EGGSTATIC Artisan Breakfast and Brunch


1568 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3B7, Canada


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  • EGGSTATIC Signature Hummus

    Blended chickpeas, sesame seeds, beetroots, and fresh lemon juice. Topped with a parsley mix and virgin olive oil, served with a freshly baked pita.


  • Labaneh Gone Nuts

    Creamy cheese yogurt, fresh herbs, and crushed pecans, drizzled with virgin olive oil. Served with a freshly baked pita bread.


  • Fatteh

    A Middle Eastern breakfast favorite. Composed of layers of crushed chickpeas and fried pita on a bed of fatteh sauce. Served with a freshly baked...


  • Foul

    An Egyptian breakfast tradition. Crushed fava beans and chickpeas dressed with lemon juice, tahini salad, and cumin. Drizzled with dakka sauce,


  • Mazza Plate

    Assortment of classic Middle Eastern starters, including hummus, labaneh with pecans, and falafel. Served with fresh pita bread.


  • Haloumi Tuscan Bread

    Grilled haloumi, buttered french bread, sauteed cherry tomatoes, fresh mint, and green onions.


  • Cauliflower

    Fried cauliflower drizzled with tahini, sesame seeds, and green onions.


  • Smoked Salmon Bites

    Smoked salmon on a creamy garlic cheese bed and topped with salmon, shaved sprouts, and dill weed.



  • Tomato Soup

    Slow-cooked roast tomatoes, infused with fresh onions, basil leaves, and rich creamy butter.


  • Grandma's Lentil Soup

    Eggstatic chef's authentic recipe. Each bowl is served with lemon tranche, baked croutons, and shaved carrots.


EGGSTATIC Artisan Salads

  • Falafel Lime Tahini Salad

    Potent arugula base, red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pomegranate seeds, turnips, six mini falafels, and drizzled with lime tahini sauce.



  • Cheese Manakeesh

    Freshly baked dough topped with melted nabulsi cheese and mozzarella cheese, united with extra-virgin olive oil.


  • Zataar Manakeesh

    Freshly baked dough topped with zataar (thyme) and sesame seeds, united with extra-virgin olive oil.


  • Lahm Ajin

    Freshly baked dough infused with a thin layer of minced beef, diced tomatoes, diced onions, and drizzled with organic pomegranate molasses.



All sandwiches are served with curly fries and a side of coleslaw salad.

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    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Matured cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and cheese sauce.


  • Mushroom and Swiss Pulled Beef Sandwich

    Slow-cooked beef with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, barbeque sauce, arugula, roasted garlic mayo, and crispy caramelized onions.


  • Classic Egg and Matured Cheddar Toast

    Two warm, fluffy sunny-side-up eggs and matured cheddar cheese are layered on a bed of guacamole and topped with arugula and zataar.


  • Eggstatic Breakfast Sandwich

    Scrambled eggs united with sriracha mayo, melted cheese, and caramelized onions. Served on a wonderfully soft brioche bun.


  • Eggstatic Chicken Sandwich

    Crispy chicken , cajun sauce, sunny side up egg, and spicy hollandaise. Served on a wonderfully soft brioche bun.


EGGSTATIC Artisan Croissants

  • Kafta Croissant

    Freshly baked croissant kaftafied. Infused with specially prepared kafta beef, diced tomatoes, caramelized onions, and tahini sauce. Served with...


  • Haloumi Croissant

    Freshly baked croissant, stuffed with halloumi cheese and zaatar. Served with grilled cherry tomato salsa skillet and arugula sauce.


  • Smoked Salmon Croissant

    Freshly baked croissant, stuffed with smoked salmon, crème cheese spread, and baby arugula. Served with scrambled eggs skillet and arugula salad.


  • Falafel Croissant

    Freshly baked croissant, stuffed with falafels, hummus, and tahini salad. Served with a foul skillet and arugula salad.


Main Courses

All main courses come with a house salad and home-style potatoes.

  • MenuItemImage
    Classic Middle Eastern Breakfast

    Egg white omelette, labaneh, sumac, spinach, onions, and zaatar. Served with beef sausage, arugula salad, sauteed cherry tomatoes, and a side of...


  • The Eggstatic Tomato Jacket

    An ancient (almost lost) Asian recipe remastered. Two scrambled eggs, beef bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, swiss...


  • Eggstatic Steak and Eggs

    Shredded sirloin steak, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and red peppers. Served with two sunny sides up eggs, potato wedges, and Eggstatic signature gravy...


  • Shakshuka

    Favorite Middle Eastern breakfast. EGGSTATIC signature rich tomato sauce, sauteed peppers, and feta cheese. Endowed with two poached eggs and served...


  • EGGSTATIC Omelette

    EGGSTATIC signature home-style omelette, baby spinach, cremini mushrooms, red onions, and sweet peppers. Served with beef sausage, house salad,


  • Pulled Beef and Mushroom Omelette

    Slow-cooked pulled beef, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and cheese sauce together united in signature omelette mix. Served with curly fries and house...


  • Classic Canadian Breakfast

    Two eggs prepared to your liking served with beef sausage, home-style potatoes, house salad, and fruits.


  • Protos Optimus Brunch

    Chef's latest flavourful protein combination. A splash of hummus, nutritious fava beans, rich tomato sauce, crunchy falafels, and one extra...


  • EGGSTATIC Poutine

    Potato Wedges topped with shredded steak, beef bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, Eggstatic's gravy sauce, and a poached egg.


  • Cilbir and Spicy Potatoes

    Turkish style poached eggs; labaneh, cherry tomatoes, spicy butter, fresh herbs, spicy potatoes, aleppo peppers, mixed with two poached eggs.



  • Crispy Chicken Benedict

    Succulent fried chicken breast, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with house salad, home-style potatoes, and fruits.


  • Smoked Salmon Benedict

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese spread, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with house salad, home-style potatoes, and fruits.


  • Pulled Beef Benedict

    Slow-cooked pulled beef with tomato sauce, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with house salad, home-style potatoes, and fruits.


  • Mushroom and Spinach Benedict

    Sauteed mushrooms and spinach on a bed of guacamole, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with house salad, home-style potatoes, and fruits.


  • Spicy Nashville Benedict

    Crispy Nashville-style chicken breast, poached eggs, and cajun hollandaise sauce. Served with coleslaw salad and potato wedges.


Waffles and Pancakes

  • Belgian Waffle

    Sweet waffles, maple syrup, nutella, mixed berries, and vanilla ice cream.


  • Crispy Chicken Waffle

    Sweet waffles, crispy chicken strips, sunny side up egg, and maple syrup.


  • Biscoff Lotus Pancake

    Three pancake flapjacks, fresh strawberries, blueberries, grounded lotus biscuits, and vanilla ice cream. Topped with rich creamy cookie butter sauce.


  • Cinnamon and Banana Pancake

    Three pancake flapjacks, bananas, cinnamon cream cheese glaze, and apple compote served with maple syrup.


  • Pistachio Pancake

    Three pancake flapjacks, crushed pistachios, pistachio sauce, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.



  • Lotus Cheesecake

    Handcrafted cheesecake created from infused biscoff lotus butter dough and baked to perfection.


  • Mini Donuts Halos

    Mini handmade donuts topped with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and coconut shavings.



EGGSTATIC Speciality Drinks

  • Lemonade

    Lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, and crushed ice.


  • Mango-Strawberry Lemonade

    Mango syrup, lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, and crushed strawberries.


  • Blueberry-Peach Lemonade

    Peach syrup, lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, and crushed blueberries.


  • Biscoff Frappaccino

    Biscoff cookies, Biscoff butter, milk, espresso, and vanilla icecream.


  • Oreo Milkshake

    Oreos, vanilla ice cream, European chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.


  • Strawberry Milkshake

    Fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup, and milk.


  • Bueno Milkshake

    Bueno, European chocolate sauce, milk, and vanilla icecream.



  • Coffee


  • Latte


  • Cappuccino


  • Americano


  • Mocha


  • Iced Coffee


  • Flavour Shot


  • Espresso


  • Turkish Coffee


  • Macchiato


  • Canned Soda


  • Hot Chocolate


  • Mango Juice


  • Water


  • Sparkling Water


  • Milk Alternative


  • Tea


Classic Teas

  • Orange Pekoe


  • English Breakfast


  • Morrocan Green Tea


  • Chamomile


  • Earl Grey


  • Classic Kid's Breakfast

    Two eggs prepared to your liking, homestyle potatoes, and fruits.


  • Chicken Strips

    Three Chicken Strips and curly fries.


  • Kid's Pancake

    Three mini pancakes, mixed berries, and maple syrup.