Heritage Fish & Chips


13 Fisherman Drive, Brampton, ON, Canada

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Start your meal with a mouthwatering appetizer!

  • MenuItemImage
    Battered Mushrooms

    Battered and crisp-fried mushrooms.


  • Steamed Veggies

    Perfectly steamed vegetables.


  • Breaded Calamari Rings

    Crisp, golden-brown calamari rings.


  • Breaded Cheese Sticks

    Gooey and golden-brown cheese sticks.


  • Battered Cheese Bites

    Battered and fried cheese bites.


  • Breaded Clam Strips

    Breaded and crisp-fried clam strips.


  • Battered Pickles

    Crisp, golden pickles.




  • Homemade Clam Soup



Try a healthy, hand-crafted salad!

  • MenuItemImage
    Greek Salad

    Romaine lettuce, olives, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and feta cheese, tossed with a Greek-style dressing.


  • Garden Salad

    Mixed greens tossed with your choice of dressing.


  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and bacon tossed with caesar dressing.


From The Grill

All orders are served with vegetables!

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    From the Grill - Salmon Only

    Grilled salmon served with vegetables.


  • From the Grill - Halibut Steak Only

    Halibut steak served with vegetables.


  • From the Grill - Pickerel Only

    Perfectly grilled pickerel served with vegetables.


  • From the Grill - Trout Only

    Perfectly grilled trout served with vegetables.


  • From the Grill - Tilapia Only

    Perfectly grilled tilapia served with vegetables.


  • From the Grill - Basa Only

    Grilled basa served with vegetables.


A la Carte

Complete your order with a variety of delicious food items! *ITEMS LISTED ARE FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED. THANK YOU.*

  • MenuItemImage
    Haddock only (6 oz)

    Six ounces of deliciously cooked haddock. *FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Halibut ( 5 oz) only

    Five ounces of crisp-fried halibut. *FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Cod (6 oz) Only

    Six ounces of mouthwatering cod. *FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Basa (6 oz) Only

    Six ounces of freshly cooked basa. *FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Blue Cod only (6 oz)

    Two pieces of blue cod. *FISH ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Scallops (8 pcs) Only

    Eight perfectly cooked scallops. *SCALLOPS ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Shrimp (9 pcs) Only

    Nine battered and fried shrimp. *SHRIMP ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS AS A SIDE IF DESIRED.*


  • Fisherman's Platter only

    Six ounces combined of halibut and haddock, four shrimp, and four scallops. *PLATTER ONLY. MUST ADD CHIPS IF DESIRED.*


  • Chicken Wings (1 lb) Only

    A pound of juicy chicken wings tossed with your choice of sauce.


  • Black Pudding (4 oz) Only

    A traditional blood pudding.


  • Haggis (4 oz) Only

    Traditional, homemade haggis.


  • Steak and Kidney Pie with Gravy Only

    Steak and kidney pie with gravy.


  • Steak and Onion Pie with Gravy

    Steak and onion pie with gravy.


  • Scotch Pie and Gravy

    Homemade scotch pie served with gravy.


  • Belfast Pastie only

    Battered and crisp-fried pie filled with meat and vegetables.


  • Chicken Strips (4 pcs) Only

    Four crisp-fried chicken strips.


  • Chicken Nuggets (8 pcs) Only

    Eight bite-sized chicken nuggets.


  • Kid's Halibut (2.5 oz)


  • Kid's Haddock (3 oz) Only

    Three ounces of haddock cooked until golden brown.


  • Kid's Chicken Strips (2 pcs) Only

    Two crisp-fried chicken strips.


  • Kid's Chicken Nuggets (4 pcs) Only

    Four golden-brown chicken nuggets.


Side Orders

These sides perfectly complement any meal!

  • MenuItemImage
    Homemade Onion Rings

    Battered and fried onion rings.


  • Fresh Cut Chips

    A side of crunchy, homemade chips.


  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Thinly sliced, crisp-fried sweet potato fries.


  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

    Creamy mashed potatoes topped with gravy.


  • Rice

    Freshly steamed rice.


  • Curry Dip

    House-made curry dip.


  • Poutine

    Golden fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.


  • Side Gravy

    Available in three sizes.


  • Creamy Coleslaw

    House-made coleslaw tossed with a creamy dressing.


  • Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw

    Homemade coleslaw tossed with oil and vinegar.


  • Pickled Beets

    Flavourful pickled beets.


  • Pickled Onion (1 pc)

    A deliciously pickled onion.


  • Bread

    Freshly baked bread.


  • Mushy Peas

    Homemade mushy peas.




Finish your meal with a sweet, decadent dessert!

  • MenuItemImage
    Apple Pie and Custard

    Flaky apple pie served with custard.


  • Sticky Toffee

    Moist sticky toffee cake.


  • Fried Mars Bar

    This decadent treat is created by battering and deep frying a Mars Bar.


  • Rice Pudding

    Sweet and creamy rice pudding.


  • Sherry Trifle

    Sherry-soaked sponge cake topped with fruit and whipped cream.



Quench your thirst with a beverage!

  • Canned Pop

    Choose from a variety of canned pop.


  • Milk (500 ml)

    Add white milk to your meal.


  • Milk Chocolate (500 ml)

    Rich, creamy chocolate milk.


  • Mineral Water

    Re-hydrate with mineral water.


  • Spring Water

    Refresh with cold spring water.


  • Juice

    Apple, orange, or cranberry juice.


  • Imported Canned Drinks

    Choose from a selection of imported canned beverages.


  • Bottled Irn-Bru

    A Scottish carbonated soft drink.


  • Bottled Pop

    Add a bottled pop to your order.