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1811 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8, Canada

Opens at 10:30 AM


Age Verification to order alcohol: 18+ in Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec, 19+ in all other provinces: If the order contains alcohol items, the recipient of this order is required to present a valid government ID to the courier at the time of delivery. This ID must match the name on the order. If the courier is unable to safely verify your ID, or if this condition or any other condition in the SkipTheDishes Terms of Service is not met the order will not be delivered.

Red Wine

  • Grow Wild Rapturous Red (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (13.5% ABV) (13% ABV) New. An organic blend of Pinot Noir and Merlot. A delicate, earthy, and dry blend which Okanagan Estate Wine and Cheese shop...


  • Diabolica Red (750 ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Looking for Apothic Red? This is BC's equivalent! A fruity red with black fruit flavors and smooth tannins. A blend of Merlot, Petit...


  • Open Smooth Red (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (13.5% ABV) (13.5% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than open! The palate shows some sweetness and a light to medium body,


  • Oak Bay Gamay Noir (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) If you like Beaujolais, then this is the wine for you. Intense black cherry, peppery, mineral aromas with light tannins and a spectacular...


  • Black Sage Merlot (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (14.0% ABV) (14% ABV) Everyone's favorite Merlot! This Merlot exhibits big jammy plum, blueberry, smooth vanilla, and a hint of smokiness on the...


  • Liquidity Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (13.9% ABV) Generous fruity aromas offer red plum, blue & black berry with tempting spicy undertones. Medium in body, the silky palate reveals...


  • Open Cabernet Merlot (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (1.35% ABV) (14% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than OPEN! A jammy red, with black fruit, mocha, and vanilla notes.


  • Audacity Cabernet Merlot - Whisky Barrel Finish (750 ml)

    (14% ABV) Crowd pleaser! With luscious aromas of dark cherries, vanilla spice, and mocha undertones, the palate has pleasantly intense flavors of...


  • Black Hills 2018 Nota Bene (750 ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Premium and exclusive! Nota Bene from the Black Hills. Currently in stock, 2018 vintage. The 20th vintage of the Nota Bene is comprised...


  • Road 13 Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Rich and bold! Powerful cabernet sauvignon expression with intense black fruit and spice. Self-assured structure and a clean finish.


  • Inniskillin Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (13.5% ABV) (14% ABV) Pizza/pasta night! The perfect house red for that pizza/pasta night. Rich plum and peppery notes, with a nice smooth finish.


  • Inniskillin Zinfandel (750 ml)

    (15.5% ABV) Staff pick. A rare find! This Zinfandel is beautiful red-violet in colour, with intense ripe berry aromas on the nose complemented by...


  • Culmina R&D Red Blend (750 ml)

    (14% ABV) Staff pick and a local favorite! This Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot blend shows enticing aromas of...


  • Gray Monk - Monk's Blend (750 ml)

    (13.3% ABV) New. Like big and bold? No need to spend the big bucks to get a good decent red in BC! Try this blend of 73% Syrah and 27% Cabernet...


  • Quails Gate Pinot Noir (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) The 2020 vintage opens with aromas of sour cherry, raspberry, cassis, and cedar. On the palate, rich and elegant flavors of red fruit and...


  • Laughing Stock Syrah (1 x 750ml)

    (14.9% ABV) Dark Violet both on the nose and in its color, this wine grabs your attention. It’s well structured and has notes of confectioned dark...


White Wine

  • Culmina "Dilemma" Chardonnay (750 ml)

    (14% ABV) Showcasing mineral and spice aromas, the dilemma is framed by lovely oak, caramel, and butter flavors, a luscious body, and a long, fresh...


  • Dark Horse Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (10.0% ABV) A generous offering of caramel, pineapple, and coconut with a hint of toast on the nose. The luxurious mouthfeel, integrated with notes...


  • Chaberton Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (10.0% ABV) Grapefruit on the nose and hints of cantaloupe and rhubarb on the palate. Vegan friendly. A little skin contact gives this Pinot Gris'


  • Gehringer Optimum - Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) This full-bodied Pinot Gris offers so much versatility. On the nose, peach, pear, and melon.


  • Liquidity Pinot Gris (750 ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Apricot, green apple, and lemon zest aromas are beautifully underscored by the stone minerality which defines Okanagan Estate Wine and...


  • Open Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml) (1 x 750ML)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than open! Clear pale straw color; good intensity of citrus, gooseberry,


  • Black Hills - Alibi (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) A true gem and a staff favorite! This White Meritage, a perfect blend of Sauv Blanc and Semillon, is just what your tastebuds have been...


  • St. Hubertus Pinot Blanc (750 ml)

    (11.5% ABV) A delightful aromatic white with a dry finish. Ripe apple, pear, and peach aromas.


  • Quails Gate - Chasselas/Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) A distinct blend with beautiful aromatics. Expect notes of fresh orchard fruit, spring blossom, and citrus with an off-dry finish.


  • Red Rooster - Gew (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) This Gewurtztraminer is something worth trying! With partial skin contact during bottling, expect a well balanced aromatic white.


  • Quails Gate - Dry Riesling (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) A crisp and dry Riesling, with wonderfully balanced acidity. Expect bright notes of lemon line and orchard fruit.


  • Mission Hill Reserve Sauv Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) A sleekly structured palate pleaser this wine has complex layers of citrus and tropical fruit. With the right balance of acidity and...


  • Inniskilling Reserve Fume Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) A complex balance of fruit flavours with oak derived fullness and weight. A citrus bouquet of orange blossom, tangerine, and lemon, with...


Rose Wine

  • Honest Lot Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (11.0% ABV) Naturally fresh, fruity & light with only 1g of sugar.


  • Hester Creek Cab Franc Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) A pretty Rosé, that showcases the fun side of Cabernet Franc, this vintage expresses vivid aromas of rhubarb, strawberry, watermelon, and...


  • Saintly Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Our most popular Rose! Perfectly balanced with a touch of strawberry and watermelon and with a lovely dry finish.


  • Quails Gate Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (10.0% ABV) The 2021 vintage is made using a combination of Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes. After harvest, the grapes received four hours of skin...


  • R&D Culmina Rose Blend (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Crisp and Dry, this Rose is for the person who likes their Rose DRY! Silken raspberry, rhubarb, and orange glide along the dry palate,


  • Red Rooster Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) The medium-bodied yet elegant mouthfeel begins smooth and clean with flavors of Rainier cherry, red currant, melon, and a touch of peach.


Sparkling Wine

  • Summerhill Cipes Ariel (750 ml) (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) (12.5% ABV) Made from organic Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. Fresh and vibrant primary fruit chines among the rich, mature,


  • Summerhill Blanc De Blanc (750 ml)

    (12% ABV) Elegance at its best. Cipes Blanc de Blanc displays notes of lemon, key lime, brioche, and hazelnut with creamy, fine bubbles, and rich,


  • Summerhill Cipes Rose Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (12.8% ABV) Enjoy a soft, creamy mouthfeel and intense notes of tart cherry, blood orange, hibiscus, grapefruit and a hint of biscuit. Bright and...


  • Summerhill Cipes NV Brut (750 ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Aromas of honey crisp apple, lime zest, pear, almonds, and grapefruit. The palate is vibrant with flavors of juicy green apple, pear,


  • Red Rooster Brut (750 ml)

    (12% ABV) It's full of character with the aromas of citrus and apples. It has a creamy texture and lingering nutty finish. It is made up of...


  • Jackson Triggs Grand Reserve Entourage Brut (750 ml)

    (12% ABV) This beautiful, brut boasts hints of toast, and zest, with a tight mineral structure. On the palate, a lasting, delicate, and creamy mousse...


  • Gray Monk Odyssey Rose Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) It is a fabulous blend of Pinot Meunier, Gamay Noir and the traditional grape, Pinot Noir. This wine was made in the classic sparkling...


  • Gray Monk Odyssey White Brut (750 ml)

    (13% ABV) On the palate, the wine has a full creamy texture with flavors hinting of citrus fruits and apricots. The finish is crisply refreshing.


  • See Ya Later Ranch Brut (750 ml)

    (13% ABV) This fine wine is reminiscent of freshly baked bread rounded out by crisp orchard fruit. A lively acidity is a welcoming refreshment to the...


  • Steller's Jay Brut (750 ml)

    (13% ABV) Aromas of citrus and green apple, with hints of biscuits and semi-toasted almonds. The palate is crisp and clean with a pleasant with...


  • Jackson Triggs Esprit Reserve (750 ml)

    (13% ABV) Fresh and zippy with aromas of citrus, elderflower, peach, and apple, this sparkling wine boasts flavors matching the nose, with bright...


Large Format

(1.5 L, 3 L, and 4 L)

  • Jackson Triggs Proprietors Selection Sauvignon Blanc (4 L) (1 x 4 Litres)

    (12.5% ABV) (12.5% ABV) Light and crisp with notes of lemon, lime, and tangerine.


  • Jackson Triggs Proprietors Selection Cabernet Sauv (4L) (1 x 4 Litres)

    (12.5% ABV) Light to medium ruby garnet color, dry and medium-bodied with lively crisp cassis berry character and very light tannins.


  • Small Mercy Upbeat White (4 L) (1 x 4L)

    (11.5% ABV) (11.5% ABV) Light, fresh, and fruity. Apples and stone fruits with a hint of lemon peel. Easy drinking and refreshing.


  • Small Mercy Easy Going Red (4 L) (1 x 4L)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Fresh and fruity. Juicy jammy notes, strawberry, and cherry with integrated tannins. Refreshing with a clean finish.


  • The Winemaker's House Merlot (4 L)

    (12.5% ABV) The winemaker's house merlot has soft notes of cherry, raspberry, and violet with a smooth finish.


  • Bodacious Smooth Red (4 L)

    (12.5% ABV) A bold, ripe, juicy, and full-bodied red that is a blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Rich flavors and aromas of blueberries and...


  • Hester Creek Pinot Gris (3 L)

    (13% ABV) Aromas of crisp apple, pear, lemon, honeycomb, and dried apricot lead to a honeyed palate with mineral notes and fresh acidity.


  • Wine O'Clock Shiraz (3 L)

    (13% ABV) A fruit-forward Shiraz bursting with flavors of juicy black cherry, with a hint of spice. Smooth with a well-balanced finish.


  • Jackson Triggs PS Sauvignon Blanc (1.5 L)

    (12.5% ABV) Great value! Easy drinking white, with the right amount of minerality.


  • Chaberton White (1.5 L)

    (12.8% ABV) House blend is made from 100% BC grapes grown in Okanagan, Similkameen, and Fraser Valleys. This refreshing dry wine has zesty aromas of...


  • Chaberton Red (1.5 L)

    (12.8% ABV) Value alert! This 1.5L red blend is just what you need when you want to combine cooking and drinking! A little for the sauce, a little...


  • Open Merlot (1.5 L)

    (13.5% ABV) Clear ruby red; floral and berry aromas with a touch of candied fruit; dry, medium body; lots of ripe fruit flavor, well balanced.


  • Open Sauvignon Blanc (1.5 L)

    (11.5% ABV) Clear pale straw color; the good intensity of citrus, gooseberry, and floral aromas, with yellow plum and herbal touches; extra dry,


  • Open Rose (1.5 L)

    (12.5% ABV) Lifted aromas and flavors of red fruit, candied berries, watermelon, and red pear with balanced acidity and rounded mouthfeel.



  • No Boats on Sunday BC Apple (4-Pack) (4 x 473ml)

    (5.0% ABV) (5% ABV) (473 ml) A light-bodied cider with notes of freshly picked apples, citrus, and subtle hops. A premium craft cider made from 100%


  • No Boats on Sunday Pear Cider (4-Pack) (4 x 473ml)

    (5.0% ABV) (5% ABV) (355 ml) This perfectly pleasant pear flavoured cider is crafted using locally-sourced pears ripened to perfection. Refreshing...


  • No Boats on Sunday Mixed Berry (4 Pack) (4 x 473ml)

    (7.0% ABV) Made from 100% BC apples.


  • No Boats on Sunday Light Apple (6-Pack) (6 x 355ml)

    (3.5% ABV) (3.5% ABV) (355 ml) Enjoy this lower-calorie, low alcohol cider with refreshing flavors of fresh juicy apple and a touch of lemon.


  • Growers Raspberry Peach Light (4-Pack)

    (4% ABV) (355 ml) One of Canada's original cider producers, Grower's uses 100% Canadian apples and all-natural fruit flavors. The Light Raspberry...


  • Growers Extra Dry Apple (2 L) (1 x 2L)

    (7.0% ABV) (7% ABV) Tart and refreshing, this crisp apple cider is bursting with bold and refreshing orchard aromas and flavors. Off-dry.


  • Growers Rose (6-Pack) (6 x 330ml)

    (7.0% ABV) (7% ABV) Rose cider made with a splash of wine.


Wine Spritzers

  • Peller Strawberry Rose Blend (4 pack) (4 x 355ml)

    (4.5% ABV) Canadian Wine, Sparkling Water, and four generations of winemaking experience. Refreshing flavors of field strawberry, cherry,1 and melon.


  • Bask White Lemon (6 Pack) (6 x 355ML)

    (4.0% ABV) (5% ABV) (355 ml) Crisp and dry white with a touch of lemon.


  • Bask Green Tea Peach (6 Pack) (6 x 355ML)

    (4.0% ABV) (5% ABV) (355 ml) Refreshing notes of green tea with a subtly sweet peach finish.


  • XOXO Botanicals Raspberry Rhubarb (4-Pack) (4 x 355ML)

    (6.0% ABV) (6% ABV) (355 ml) Fun fusion of juicy raspberry and tart rhubarb botanicals. Finished with a touch of spritz because who doesn't love...


  • XOXO Botanicals Strawberry Hibiscus (4-Pack) (4 x 355ML)

    (6.0% ABV) (6% ABV) (355 ml) Fun fusion of strawberry and fragrant hibiscus botanicals. Finished with a touch of spritz because who doesn't love...


Cheese and Snacks

  • Balderson's Vintners Extra-Fort Cheddar (220 g)


  • Natural Pastures Aged Farmhouse (120 g)


  • Kerrygold Dubliner (200g)

    Robust cow's milk cheese. Sweet and nutty with a piquant bite of aged Parmesan


  • Little Qualicum Bleu Claire (150 g)


  • Bellavitano Merlot Espresso (150 g)


  • Antipasto Meat Trio (100g) (100g)

    Travel back to Italy with this authentic Italian meat trio. Coppa Piacentina, Pancetta Piacentina and Salame Piacentina. 100g. San Carlo DOP.


  • Orto Mixed Olives (100 g)


  • Lesley Stowe's Fig and Olive Crisps/Crackers (150 g)


  • Parm Crisps Original (50g) (50g)

    ParmCrisps® combines 100% parmesan cheese with a delicious seasoning blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, and minced onion. It’s the savory...


  • Ace Bakery Mini Baguette Crisps (180 g)


  • Hardbite Natural Chips (150 g)


  • Hardbite Rock Salt Chips (150 g)


  • Catherine's Antipasto Spread (190 ml)


  • Catherine's Red Pepper Jelly (250 ml)


  • BC Brine Dill Pickles (750 ml)


  • BC Brine Pickled Beets (500 ml)


  • BC Brine Pickled Beans (500 ml)



  • San Pellegrino (1 L)


  • Organic Sparkling Bubbly Apple Pear (750 ml)


  • Clever Premium Mocktail G&T Rose (355ml)


  • Clever Premium Mocktail G&T (355ml)

    A tasty and popular non-alcoholic alternative. Classic G&T


  • Clever Premium Mocktail Moscow Mule (355ml)

    A tasty alternative for those not wanting to drink alcohol.


  • Sparkmouth Mocktails Margarita (355ml)

    Non-alcoholic Margarita that is just the right amount of sweet


  • Sparkmouth Mocktails Mimosa

    A non-alcoholic mocktail - tasty and just right.