La Poutinerie


1443 Ogilvie Rd, Ottawa, Gloucester, ON, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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  • Breaded Cheese Curds

    Deep-fried breaded St. Albert cheese curds with marinara sauce.


  • Jalapeno Slammers (6 pcs)

    Poutine with mushrooms.


  • Small Cheese Sticks (10 pcs)

    Served with marinara sauce.


  • Zucchini

    Served with homemade garlic sauce.


  • Breaded Fried Dill Pickles (10 pcs)

    Served with homemade garlic sauce.


  • Fries


  • Potato Wedges


  • Onion Rings


  • Breaded Mushrooms (1 lb)


  • Chicken Wings

    Served with your choice of sauce.


Specialty Poutines

  • Philly Cheesesteak Poutine

    French fries, steak mushrooms, and onions.


  • Buffalo Chicken Poutine

    French fries, cheese curds, breaded chicken, gravy, hot sauce, and chives.


  • Hawaiian Poutine

    French fries, pan-fried ham, pineapple, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Pizza Poutine

    French fries, sauteed pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, and tomato pizza sauce.


  • Breaded Cheese Curd Poutine

    French fries, St. Albert cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Smoked Meat Poutine

    French fries, smoked meat, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Mexican Sweet Potato Poutine

    Sweet potato fries, ground beef, avocado, chives, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Chicken Shawarma Poutine

    Chicken shawarma, curds, and gravy.


  • Chef Poutine

    Fries, dill pickles, onions, sausage, curds, and gravy.


  • Vegan Poutine

    Fries, onions, tomatoes, avocado, chives, vegan cheese, and vegan gravy.


Traditional Poutines

  • Authentic Canadian Poutine

    French fries, St. Albert cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Newtine Poutine

    Poutine with mushrooms.


  • Italian Poutine

    French fries, meat sauce, and cheese.


  • Tator Tots Poutine

    Tater tots, St. Albert cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Sweet Potato Poutine

    Sweet potato fries, St. Albert cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Club Poutine

    Poutine with chicken, and bacon.


  • Bacon Poutine

    French fries and bacon.


  • Donair Poutine

    French fries, beef donair, St. Albert cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Wedge Poutine

    Thick potato, spiced potato wedges, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Ground Beef Poutine

    Ground beef with St-Albert cheese curds and gravy.


Make Your Own Poutine

  • Make Your Own Poutine



  • Cheesecake



Don't forget to add a refreshing beverage to your order!

  • Canned Soft Drinks (355 ml)

    Choose from a tasty variety of canned soft drink flavours.


  • Soft Drinks (2 L)

    Two-liter soft drinks to add to your order.