House of Mandi


1183 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 8S4, Canada

Opens at 1:00 PM


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  • Samosa

    6 pieces of samosa with ground beef filling.


  • Masoob

    Regular. With cream and cheese, black seed, and smoked cheese.


  • Jareesh



  • Mandi Lamb

    Rice with lamb (250 gm)


  • Mandi Chicken Combo

    Rice with chicken (half chicken), souse (hot salad or youghurt salad), and drink (soft drink or ayran).


  • Kabsa Lamb

    Rice with lamb (250 gm)


  • Kabsa Chicken

    Rice with chicken (half chicken)


  • Eggplant Fattah

    Layers of fried eggplant, garlic yogurt, and tomato sauce. Served with crispy pita flakes.


Wrap Sandwiches

  • Lamb Wrap

    Our popular Mandi Lamb in a wrap. Fresh and delicious


  • Chicken Wrap

    Mandi chicken wrap with our special sauce


  • Shawarma Chicken

    It's not like other shawarma. Fresh and delicious



  • Fatoosh


  • Green Salad



  • Ayran


  • Soft Drinks


  • Juice



  • Hot Salad


  • Youghurt Salad



  • Beef Burger & Fries

    Fresh beef burger with french fries Cajun or regular.