Honjin Izakaya


5828 Macleod Trail SW 2nd floor, Calgary, AB T2H 0K1, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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  • Sushi Ginger 1oz



  • A1. Assorted Oden (5 pcs)

    Japanese fish cake stew, fish cake, fish tofu, radish, and egg.


  • A2. Special Salad

    Daikon spring mix salad served with Honjin special dressing.


  • A3. Tsukemono Cucumber

    Marinated cucumber.


  • A4. Smoked Edamame

    Edamame marinated with smoked soy sauce.


  • A5. Goma Ae

    Spinach with homemade sesame sauce.


  • A6. Age Bitashi (Eggplant)

    Eggplant marinated with sashi soup.


  • A7. Mentaiko With Truffle Mayo

    Grilled mentaiko, cucumber. Served with truffle mayo.


  • A8. Age Gyoza (6 pcs)

    Eggplant dumpling.


  • A9. Beef Tataki

    Homemade tataki sauce, onion, dry garlic, basil mint leaf, and cilantro.


  • A10. Shishamo Karaage (6 pcs)

    Deep-fried willow leaf fish served with mayo.


  • A11. Squid Legs Karaage

    Deep-fired squid leg with spicy mayo.


  • A13. Age Tofu

    Deep-fried tofu with garlic soy sauce and sweet marinated cabbage.



  • N1. Gyu Shoyu Ramen

    Shoyu-based broth beef noodle soup. Served with three-ounces of Angus steak, onion, marinated egg, and kikurage.



  • R1. Unagi Donburi Set

    Unagi with rice, pickles, and Japanese clear soup.


  • R2. Yaki Onigiri

    Rice ball grilled with soy sauce, furikake. Wrapped with seaweed.


  • R3. Steamed Rice



  • S1. Yaki Abalone (3 pcs)

    Yaki abalone served with creamy yum sauce.


  • S2. Grilled Salmon Belly


  • S3. Grilled Scallop on Shell (5 pcs)

    Cooked with soy, sake, and butter.


  • S4. Ryoshi Nabe

    Scallop, mussel, shrimp, and clam with coconut curry stew.


  • S5. Ebi Karaage

    Deep-fried shrimp with homemade rosemary spice.



  • M2. Gyu Tongue Stew

    Slow-cooked Japanese beef tongue stew.


  • M3. Angus Steak Mushroom

    Eight ounces of steak with soy mushroom sauce. Served with mushroom and green onion.


  • M4. CAB Hamburg Steak

    Six ounces of homburg steak, veggie with soy base homemade sauce. Served with corn, pea, and rice.


  • M6. Chicken Breast

    Braised chicken breast served with garlic soy sauce.


  • M7. Jumbo Chicken Karaage

    Deep-fried boneless marinated chicken battered in karaage flour and served with spicy mayo.


  • M8. Beef Tripe

    Breef tripe served in a flavourful coconut curry stew.


  • M9. Lamb Chop

    Grilled oven an open flame.


Sashimi and Sushi

  • C1. Three kinds of sashimi (9 pcs)

    Daily chef's choice.


  • C2. Five kinds of sashimi (15 pcs)

    Daily chef's choice.


  • C3. Three kinds of sushi (6 pcs)

    Daily chef's choice.


  • C4. Five kinds of sushi (10 pcs)

    Daily chef's choice.


  • C5. Uni Bluefin Gunkan (2 pcs)

    Sushi rice wrapped in seaweed, and topped with uni bluefin.


  • C6. Aburi Hokkaido Hotate (2 pcs)

    Seared hokkaido scallop sushi.


  • C7. Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Bowl

    Bluefin tuna sashimi bowl.



  • O1. Bluefin Akami Tuna Oshi

    Bluefin red tuna, ikura, creamy yun sauce green onion, and chili pepper.


  • O2. Hamachi Oshi

    Hamachi, creamy yum sauce, Japanese dressing, truffle oil, black tobiko, and green onion.


  • O3. Unagi Oshi

    Seared unagi, green crunch, unagi sauce, mayo, and red tobiko.


  • O4. Angus Beef Oshi

    Angus beef, creamy yum sauce, unagi sauce, ikura, green onion, and black tobiko.


  • O5. Seared Otoro Tuna Oshi

    Otoro tuna, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno, red tobiko, and spicy miso mayo.


  • O6. Seared BC Salmon Oshi

    BC Salmon, mozzarella cheese, yuzu tobiko, unagi sauce, and ikura.


  • O7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Mango, red tuna, salmon, yuzu mayo, and mint leaf.


  • O8. Crispy Spicy BC Salmon Oshi

    Garlic bread, spicy salmon, jalapeno, tobiko, and unagi sauce.


  • O9. Crispy Spicy Bluefin Tuna Oshi

    Garlic bread, spicy tuna, mozzarella cheese, green onion, and unagi sauce.


  • O10. Honjin Special Oshi

    Japanese wagyu, Blue Fin Tuna, ikura, and black tobiko, unagi sauce, creamy yum.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Heineken 0.0 Malt Lager (330 ml)


  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Wheat Ale (330 ml)


  • Fever-Tree Luxury Ginger Beer (200 ml)


  • Sun Setter Peach Wheat Ale (335 ml)


  • Duche Longueville Raspberry Sparkling Wine


  • Loxton Chardonnay Australia


  • Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon