Ellis Kitchen Caribbean Restaurant


455 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1C7, Canada


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A delicious homemade breakfast.

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    Ackee and Saltfish

    Fresh ackee and saltfish to kickstart your day.



Get started with this assortment of appetizers.

  • Beef Patty

    A savoury beef patty.


  • Chicken Patty

    A delicious chicken patty.


  • Coco Bread

    Traditional coco bread.


Specialty Dishes

Tasty house specialty dishes.

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    Rich oxtail stew.


  • Curry Goat

    Delicious goat curry.


Chicken Dishes

An assortment of chicken dishes.

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    Jerk Chicken

    Saucy marinated chicken with a spicy seasoning.


  • Curry Chicken

    Delicious chicken curry.


  • Stew Chicken

    Rich chicken stew.


  • Fried Chicken

    Savoury fried chicken.



Classic flatbreads paired with traditional curries.

  • Curry Chicken Roti

    A classic flatbread with chicken curry.


  • Curry Goat Roti

    A classic flatbread with goat curry.


Combination of Two Meats

If you can't decide which main course you want. Then this category is for you. Choose two different types of meat to satisfy your cravings.

  • Meat Combo

    Meat combo comes with your choice of tender meats. Served with your choice of side.



  • Plantain Chips

    Crispy plantain chips.


  • Plantain (3 pcs)

    One order comes with three pieces.


Side Dishes

  • Rice


  • Coleslaw (4 oz)

    Prepared with a vinaigrette dressing.


  • Extra Gravy (4 oz)



  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Ice Cream (12oz bowl)

    A silky smooth coffee ice cream.


  • Dragon Stout Ice Cream (12oz bowl)



  • Water (Bottled) (500 ml)

    A refreshing bottle of water.


  • Pop (Canned) (355 ml)

    A selection of refreshing canned pop.


  • Coconut Water (500 ml)

    100% coconut water is refreshing, rehydrating and tastes just like you're drinking it straight from the coconut.


  • Tiger Malt (341 ml)

    Tiger Malt is a healthy, non-alcoholic drink made from barley and hops.


  • Grace Drink (355 ml)

    Refresh yourself with Caribbean exotic soda flavours.


  • Tropical Rhythms (Bottled) (473 ml)

    Feel the rhythm of the tropics with exotic Caribbean fruit and vegetable blends.


  • Nutrament (355 ml)

    Vanilla. A great, creamy, milkshake-tasting source of nutrition drink.


  • Ting (300 ml)

    Ting is a carbonated beverage popular in the Caribbean. It is flavoured with Jamaican grapefruit juice and is both tart and sweet.


  • Ocho Rios (473 ml)

    Delicious Caribbean fruit drinks.


  • Peanut Punch (355ml)


  • Irish Moss (original) (355ml)


  • Irish Moss (vegan) (355ml)


  • Carrot Juice (355ml)


  • Beetroot Juice (355ml)