Hangry Piri Piri Chicken


3450 Dundas St, Burlington, ON L7M 4B8, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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    Whole Chicken

    Get a whole chicken with the 3rd side for free! Monday Only!



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    416 Power Bowl Salad

    Quinoa, kale slaw mix, fresh apples, maple roasted sweet potatoes, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette.


  • Chicken Tenders

    Buttermilk marinated chicken strips, piri piri mayo, and your choice of piri piri sauce, served with a side of your own choice.


  • Hangry Wings

    Fried to order and tossed in your choice of signature piri piri sauce, served with vegetable sticks and blue cheese dressing.

    Sold Out

  • Piri Piri Poutine

    Fresh-cut fries topped with house-blend piri piri gravy, cheese curds, piri piri mayonnaise, paprika, and fresh herbs.




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    Piri Piri Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

    Buttermilk marinated fried chicken, pickles, arugula, piri piri hot honey sauce, and ranch dressing, served with a side of your own choice.


  • Piri Piri Tacos

    Flour tortilla, pulled piri piri chicken, creamy slaw, pickled red onions, lemon crema, fresh herbs, and red chilli.


  • Piri Piri Pulled Chicken Sandwich

    Pulled piri piri chicken, fresh cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, served with a side of your own choice.



Mains Rotisserie Chicken

Piri piri marinated rotisserie chicken.

  • Half Chicken

    Half chicken and two regular sides of your own choice.


  • Traditional Quarter Chicken

    Your choice of light or dark meat, served with your choice of two regular size sides.


  • Whole Chicken (No Side)


  • Half Chicken (No Side)


  • Quarter Chicken (No Side)



  • Roasted Parisienne Potatoes

    Sweet paprika, oregano, garlic, olive oil, and butter.

    Sold Out

  • Roasted Mix Vegetables

    Blend of green beans, yellow wax beans, orange and yellow carrots lightly seasoned with kosher salt, cracked pepper, and olive oil.


  • Fresh-Cut Fries

    Sea salt, ground black pepper, and piri piri mayo.


  • Rice Pilaf

    Long grain rice, carrots, onions, garlic, paprika, piri piri sauce, and butter.


  • Simple Greens

    Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, and balsamic dressing.


  • Side Sauce (2 oz)


  • Sauce Bottle



  • Original Flavour Portuguese Custard Tarts



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    SUMOL (330 ml)


  • Canned Pop (355 ml)