Pei Pei Chei Ow


11051 97 St NW #102, Edmonton, AB T5H 2N2, Canada

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  • Crispy Potatoes

    Vegan. House-made crispy potatoes with herbs.


  • Bannock Slice


  • Garlic Bannock Slice



  • Seasonal Green Salad

    Vegetarian. Seasonal greens, puffed wild rice, and lemon honey vinaigrette.



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    Beef Stew

    Gluten-free. Beef stew with root vegetables and herbs.


  • Borshch

    Authentic Ukrainian borshch with pork, root vegetables, and a side of sour cream.



  • Berry BBQ Brisket Sandwich

    Halal. Savoury braised brisket with house-made berry bbq sauce and caramelized onions on a torpedo bun.


  • Deep-Fried Eggplant Sandwich

    Vegetarian. Bannock breaded eggplant, rapini pesto, house-made tomato sauce, and seasonal greens on a torpedo bun.




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    Stew and Bannock


  • Bannock Loaf

    Vegan. Traditional cast iron baked bannock loaf (serves about 10-12 slices).


  • Borshch and Garlic Bannock


  • Brisket Sandwich Combo

    Served with your choice of side.


  • Eggplant Sandwich Combo

    Served with your choice of side.



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    Saskatoon Berry Tarts



  • Sweetgrass Iced Coffee


  • Hot Coffee


  • Herbal Tea


  • Meenishapiy Blueberry Soda


  • San Pellegrino


  • Pepsi


  • Ginger Ale