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802 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Opens at 4:30 PM

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Annie's Specials

A selection of specials straight from our menu, items updated frequently, check back for new items!

  • Special Salad

    A fresh garden salad with tomato, artichoke, brie cheese, mozzarella cheese, balsamic vinegar, basil, and olive oil with a grilled chicken breast on...


  • Appetizer #1

    Jumbo Shrimp, scallop, and mushrooms in a garlic brie cheese cream sauce


  • Appetizer #2

    Deep Fried Gnocchi, jumbo shrimp, sausage, mushrooms, and sauteed onions, with a rose sauce on the side for dipping


  • Special #1

    Salmon Filet, Jumbo Shrimp, Mushroom, Dijon Mustard with a Garlic Cream Sauce, with a Half Gnocchi in a Meat Sauce


  • Special #2

    Linguini, Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken, Sausage, Red Hot Peppers, Brie Cheese, Spinach, Garlic, all in a Rose Garlic Sauce.


La Viena Highly Recommends

La Viena’s favourite dishes.

  • Combo Italiana

    Pollo Parmigiana, lasagna La Viena, and Ravioli in a pine nut basil sauce.


  • Combo La Viena

    Veal Gamberetti, Cannelloni, and Gnocchi Nona.


  • Combo Casa

    Veal parmigiana, tortellini forno, and spinach fettuccini Alfredo.


Appetizers - Antipasti

Start your meal off with one of La Viena's delicious appetizers.

  • Funghi di Mare

    Deep-fried breaded mushrooms stuffed with crab meat and served with honey mustard tomato sauce for dipping. Presented on a bed of Mista salad.


  • Provolone Alla Milanese

    Breaded and fried provolone cheese with sour cream sauce for dipping.


  • Salsiccia Parmigiana

    Spicy sausages, red peppers, and mozzarella cheese baked in a garlic tomato sauce.


  • Gamberetti con Il Vino

    Jumbo shrimp in a garlic butter wine sauce.


  • Cozze Alla Rosso

    Mussels with red hot peppers and garlic butter in a tomato white wine sauce.


  • Cozze La Viena

    Mussels with fresh lemon and spicy Italian herbs in a garlic wine sauce.


  • Lumache Alla Cognac

    Snails in garlic butter, cognac, and wine sauce.


  • Zucchini Fritti

    Lightly breaded and deep-fried zucchini served with Caesar sauce for dipping.


  • Calamari

    Batter-coated and deep-fried squid served with tomato sauce for dipping.


Soups - Zuppa

Warm up with one of La Viena's house-made soups.

  • Lobster Bisque

    Creamy, seasoned soup with lobster.


  • Minestrone

    Fresh garden vegetables in a consomme.


  • Zuppa Pavesa

    Poached egg on toast in chicken consomme.


  • Tortellini in Brodo

    Tortellini in chicken consomme.


  • Zuppa Stracciatella


  • Zuppa Cipolla

    Baked onion soup with bread and mozzarella cheese.


Salads - Insalata

Enjoy a crisp Italian-style salad.

  • Insalata Mista

    Mixed salad with homemade Italian vinaigrette.


  • Di Cesare

    Caesar salad with croutons and Parmesan cheese.


  • Di Spinaci

    Spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and Parmesan with Italian dressing.


  • Di Pomodori

    Tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella salad with La Viena house dressing.


  • Antipasto La Viena

    A combination of ham, artichoke hearts, black olives, marinated red peppers, and pepperoncini with Italian dressing.


  • Italian Salad

    Mixed greens topped with asparagus, boiled egg, anchovies, and Italian dressing.


  • Di Funghi

    Mixed salad topped with sauteed whole mushrooms and Italian dressing.



Choose from a selection of perfectly crafted pastas.

  • Spinach Fettuccine La Viena

    Chicken, spicy sausage, baby shrimp, and fresh tomatoes, in a tarragon cream sauce.


  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    Fettuccini in a classic Parmesan cheese and cream sauce.


  • Fettuccine Suppumo

    Jumbo scallops and mushrooms in a curry cream sauce.


  • Fettuccine Primavera

    Spinach and fresh vegetables in a garlic tomato wine sauce.


  • Linguini Marinara

    Baby shrimp and baby clams in a tomato wine sauce.


  • Linguini Alla Dolce

    Baby shrimp and baby clams in a garlic cream wine sauce.


  • Linguini Vongole

    Baby clams in a garlic wine sauce.


  • Linguini Alla Salut

    Spicy. Chicken, fresh tomatoes, black bean sauce, onions, and mushrooms, in a garlic olive oil sauce.


  • Linguini Ai Tonno

    Spicy. Tuna and pepperoncini in a garlic and olive oil sauce.


  • Linguini Salmone

    Smoked salmon, capers, onions, and fresh tomatoes, in a garlic tarragon cream sauce.


  • Spaghetti Alla Bolognese

    Spaghetti alla bolognese served with fresh meat sauce.


  • Spaghetti con Polpette

    Spaghetti con polpette served with meatballs and meat sauce.


  • Spaghetti Carbonera

    Onions and bacon in an egg and cream sauce.


  • Fusilli Du Chef

    Smoked salmon, mushrooms, and peas in a basil cream sauce.


  • Fusilli Zapatara

    Spicy. Chicken, anchovies, and pepperoncini in a curry garlic tomato sauce.


  • Fusilli la Viena

    Smoked salmon, red peppers, and pears in a curry cream sauce.


  • Fusilli Pollo Limone

    Chicken, fresh tomatoes, and lemon peel in a lemon white wine garlic sauce.


  • Fusilli Dijon

    Spicy sausage, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms, in a Dijon mustard cream sauce.


  • Fusilli Vegetariano

    Garden vegetables and olives in a garlic and olive oil sauce.


  • Penne con Salciccia

    Spicy sausage, mushrooms, asparagus, fresh tomato, and onions in a tomato sauce.


  • Penne Hawaii

    Spicy sausage, chicken, and pineapple, in garlic tomato cream sauce.


  • Penne Alla Pollo

    Chicken, peas, and fresh tomatoes, in garlic white wine sauce.


  • Penne Pollo Peppe Funghi

    Chicken, mushrooms, and peppercorns, in a brie cheese garlic cream sauce.


  • Tortellini Alla Panna

    Veal filled pasta in a Parmesan cheese cream sauce.


  • Tortellini Arrabbiato

    Spicy. Veal filled pasta, anchovies, and capers in a white wine meat sauce.


  • Tortellini Provicere

    Veal filled pasta and crabmeat in a tomato cream garlic sauce.


  • Ravioli Ricotta

    Cheese filled pasta in a pine nut basil cream sauce.


  • Ravioli Gorgonzola

    Cheese-filled pasta with mushrooms in a blue cheese cream sauce.


  • Ravioli Napoletana

    Cheese-filled pasta in a tomato garlic sauce.


  • Ravioli Bolognese

    Cheese-filled pasta in a meat sauce.


  • Gnocchi Nona

    Potato pasta with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese in a meat sauce.


  • Gnocchi Salatara

    Potato pasta with baby shrimp, fresh tomato, and peas in a garlic curry cream sauce.


  • Cannelloni

    Rolled pasta stuffed with spicy veal, baked in a tomato cream sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese.


  • Tortellini Forno

    Veal filled pasta baked in a tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese.


Frutti Di Mare Con Pasta

Seafood lovers sizzling hot plates.

  • Frutti Di Mare Affoglara

    Hot and spicy. Jumbo shrimp, jumbo scallops, crab meat, mussels, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, and pine nut basil in a tomato and cream...


  • Gambereretti Napoletana

    Jumbo shrimps, peas, and garlic in a vodka and tomato sauce. Served on a bed of spinach fettuccini alfredo.


  • Gamberetti E Salsiccia

    Jumbo shrimp, spicy sausage, pears, sun-dried tomatoes, and lemon peel in a curry cream garlic sauce. Served on a bed of linguini vongole.


  • Jambalaya

    Jambalaya with a bed of linguini, Jumbo Shrimp, Onions, Chicken, Sausage, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Red Italian Hot Peppers, and Garlic in a Tomato...



All specialties are served with sauteed vegetables and roasted potatoes.

  • Vitello E Gamberetti

    Veal and shrimp served in tomato cream wine sauce.


  • Vitello Carlo Porta

    Veal, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and garlic in a tomato cream sauce.


  • Vitello Alla Gamberetti Pepper

    Veal, shrimp, and peppercorns, in a demi-glace brandy cream sauce.


  • Vitello Limone

    Veal in a fresh lemon butter and wine sauce.


  • Petti di Pollo Alla Parmigiana

    Lightly breaded chicken breast, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.


  • Vitello Alla Parmigiana

    Lightly Breaded Veal topped with ham and Mozzarella cheese in a tomato sauce.


  • Petti di Pollo Mamagina

    Lightly breaded chicken breast with mushrooms, black olives, and garlic in a demi-glace marsala wine sauce.


  • Pollo Funghi

    Lightly breaded chicken breast with mushrooms, in a demi-glace brandy cream garlic sauce.


  • Filetto di Salmone Granchio

    Salmon, crabmeat, capers, onions, fresh tomatoes, and garlic, in a white wine sauce.


  • Filetto di Salmone Alla Limone

    Filet of salmon in a lemon butter sauce.


  • Filetto di Salmone Gamberetti

    Salmon, jumbo shrimp, red peppers, onions, and fresh tomatoes, in a honey mustard garlic cream sauce.


  • Filetto di Sogliola Marinara

    Filet of sole with baby shrimp and baby clams, in a tomato garlic white wine sauce.


  • Filetto di Sogliola Inglesela

    Filet of sole with jumbo shrimp, spicy sausage, pine nut basil, and peppercorns in a tomato cream sauce.


Bread - Pani

A variety of flavourful herb breads.

  • Focaccia con Bruschetta (4 pcs)

    Toasted herb bread with olive oil and La Viena's homemade bruschetta. One order comes with four pieces focaccia con bruschetta.


  • Bruschetta Carvela (2 pcs)

    Hot herb bread with garlic butter, fresh tomatoes, and anchovies, topped with melted mozzarella cheese. One order comes with two bruschetta carvela.


  • Pane Aglio Garlic Toast (2 pcs)

    Toasted herb bread with garlic butter. One order comes with two garlic toast.


  • Pane Mozzarella Cheese Toast (2 pcs)

    Toasted herb bread with melted mozzarella cheese. One order comes with two mozzarella cheese toast.



Complete your meal with one of our homemade desserts.

  • Tiramisu - Traditional Italian Dessert

    Made with espresso, marscarpone cheese and lady fingers lovingly covered in a cocoa powder.


  • Creme Caramel

    Custard dessert with caramel sauce.


  • Chocolate Mousse

    Thick, Creamy, and Rich Chocolate Desert.


  • Blueberry Cheesecake

    Fresh, fluffy, and enticing. A blueberry cheesecake made with fresh blueberries made of marscarpone cheese, topped with blueberry syrup and blueberry...


  • Mango Dream

    A decadent mango cheesecake with fresh mango, made of mascarpone cheese, drizzled in a mango syrup with mango chunks


  • Amaretto Ecstasy

    A blend of espresso, amaretto and almonds in a cheesecake made of marscarpone cheese, finished with an amaretto infused chocolate syrup


Great Additions

Add any of these sides to complete your meal.

  • Sauteed Mushrooms

    Mushrooms sauteed in a mix of herbs.


  • Sauteed Baby Shrimp

    Baby shrimp sauteed in wine, garlic, and lemon.


  • Sauteed Fresh Garden Vegetables

    Fresh garden vegetables sauteed with garlic and olive oil.



Add a nice refreshing drink!

  • Coke (355ml)


  • Diet Coke (355ml)


  • Sprite (355ml)


  • Ginger Ale (355ml)