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  • Mafrouke (1 kg)

    Roasted semoulina and sugar syrup topped with fresh Kashta cream and fried nuts, decorated with pistachio and orange blossom.


  • Kenefe with Cheese or Kashta Cream (1 kg)

    Is a popular Middle Eastern dessert, it’s made using thin, shredded dough (semolina-based) layered with a mixture of sweetened cheese.


  • Halawat El Rez (1 kg)

    Indulge in the exquisite sweetness of Lebanon Mr Kaak's with homemade Halawat El Rez, made with Rice, cheese, and sugar syrup infused with blossom...


  • Halawat El Jeben Rolled/Mnatef (1 kg)

    Made from rolls of soft, sweet cheese dough staffed with Kashta cream. Order comes with one kilogram 18 to 22 pieces.


  • Ward El Sham (1 kg)

    Baklava filled with Kashta cream and decorated with pistachio and orange blossom. Order comes with one kilogram and 14 pieces.


  • Kashta (1 kg)

    Also known as clotted cream, is a rich and creamy dairy product widely, served with honey and nuts.


  • Znoud El Set (1 kg)

    The most popular fried Lebanese dessert is prepared with baklava dough, filled with Kashta cream, and drizzled with sugar syrup. Order comes with one...


  • Osmaliya (1 kg)

    Made of Kashta, sandwiched between two layers of stringy dough, comes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


Savory Kaak

  • Kaak Kenefe

    Knafeh (referred to with several spellings including kunafa, kanafeh, kunafeh, konafi)is a traditional, popular Middle Eastern pastry dessert that...


  • Kaak Mafrooke

    A great combination between semolina Kashta and sugar with a special presentation with all ground nuts to express the best of MR KAAK's tasty...


  • Homemade Halloumi Cheese Kaak


  • Bastorma and Akawi cheese


  • Cheese and Veggies


  • Pastrami with Halloumi cheese


  • Za’atar and Cheese


  • Salami with Akawi Cheese Kaak


  • Mortadella Cheese Kaak


  • Akawi Cheese Kaak


  • Za'atar, Cheese, and Veggies



  • Kaak Plain (Big Format) (Half Doz)

    The order comes with six pieces.


  • Kaak M'chabek (Half Doz)

    The order comes with six pieces.


Homemade Cheese

  • Homemade Shankleesh (1 ball)

    Vegetarian and gluten-free. Shankleesh is eaten with diced vegetables and loads of olive oil to balance the pungency and flavor onslaught.


  • Homemade Halloumi Cheese (1 kg)

    Amazing perfection. The result is a powerful pop that goes great as a side dish for all of your favorite Middle Eastern dishes.



  • Regular Pepsi (150 Cal)


  • Diet Pepsi (0 Cal)


  • Pepsi Zero (0 Cal)


  • Crush Orange (160 Cal)


  • 7up


  • Eska Water (0 Cal)