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Appetizers, Salads, Tandoor, and Griddle

  • Papadums with Chutney



  • Samosa with Chutney (2 pcs)

    Vegan. One order comes with two samosas.


  • Samosa with Chickpea Curry (2 pcs)

    Vegan. Samosa served with mint chutney, herb, and tamarind chutney. One order comes with two samosas.


  • Paneer Samosa with Chutney (2 pcs)

    One order comes with two samosas.


  • Paneer Samosa with Chickpea Curry (2 pcs)

    Mint chutney, herb, and tamarind chutney. One order comes with two samosas.


  • Lamb Samosa with Chutney (2 pcs)

    No dairy. One order comes with two samosas.


  • Mini Spring Vegetable Rolls


  • Chit Chat and Chaat

    Vegetarian. New Delhi-style exotic wheat crisps, potatoes, chickpeas, green apples, sprout mint, pomegranate, sweet yogurt, and tamarind chutney.


  • Veg. Pakoras with Chutneys

    Vegan. Chickpea flour-battered pakora with tamarind chutney and mint chutney.


  • Curry Poutine

    Homemade potato wedges and cumin salt with Delhi 6 curry curd cheese.


  • Tandoori Paneer Tikka

    Tandoor-cooked cottage cheese and vegetables with roasted tomato dip and mint relish.


  • Tandoor Roasted Cauliflower

    Saffron, cream cheese, green cardamom, and hung curd-marinated cauliflower, served with lemon mint aioli and roasted tomato dip.


  • Mixed Non-Vegetarian Platter

    Three pieces of Mughlai chicken tikka, two pieces of tandoori chicken, five chicken wings, fish tikka, and lamb seekh kabab. Served on sizzler with...


  • Organic Quinoa Spinach and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

    Raisins, pomegranate, golden corn, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, and roasted cumin balsamic dressing, served with toasted cashew nuts and...


  • Tandoori Flatbread

    Tandoori naan bread, roasted tomato chutney, caramelized onions, black olives, baby arugula, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and gouda cheese.


  • Chandni Chowk Chicken Tikka

    Two different flavours of chicken tikka kebabs with balsamic-glazed vegetables and mint chutney.


  • Tandoori Wings

    Delhi 6 special tandoori wings marinated with Chef's special spices and Indian herbs, served with in-house mango sauce.


  • Tandoori Fish Tikka

    Tandoori marinated seasonal fish cooked in tandoor oven lacha onions.


  • Kalamari

    Maharashtra-style cucumber, fresh coconut, mustard, curry leaves, peanuts, cilantro, and grape tomato sweet lime dressing, and flour battered squids...


  • Ginger Marinated Lamb Chops

    New Zealand free-range and ginger-marinated lamb chops served with cumin sauteed snap peas, grape tomatoes, and shallot-fenugreek curry.


  • Lamb Seekh Kabab

    Ovation grass-fed New Zealand minced lamb kebabs with glazed vegetables, mint relish, and roasted tomato chutney.


  • Tandoori Chicken

    Tandoori chicken served with kachumber slaw and mint chutney.


  • Tandoori Salmon and Mango Salad

    Marinated salmon with Fraser Valley mixed greens, water chestnuts, mango, sunflower seeds, red onions, edamame beans, and grape tomatoes, served with...


Delhi 6 Signature and Mains - Red Meat Specialties

  • Beef Vindaloo

    No dairy. Beef and potatoes cooked Goan-style.


  • Beef Curry

    No dairy. Boneless beef cooked in an onion and tomato sauce with exotic spices.


  • Lamb Korma

    Boneless lamb cooked in caramelized onion, yogurt, and cashew nut curry.


  • Lamb Shank Roganjosh

    Shank of lamb slow-cooked in onion, Kashmiri ground spices, baby potatoes, and asparagus.

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  • Lamb Curry

    No dairy. Boneless lamb pieces, cooked in an onion-tomato sauce with exotic spices.


  • Coconut Lamb Curry

    No dairy. Lamb stew cooked with fresh herbs, onion, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and madras curry powder.


  • Delhi 6 Goat Curry

    No dairy. Taste of old Delhi with onion, turmeric, and whole aromatic spices.


Delhi 6 Signature and Mains - Chicken Specialties

  • Butter Chicken

    Punjabi preparation of chicken tikka cooked in creamy fresh tomatoes and fenugreek sauce.


  • Chicken Tikka Butter Masala

    Chicken cooked in thick onion gravy with tomatoes, green peppers, ginger, and herbs, finished with touch of cream.


  • Muglai Chicken Korma

    Tandoor roasted chicken, caramelized onion, yogurt, and cashew nut curry.


  • Creamy Spinach Chicken

    Chicken cooked with spinach, onion, and ginger curry.


  • Delhi 6 Chicken Curry

    No dairy. Traditional chicken curry from Delhi cooked in a fresh onion-tomato sauce with ground spices.


  • Chicken Vindaloo

    No dairy. Chicken and potato cooked in spicy tangy sauce.


  • Mango Chicken Curry

    No dairy. Chicken cooked in mango sauce, coconut milk, curry leaves, and ginger.


  • Kadai Chicken

    Semi-dry chicken tossed with fresh tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.


  • Chicken Curry Pasta

    Seasonal vegetables, sliced chicken, and penne pasta, cooked with homemade curry sauce and Parmesan cheese, served with bread.


Delhi 6 Signature and Mains - Seafood Specialties

  • Prawn Masala

    Marinated jumbo black tiger prawns tempered with onion tomato masala.


  • Madras Fish Curry

    Traditional Madras boneless fish curry cooked with tomatoes, tamarind, curry leaves, and okra.


  • Seafood Curry

    No dairy. Combination of black tiger prawn, jumbo scallops, seasonal fish, and squid, cooked in fresh tomato and coconut curry with a twist of lemon...


  • Tandoori Salmon with Maska Potato

    Tandoor roasted salmon, maska potato (potato cooked in butter sauce), and asparagus.


  • Mango Prawn Curry

    No dairy. Ocean Wise black tiger selva prawns cooked in mango sauce, coconut milk, curry leaves, and ginger, served with kachumber salad.


Delhi 6 Biryanis

Aromatic green cardamom, fried onions, ginger mint, whole garam masala species, served with raita.

  • Vegetables Biryani


  • Chicken Biryani


  • Goat Biryani


  • Lamb Biryani


  • Jumbo Black Tiger Prawn Biryani


Vegetarian Specialties

  • Spinach Paneer Curry

    Baby spinach puree, fresh cottage cheese curry, and fresh cream. WE USE FRESH SPINACH


  • Malai Kofta Curry

    Dry apricots, cashews, dates, cottage cheese, and potato dumplings, served in a tomato and cashew nut curry.


  • Shahi Paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked in a fresh onion-tomato gravy with saffron and cashew nuts.


  • Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

    Cottage cheese pieces cooked in a thick onion gravy with tomatoes, green peppers, ginger, and herbs, finished with a touch of cream.


  • Potato Cauliflower and Green Peas

    Potatoes, cauliflower, peas, fresh onions, tomatoes, and ground spices with hint of turmeric.


  • Delhi 6 Daal

    Slow-cooked urad daal and split Bengal garam with onion-tomato masala and fresh coriander.


  • Vegetable Korma

    Mixed vegetables delicately cooked in a seasoned cream sauce with onions and ground cashew nuts.


  • Kadai Paneer

    Cubed cottage cheese cooked with onions and fresh tomatoes.


  • Vegan Potato Cauliflower and Green Peas

    Vegan. Potatoes, cauliflowers, and peas cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, and ground spices, hint of turmeric.


  • Yellow Daal Tadka

    Vegan. Traditional yellow lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.


  • Vegan Garam Masala Mushrooms

    Vegan. Mushrooms, home ground garam masala, garlic, and ginger cooked in a fresh onion-tomato masala.


  • Butternut Squash and Mango Curry

    Vegan. Roasted butternut squash tempered with whole spices, curry leaf, and cooked with fresh mango, onion, and tomato gravy.


  • Bhindi Masala (Okra)

    Vegan. Okra stir-fried with onion, tomato, Indian spices, and herbs.


  • Eggplant Bharta

    Vegan. Whole eggplants roasted in tandoor, mashed and cooked with onions, tomatoes, and paprika.


  • Channa Masala

    Vegan. Chickpeas cooked in onions and tomatoes spiced with ginger and garlic.


  • Vegetable Curry Pasta

    Seasonal vegetables and penne pasta cooked with homemade curry sauce, and Parmesan cheese, served with bread.



  • Fries


  • Indian Salad


  • House Salad


  • Cumin Basmati Rice


  • Peas and Onion Pulao


  • Onions and Green Chilli


  • Cucumber Mint Raita


  • Plain Curd


  • Mango Chutney


  • Mint Chutney


  • Tamarind Chutney


  • Mixed Pickles



  • Plain Naan



  • Garlic Naan


  • Lacha Parantha


  • Chilli Garlic Naan


  • Tandoori Roti


  • Onion Seed Naan


  • Herb and Cheese Naan


  • Spinach and Cheese Naan


  • Pesto Naan



  • Hot Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)

    One order comes with two pieces.


  • Rasmalai (2Pcs)


Soft Drinks & Non-Alcoholic

  • Bottle of Water (591ml)


  • Perrier Sparkling Water


  • Coca Cola Classic (355ml)


  • Diet Coke (355ml)


  • Ginger Ale (355ml)


  • Sprite (355ml)


  • Ice Tea (355ml)


  • Root Beer (355ml)


  • Mango Lassi


  • Sweet Lassi


  • Salted Lassi


  • Mango Shake


  • Vegan Mango Lassi


Beer & Wine