Pizza Lab Inc


7777 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 0G9, Canada

This restaurant manages its own delivery.


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    Medium Cheese Pizza


  • Medium Pepperoni Pizza


  • The Mad Scientist Combo

    The mad scientist combo includes two medium pizzas (allowed a total of eight toppings between the two pizzas), one small order of potato wedges,


  • The Lab Special

    The lab special includes one medium pizza with unlimited toppings and one sharing box (includes garlic knots, cheese sticks, potato wedges, and...



All pizzas are stoned baked and can be designed with unlimited toppings for one fixed price.

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    Medium Pizza (8 Slices)


  • Small Pizza


  • Panzo

    11" Panzo with a side of tomato sauce


Bites and Desserts

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    Garlic Knots

    Made in house finished with garlic and parsley.



  • Cheese Bread

    Seven sticks layered with pesto, garlic, and cheese.


  • Nutella Pockets

    Four pockets filled with Nutella


  • Chicken Bites

    Eight white meat chicken bites tossed in a sauce of your choice


  • Nutella Pizza


  • Sharing Box

    Sharing box includes garlic knots, cheese sticks, potato wedges, and chicken bites.


  • Chicken Wings

    10 Wings baked to perfection



  • Canned Pop (355 ml)


  • Water


  • Premium Bio


Sub Sandwiches