DL Chicken Shack


6065 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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Chicken by the Piece

All chicken is served on white bread with BnB pickles.

  • Thigh

    Boneless and juicy.


  • Breast (All White Meat and Tender)


The Sando

All Sandos can be made with a breast or with boneless leg meat.

  • The Original Sando

    Nashville dusted chicken, DL sauce, sweet and sour slaw, pickles, and pickles reds.


  • The Jerk Sando

    Jerk dusted chicken, jerk mayo, slaw, pickled reds, and tomato.


  • The Lemon Pepper Sando

    Lemon pepper chicken, slaw, tomato, and smoked jalapeno honey mayo.


  • The Rookie Sando

    Classic chicken, shredduce, tomato, and rookie sauce.


  • The Cool Ranch Sando

    Cool ranch dusted chicken, shredduce, tomato, and rookie sauce.



The true chicken tender. Small is served with one sauce and large with two sauces.

  • Small Tenders (4 pcs)

    One order of small tenders comes with four pieces.


  • Large Tenders (7 pcs)

    One order of large tenders comes with seven pieces.


All the Combos

  • Two Piece and a Side Combo (2 Boneless Thighs)

    Two-piece and a side combo include two pieces of boneless thighs and a side.


  • Tenders and Fries Combo (4 pcs and Fries in a Box)

    The tenders and fries combo includes four pieces of chicken tender and fries in a box.


  • Large Tenders and Fries (7 pcs and Fries)

    Large tenders and fries include seven pieces of large tenders and fries.


  • Sando and a Side Combo


  • Two by Four Combo (4 Boneless Thighs and Two Sides)

    Two-by-four combos include four boneless thighs and two sides.


  • Pile of Thighs Combo (10 Boneless Thighs)

    Pile of thighs combo comes with ten boneless thighs.


  • Piled High Combo (10 Boneless Thighs and 4 Sides)

    Piled high combo includes ten boneless thighs and four sides.


Chicken and Waffles

  • Chicken and Waffles

    Two boneless thighs, cheddar scallion waffle, and smoked jalapeno honey mayo.


Little Things

  • Pickles

    In case you need a couple of extras.


  • Sauce


  • Honey

    Add it to any heat level.



  • Fries

    Medium dust and DL sauce.


  • MAC Salad

    Pimento cheese, dill, and celery.


  • Sweet N Sour Slaw

    Cumin and pickled red onions.



  • Water


  • House Sweet Tea


  • House Lemonade