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32 Holland St E, Bradford, ON L3Z 1X2, Canada

Opens at 3:00 PM

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Appetizers - Entradas

  • La Patrona

    Two tostadas, two tacos, two flautas, and nachos. Served with pico de gallo, sour cream, and salsa.


  • La Mexicanada Nachos

    Delicious nachos topped with two cheeses.


  • EL Trio

    Chips, pico, guacamole, and beans.


  • Guacamole and Totopos

    A perfect app to share.


  • Queso Loco

    MexiCanada cheese dip with your choice of beef or chorizo and Mexican spices.


  • Pico De Gallo and Totopos

    Homemade totopos and fresh pico de gallo.


  • Cocktail Camaron

    Mexican-style shrimp cocktail, served with totopos and crackers.


  • Shrimp Ceviche

    Shrimp marinated and cooked in lime, served with totopos.


  • Coconut Shrimp (6 pcs)

    Six panko and coconut crusted, served with sweet chipotle mayonnaise.


  • Chicharrones

    Fried pork belly rinds served with salsa.


  • Choriqueso

    Mexican chorizo melted with cheese, served with tortillas or totopos.


  • Tamales

    Pork or chicken steamed corn dough, served with salsa.


  • Esquites

    Corn kernels mixed with lime, mayonnaise, tajin, and queso fresco.


Sopas and Ensaladas - Soups and Salads

  • Tortilla Soup

    Tomatoes Base Topped with Corn Tortillas, Sourcream, and Cheese


  • Pozole Soup

    Pork and chicken in a chile guajillo or oregano base with hominy corn.


  • Birria Soup

    Jalisco-style Mexican stewed beef in La MexiCanada's special spices.


  • Chicken Pollo Soup

    Mexican chicken soup with rice and vegetables.


  • Bean Soup

    Delicious mix of peppers, chorizo, bacon, and beans.


  • Ensalada Mexicana

    Lettuce, pico, cheese, guacamole crema, dressing, and totopos



  • Fish Tacos (3 pcs)

    Three breaded cod fish tacos, served on corn tortilla topped with coleslaw and chipotle mayonnaise.


  • Shrimp Tacos (3 pcs)

    Three breaded shrimp tacos, served on a corn tortilla topped with coleslaw and chipotle mayonnaise.


  • Shrimp Steak (3 pcs)

    Three grilled steaks and shrimp, topped with cilantro and onion.


  • Carne Asada Tacos (3 pcs)

    Three corn tortillas topped with asada, cheese, fried potatoes, cilantro, and onion.


  • Tacos De Bistec (4 pcs)

    Four grilled asada cilantro and onion with a side of esquities.


  • Tacos De Arrachera (3 pcs)

    Three grilled skirt steaks, cheese, and grilled onion, served with guacamole.


  • Tacos Al Pastor (5 pcs)

    Five marinated pork tacos, topped with pineapple, cilantro, and onion.


  • Tacos Campechanos (3 pcs)

    Three corn tortillas with carne asada, chorizo, nopales, cheese, fried potato, guacamole, cilantro, and onions.


  • Tacos Placeros (4 pcs)

    Four corn tortillas with grilled cheese, chicharron prensado, pico, and salsa


  • Tacos De Birria (3 pcs)

    Three corn tortillas filled with birria, onion, and cilantro, served with consome.


  • Quesabirrias (3 pcs)

    Three corn tortillas filled with cheese and birria, served with consome for dipping.


Mas Tacos - Mixed and Match

  • One Soft Taco


  • Five Soft Tacos


Crispy Tacos

  • Crispy Taco (1 pc)

    One crispy taco comes with your choice of meat, filled with refried beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and lettuce.


  • Crispy Taco (3 pcs)

    Three crispy tacos come with your choice of meat, filled with refried beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and lettuce.


Combo Platters

  • Combo for One

    Comes with one tostada, one burrito, one soft taco, and one quesadilla.


  • Combo Platter for Two

    Comes with two tostadas, two burritos, two soft tacos, and two quesadillas.



All the alambre is served with a side of corn tortillas, salsa, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

  • The Real EL Mexicano Fajitas

    Beef, bacon, green peppers, onions, and cheese.


  • The Real Chicken Mexican Fajitas

    Chicken, onions, green peppers, bacon, and cheese.


  • The Real AL Pastor Mexican Fajitas

    Marinated pork, pineapple, bacon, green peppers, onions, and cheese.


  • The Real Shrimp Mexican Fajitas

    Shrimp, green peppers, onions, bacon, and cheese.



Flour tortilla filled with your choice of meat, rice, beans, and lettuce.

  • Burrito (1 pc)

    One order comes with one piece burrito.


  • Burrito (2 pcs)

    One order comes with two pieces of burrito.


Mains - Platos Fuertes

  • Lobster and Steak

    Carne asada, lobster tail, rice beans, and salad.


  • Carne Asada

    Grilled steak marinated with Mexican spices, green peppers, and onions. Served with rice and refried beans.


  • Tostadas (3 pcs)

    Three tostadas with your choice of meat, layer of refried beans, rice filled with lettuce, sour cream, and cheese and sauce.


  • Quesadillas

    Flour tortilla filled with your choice of meat filled with cheese, lettuce, and salsa.


  • Tacos Dorados

    Five corn tortillas filled with chorizo and potatoes or chicken and potatoes grilled to crispy and topped with salsa, lettuce, crema, and feta cheese.


  • Flautas

    Corn tortilla filled with chicken and potatoes, topped with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, and your choice of salsa.


  • Chuletas Con Queso

    Two grilled seasoned pork chops with cheese. Served with rice and beans.


  • Jose's Volcanos

    Two tostadas topped with cheese, pork, pico, crema, and chipotle.


  • Chiles Rellenos

    Two chiles rellenos stuffed with cheese and filled with a red sauce. Comes with rice, beans, and salad.


  • Enchiladas (3 pcs)

    Three corn tortillas filled with chicken and topped with your choice of salsa. Served with rice and beans.


  • Shrimp Al Chipotle

    Shrimp in a creamy chipotle salsa with rice and beans.


  • Gringas

    Two twelve inch tortillas filled with cheese and your choice of pastor or asada, cilantro and onion, and choice of salsa.


  • Kids' Cheese Quesadilla

    Ten inch flour tortilla and cheese.


  • Kids' Small Burrito

    Chicken, beef, pork, or chorizo.


  • Kids' Chicken Strips

    A kids'-size portion of chicken strips served with fries and Mexican rice.


  • Kids' Two Soft Tacos

    Chicken, beef, pork, or chorizo.


  • Kids' Nachos

    Two types of cheese and sour cream.


  • Kids' Sincronisadaz

    One ten inch flour tortilla, ham, and cheese.



  • Guacamole


  • Sour Cream


  • Pico De Gallo (4oz)


  • Spicy Sauce


  • Habanero Spicy Sauce


  • Mexican Rice


  • Refried Beans


  • Corn Tortillas


  • Flour Tortillas


  • Dulce De Leche


Desserts - Postres

  • Churros


  • Pastel Tres Leches


  • Choco Churros


  • Maxican Flan


  • Bunuelos


  • Fresas Con Crema


Beverages - Bebidas

Add a refreshing beverage to accompany your meal.

  • Jarritos

    Authentic Mexican soft drink made with 100% natural sugar.


  • Jarritos Mexican Mineral Water

    Carbonated mineral water.


  • Jumex

    Delicious Mexican fruit beverage with real fruit pulp.


  • Sangría Señorial (Non-Alcoholic)

    Sangría Señorial is a non-alcoholic, sparkling sangría drink from Mexico, made from select wine grapes, essence of lemon, and sweetened with natural...


  • Sidral Mundet

    Apple-flavoured, carbonated soft drink from Mexico.


  • Mexican Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola produced in and imported from Mexico.


  • Pop (Can)

    Order a refreshing pop to accompany your meal!