili, ginger, tomato sauce, cilantro, fresh onion, and traditional Indian spices.


Biryani Plates

  • Lamb Biryani

    Tender boneless lamb meat cooked in fresh biryani sauce and homemade special spices mixed with meat curry cooked with yogurt, garlic, fried onion,


  • Chicken Biryani

    Chicken cooked in special biryani sauce and mixed with spiced chicken curry cooked with yogurt, garlic, fried onion, fresh onion, chili, green...


Donair Plate

  • Donair Plate (Shawarma Plate)

    Plate served with basmati rice, salad, hummus, Tzatziki sauce, topped with (choose one) homemade ranch, green garlic sauce or spicy sauce.


  • Donair Plate Combo

    Combo comes with one extra naan, extra, portion of chicken meat, fries, and one coke.


Falafel Plate

  • Falafel Plate

    Ground fresh chickpeas mixed with parsley, garlic, special spices, fried and served with basmati rice, salad, tzatziki sauce, and hummus.


  • Falafel Plate Combo

    Combo comes with one extra naan, extra falafel two pieces, and one coke.


Pandemade Home Meals Combo

  • All Day Combo

    Combo comes with rice, two piece chicken tandoori, veggie curry, butter chicken, salad, soup, one piece naan,fresh homemade spicy green chutney, and...


Spaghetti Plate

  • Spaghetti Plate

    Pasta with fresh ground beef cooked in a special roasted garlic tomato sauce, oregano, basil, garnished with parmesan cheese; served with Tzatziki...


Fried Chicken

  • Fried Chicken

    Two pcs Fried chicken with fries, homemade green garlic sauce, ranch and ketchup. Comes with one coke.


Chole Bhature

  • Chole Bhature

    A combination of cooked chana with special masala sauce and bhatura, a fried bread made from maida. Served with basmati rice, salad, freshly made...


Salad Plates

  • Apple Chicken Salad

    Roasted chicken breast in tandoor and mixed with apple juice, latke, special mango, and basil sauce, onion.


  • Tabouli

    Tabouli (with burgul wheat)


  • Tabouli

    Tabouli served with parsley, fresh tomatoes, fresh onion,olive oil, fresh lemon, oregano, basil, black pepper, and special spices.


  • Greek Garden Salad

    Green pepper, cucumber , lettuce, onion, fresh tomatoes, balsamic sauce, and special spices.


  • Regular Salad

    Lettuce, black pepper, tomatoes, onion, parsley, and spices.


Baytey Kabab

  • Baytey Kabab

    Ground meat Kabab roasted in the tandoor and freshly wrapped within a special made Naan and topped with special tomatoes mixed Turkish and...


Naan Wraps

  • Beef Kabab


  • Chicken Kabab


  • Lamb Kabab


  • Chicken Donair


  • Falafel Wrap


  • Veggie Wrap


Keto Friendly Diet Meal

Low Carb.

  • Low Carb and Keto Diet

    Keto served with cooked quinoa and mixed salad with olive oil, glazed grape balsamic vinegar, oregano, basil, squeezed fresh lemon, and tzatziki...


  • Beef/Lamb Kabab Plate with Salad

    Cut freshly roasted Kabab in the tandoor served with cooked quinoa and mixed salad with olive oil, glazed grape balsamic vinegar, oregano, basil...


Shlay Fasulya

Turkish kuru fasulye.

  • Shlay Fasulya with Brinj

    Shlay served with basmati rice, hot white beans with meat stew cooked in special tomato sauce, salad, and tzatziki sauce.



  • Lasagna Dish

    Oven-cooked Lasagna, with layers of ground meat cooked in pre-made special tomato sauce and topped with cheese. Served with salad, tzatziki sauce.


Shepherds Potato Pie

  • Shepherds Pie

    Oven-cooked pie filled with tender ground meat mixed with veggies and sauce, topped with cooked potatoes and cheddar cheese. Served with salad, and...


  • Potato Meat Pie

    Ground meat mixed with veggies and spices, mixed in a special sauce topped with milky mashed potatoes and cooked in the oven. Garnished with parsley,


Wings Combo

  • Spicy Chicken Wings Combo

    15 pcs of spicy chicken wings, comes with Basmati rice, fries, a side soup fresh green chutney, and coke.


Lamb Shanks

  • Lamb Shanks

    Thoroughly marinated tender lamb shanks slowly roasted over night in the oven. Served with basmati rice, salad, gravy, and topped with special...


Soup of the Day

  • Lentil or Chicken Soup



Homemade fresh.

  • Garlic Sauce


  • Green Chutney


  • Basmati Rice


  • Hummus


  • Tzatziki


  • Tandoor Garlic Naan

    Fresh hand-made.


  • Tandoor Zahter Naan

    Fresh handmade.


  • Tandoor Naan

    Fresh hand-made.


  • Tandoor Naan (3 pcs)



  • Baklava


  • Custard


  • Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs)


Juice Bar

  • Bubble Tea

    Comes with flavour.


  • Fruit Smoothie


  • Mango Lassi



  • Water


  • Coffee


  • Chai Masala


  • Green Tea


  • Iced Tea


  • Aryan

    Spices-mix healthy tonic water, yoghurt mixed with iced water


  • Coffee and Baklava

    Coffee with one piece baklava, and two pieces harsh browns.