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Taste Of Italy

  • Caponata Fries

    Can be vegan & gluten free


  • Pesto Gnocchi


  • Artichoke Tacos

    Can be vegan and gluten free


  • Earth Candy Burger

    Can be made Gluten free & vegan


  • Pistachio Flat Bread

    Can be made Vegan


  • Carbonara Fries

    Cabn be made Gluten Free


  • Sausage Rice Bowl


  • Jimmy Pesto Pasta


  • Italian Chicken Wings

    Can Be Made Gluten Free


  • Prosciutto Brussel Toast

    Can Be Made Gluten Free


Chef's Plates - Taste Of Italy

  • Meatball Grilly


  • Antipasta Salad

    Can Be Made Gluten Free


  • Sausage Stromboli

    Choose Fries, Onion Rings or Sweet Fries


  • Double Cheese Burger

    Can Be Made Gluten Free


  • Picnic Dip

    Can Be Made Gluten Free


  • Crispy Shroom Tacos

    Can Be Made Vegan & Gluten Free, Choose Fries, Onion rings or Sweet Fries


  • Caprese Burrito

    Can Be Made Vegan - Comes with your choice of sides - Fries, Onion Rings, Sweet Fries, or Salad.



  • Churro Donut

    Caramel, cinnamon salt, and whip.


  • Vegan Chocolate

    Fruit coulis and whip.