Ko Hyang House


33 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M 3A6, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM

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  • A1. Vegetable Spring Rolls


  • A2. Beef Short Ribs


  • A3. Edamame

    Steamed and salted soybean.


  • A4. Beef Gyoza


  • A4. Vegetable Gyoza


  • A5. Tako Yaki (6 pcs)

    One order comes with six pieces.


  • A6. B.B.Q Ika

    Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce.


  • A7. French Fries


  • A9. Chicken Wings



  • K1. Dolsot Bibimbap

    Assorted vegetables, fried egg served with rice in a hot stone bowl, and chilly paste on the side.


  • K2. Maewoon Chicken Bokum

    Spicy. Stir-fried chicken and vegetables with spicy sauce served with rice.


  • K3. Bulgogi Bokum

    Stir-fried beef sirloin and vegetables marinated with soy based sauce served with rice.


  • K4. Jaeyook Bokum

    Spicy. Stir-fried pork and vegetables with spicy sauce served with rice.


  • K5. Ojinguh Bokum

    Spicy. Stir-fried squid with spicy sauce and vegetables served with rice.


  • K6. LA Galbi

    BBQ short ribs marinated with soy based sauce served with rice.


  • K7. Don Katsu

    Deep fried breaded pork with katsu sauce served with rice.


  • K7. Chicken Katsu

    Deep-fried chicken with katsu sauce served with rice.


  • K8. Tteokbokki

    Spicy. Rice cake with spicy sauce and vegetables.


  • K9. Gamjatang

    Spicy. Spicy soup with pork bone, potato, and cabbage, served with rice.


  • K10. Sundubu Jjigae

    Spicy. Soft tofu, assorted seafood, and egg in spicy soup served with rice.


  • K11. Yukgaejang

    Spicy. Spicy soup with beef, clear noodles, egg, and green onion served with rice.


  • K12. Kimchi Jjigae

    Spicy. Kimchi soup with vegetables and pork served with rice.


  • K13. Tookbagegi Bulgogi

    Thinly sliced beef marinated with soy-based sauce and clear noodles cooked in a hot stone bowl served with rice.


  • K14. Tteok Manduguk

    Rice cake and dumping soup with vegetables, beef, and egg.


  • K15. Tteok Ramen

    Spicy. Ramen noodles with rice cake soup with egg, beef and vegetables.


  • K16. Jampong

    Spicy. Spicy noodle soup with assorted seafood and vegetables.


  • K17. Jokbal

    Cooked pork feet.


  • K18. Haemool Pajeon

    Korean pancake with assorted seafood and green onion.


  • K19. Kampoongki

    Spicy. Deep-fried chicken, shrimp, or dumplings with sweet-and-sour sauce, and red chilly pepper.


  • K20. Japchae

    Sweet potato noodles with vegetables and beef.


  • Spicy Cucumber Side Dishes


  • Pickled Sweet and Sour White Radishes


  • Bean Sprouts Side Dishes


  • Mixed Purple Rice



  • Soft Drinks


  • Juice


  • Water


  • Perrier Water