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1085 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A8, Canada

Opens at 2:00 PM

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  • Baked Onion Soup

    Onions, croutons, mozzarella, and parmesan.


  • Meat Lover’s Chilli

    Chili, cheddar, jalapenos, and garlic bread.


  • Buffalo Chicken

    Boneless chicken pieces tossed in Buffalo butter or honey garlic sauce. Served with carrots, celery, and ranch dip.


  • Crispy Pickles

    Crispy seasoned pickles with dill ranch dip.


  • Calamari

    Crispy fried calamari served with tzatziki sauce.


  • Garlic Cheese Bread

    Garlic bread with cheddar.


  • Crispy Coconut Shrimp

    Crispy seasoned coconut shrimp with sweet chilli


  • Quesadilla

    Comes with your choice of vegetable, chicken, or chilli. Soft tortilla stuffed with sweet peppers, tomatoes, scallions, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese.


  • Potato Skins

    Crispy potato skins topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions, and sour cream.


  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Crispy sweet potato fries with chipotle mayonnaise.


  • Buffalo Cauliflower

    Crispy battered cauliflower tossed in Buffalo butter sauce. Served with carrots, celery, and ranch.


  • Fish Tacos

    Flour tortillas, battered haddock, guacamole, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, chipotle sauce, and coleslaw.


  • Chicken Tacos

    Flour tortillas, crispy chicken, sweet peppers, tomatoes, sweet chilli sauce, hot sauce, and coleslaw.


  • Spinach, Cheese, and Bacon Dip

    Creamy blend of cheese, spinach, and artichoke topped with bacon and served with grilled pita bread.


  • Mac 'N' Cheese Balls

    Seasoned bread crumbs, macaroni, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and marinara sauce.


  • Fox-Battered Onion Rings


  • Fries

    French Fries


  • Buffalo Chicken Poutine

    Pub chips topped with buffalo chicken tossed in cheese curds, gravy, scallions and dill ranch.


  • Chilli 'N' Cheese Poutine

    Pub chips topped with chilli, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Butter Chicken Flatbread

    Crispy chicken, butter chicken sauce, almonds, cheddar, and cilantro.


  • Mediterranean Flatbread

    Flatbread with tzatziki, herbs, onions, tomatoes, black olives, feta, cheddar cheese, and balsamic reduction.



All nacho chips are seasoned and prepared fresh daily and are served with sour cream and salsa.

  • Salsa and Cheese Nachos

    Corn chips topped with a salsa, jalapenos, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, and cheddar cheese.


  • Irish Nachos

    Lattice fries, jalapenos, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, cheddar, and chipotle mayonnaise.


  • Buffalo Chicken Nachos

    Corn chips, salsa, jalapenos, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, cheddar, and buffalo chicken.



  • Greek Salad

    Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, black olives, and feta cheese tossed in Greek dressing. Served with pita bread.


  • Caesar Salad

    Crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, bacon, and shredded Parmesan cheese tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing.


  • Cobb Salad

    Romaine lettuce tossed in a red wine vinaigrette topped with chicken, bacon, egg, feta, olives, tomato, and avocado.


  • MenuItemImage
    Fox Pecan Salad

    Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken, peppers, glazed pecans, dried cranberries, apple slices, feta cheese, and red wine vinaigrette.


  • Small Garden salad


  • Large Garden Salad



All burgers topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickle, served with a choice of French Fires or garden salad.

  • Cheeseburger

    A savoury beef burger topped with Canadian cheddar cheese.


  • Whisky BBQ Burger

    A beef burger topped with whisky barbeque sauce and crispy onion rings.


  • Mushroom Cheeseburger

    A beef burger with barbeque sauce, mozzarella cheese, and sauteed mushrooms.


  • Vegetarian Beyond Meat Burger

    Mozzarella and mushroom.


  • MenuItemImage
    Fox Banquet Burger

    Beef burger topped with crispy bacon and Canadian cheddar cheese.


  • Tex Mex Burger

    Beef burger with chipotle ranch, salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, and jalapenos.



  • MenuItemImage
    English-Style Fish and Chips

    Beer-battered crispy haddock with pub chips, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.


  • Steak and Chips

    An eight-ounce Canadian striploin served with vegetables and your choice of pub chips, rice, or mashed potatoes.


  • Shepherd's Pie

    Ground beef mix, mashed potatoes, and garden salad.


  • Beef and Guinness Pot Pie

    A flavourful combination of tender diced beef, vegetables, and Guinness gravy topped with flakey pastry. Served with mashed potatoes.


  • Liver, Bacon, and Onions

    Beef liver topped with sautéed onions, bacon, and gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.


  • Chicken Fettuccine

    Chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pesto cream sauce, feta, and garlic bread.


  • Chicken Fingers

    Breaded chicken, chips, and plum sauce.


  • Sizzling Fajitas

    Sauteed peppers and onions seasoned and served with soft tortillas and all the fixings.


  • Butter Chicken

    Chicken topped with a butter sauce made of butter, almonds, cream, spices, and cilantro. Served on a bed of rice and garlic naan.


  • Fare Share Platter

    Serves five to six people. Fox & Fiddle has combined some of Fox & Fiddle's best appetizers for you and your friends to enjoy. Buffalo chicken,


Sandwiches and Wraps

All fox sandwiches and wraps are served with your choice of pub chips and garden salad.

  • Steak Sandwich

    New York striploin topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions on toasted garlic bread.


  • The Fox Chicken Club Sandwich

    Grilled chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise served on French bread.


  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


  • Traditional BLT Sandwich

    Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on French bread.


  • Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Melted marble cheese, crispy bacon, and fresh tomatoes on French bread.


  • MenuItemImage
    Chipotle Chicken Wrap

    Crispy chicken, lettuce, and melted marble cheese tossed in an ancho-chipotle sauce and wrapped in a tortilla.


  • Roast Beef Dip Sandwich

    A Vienna-style bun topped with mounds of tender roast beef and served with au jus for dipping.



All wings are lightly dusted with seasoned flour and served with carrots, celery, and dill ranch.

  • MenuItemImage
    Famous Wings

    Lightly dusted with seasoned flour and tossed in your choice of wing sauce.



Platters serve five to six people. Please allow twenty-four-hour notice to prepare your platters.

  • fare share platter (1 x 5 )

    buffalo chicken +potato skins + onion rings + garlic cheese bread + Fires


  • Chicken Wings Platter (40 pcs)

    With a choice of 4 wing sauce and ranch dill dip.


  • Buffalo Chicken Platter

    With a buffalo butter sauce and buttermilk ranch dip.


  • Chicken Fingers Platter

    With pub chips and plum sauce.



  • Canned Pop


  • Perrier (330 ml)


  • Aquafina Spring Water