Monique Haitian Food


416 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1S 4M9, Canada

Opens at 2:00 PM

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  • Legumes

    Fried beef with rice and beans, or white rice comes with a mix of vegetables and black bean sauce. (No salad).


  • Fritay

    This Fritay is customized with plantains, Acra, and marinade. A choice of meat let the restaurant know in the instructions or in the notes. No rice...


  • Pork (Porc)

    Fried pork with rice and beans or white rice. (No salad).


  • Goat (Cabrit)

    The goat is fried goat with a choice of white rice or rice and red beans. (Salads included).


  • Beef (Boeuf)

    Fried beef with rice and beans or white rice. (No salad).


  • Ragout

    The ragout is made with either pork or beef and comes with the rice of your choice with a few plantains. (Salad not included).


  • Chicken (Poulet)

    Boiled, fried chicken, and rice and beans or white rice. (No salad).


  • Lalo

    Fried beef with rice and beans or white rice. (No salad).


  • Lambi

    Fried fish with rice and beans or white rice.


  • Bouyon

    Haiti stew that has meat, potatoes, yam, and haïtien dumplings.


  • Shrimp (Crevette)

    Fried shrimp with rice and beans or white rice and a red sauce for the shrimp. (Salad included).



  • Lasagne



  • Homemade Cake

    This Haitian cake is made from scratch by Monique from the cake to the homemade cake icing.


  • Extra Pikliz


  • Rice and beans (Riz Colle)

    The rice and bean side it’s an extra if you only want it alone. (Nothing else included).


  • Black Bean Sauce (Sauce Pois Noir)

    Black bean sauce. The small one is included in all plates that have (white rice). The big one is extra it's a (side) if you would want some extra...


  • Extra Sauce

    Extra sauce on the side.


  • White Rice (Riz Blanc)

    Roasted eggplant spread, marinated tomatoes with garlic, and fresh basil.



  • Cola Champagne

    Haitian cola champagne really refreshing and it hits the spot mhmmm.


  • Jus Grenadia

    Passion fruit juice.


  • Cola Banana

    Haitian cola really refreshing after eating a good fritay.