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Vegetarian - Appetizers

  • Tomato Soup

    Vegetarian. Rich, creamy garlic-flavored, and tomato-based soup.


  • Masala Papad

    Vegetarian. Fried papad garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes, and fresh coriander.


  • Hariyali Tikki

    Vegetarian. Green vegetables mixed with potatoes and formed into uniformly-shaped deep-fried fritters.


  • Vegetable Manchurian

    Vegetarian. Fried vegetable balls tossed with Manchurian sauce.


  • Paneer Chilly

    Vegetarian. Spicy. Crispy paneer stir-fried with onions and pepper in soya sauce.


  • Cheese Corn Ball

    Vegetarian. Fresh corn, mint fritters, and spiced with crushed pepper.


  • Pav Bhaji

    Popular street food dish from Mumbai. Made with a mixture of mashed potatoes, vegetables and spices served with pav bhaji.


  • Chilli Potatoes

    Diced potatoes, fried and spiced with green chillies and sautéed with bell peppers, and onions.


  • Veg Spring Rolls (6 pcs)

    Mixture of vegetables cooked and rolled in thin layered and fried.


  • Veg Samosas (3 pcs)


Tandoor Se

  • Paneer Tikka

    Soft cottage cheese marinated in spiced yogurt, flavoured with mint and fenugreek leaves, and chargrilled.


  • Tandoori Soy


  • Veg Tandoori Platter

    Two paneer tikkas, two soya chops, four tandoori potatoes, and four mushrooms.


Non-Vegetarian - Appetizers

  • Chicken Tikka

    Tender pieces of chicken, marinated in the Chef's special marinade, and broiled in the tandoor.


  • Chicken Shish Kebab

    Mildly-spiced chicken minced and charcoal grilled.


  • Tandoori Chicken Legs (6pcs)

    Chicken marinated in a masala-flavoured yogurt and grilled in the tandoor.


  • Hariyali Chicken Tikka

    Spicy. Chicken breast coated in cilantro, mint, and spices.


  • Chicken Mixed Grill

    Chicken tikka, achari tikka, tandoori chicken, and chicken kabab.


  • Chilli Chicken


Chat Corner

  • Pani Puri (6 pcs)

    Semolina puffs served with masala pani. One order comes with six pieces.


  • Bombay Bhel

    A Bombay-spiced puffed rice mixture.


  • Vada Pav (1 pc)

    One order comes with one piece.


  • Chat Papdi


  • Sev Puri

    Puri garnished with sev.


  • Samosa Chaat

    Samosa topped with chickpea masala finished with a drizzle of yogurt and tamarind sauce.


Vegetarian - Main Course

  • Palak Paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach and spices.


  • Malai Kofta

    Mixed-vegetable dumplings cooked in a rich korma sauce.


  • Bhindi Masala

    Fresh Indian okra tossed with capsicums and onions in a masala sauce.


  • Mutter Paneer

    Green peas and paneer, cooked in a creamy onion and tomato sauce, flavoured with green cardamom.


  • Reshmi Kadhai Veg

    Assorted vegetables cooked with creamy kadai sauce.


  • Vegetable Makhanwala

    Vegetables simmered in a sweet, creamy tomato sauce.


  • Methi Mutter Malai

    Garden-fresh green peas and methi (fenugreek), cooked in a rich cashew and saffron sauce.


  • Shahi Paneer

    Cottage cheese pieces prepared in a tomato-cashew paste, served in a thick, creamy gravy.


  • Chana Masala

    Chickpeas cooked with a delicious blend of Indian spices, onions, and tomatoes.


  • Aloo Jeera

    Potatoes sauteed with cumin.


  • Aloo Mutter

    Mutter sauteed with cumin.


  • Aloo Methi

    Methi sauteed with cumin.


  • Daal Tadka

    Yellow lentils tempered with delicious Bombay spices.


  • Daal Makhani

    Delhi-style black lentils.


  • Cheesy Egg Masala

    Boiled eggs cooked with bell peppers and onions, in a rich masala sauce.


  • Paneer Kalameeri

    Spicy. Paneer cooked in a creamy cashew-based sauce, finished with crushed black pepper.


  • Paneer Butter Masala

    Paneer cooked in a butter-masala sauce.


  • Paneer Bhurji

    Grated paneer cooked in the Chef's special sauce.


  • Cashew Paneer

    Cottage cheese and cashews, cooked in a creamy saffron sauce.


  • Paneer Lababdar

    Cottage cheese cooked in a rich, creamy tomato sauce with cilantro.


  • Kofta Masala

    Vegetable koftas cooked in a rich masala-korma sauce.


  • Paneer Kadai

    Paneer cooked with typical north frontier kadai sauce.


  • Paneer Tikka Masala

    Chunks of paneer tossed with bell peppers and cooked in a rich tomato sauce.


  • Nilgiri Kofta

    Kofta with Chef's special mint and spinach base sauce.


  • Cheese Butter Masala


  • Kaju Masala

    Cashews cooked in a creamy saffron sauce.


  • Reshmi Kadai Paneer

    Paneer and bell peppers cooked in rich cashew base sauce.


Non-Vegetarian - Main Course

  • Chicken Butter Masala

    Spicy. Chicken breast cooked in a butter masala sauce.


  • Butter Chicken

    Chicken breast cooked in a rich tomato cream sauce.


  • Methi Chicken

    Chicken breast cooked in a creamy onion and masala sauce finished with methi leaves.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Spicy. Chicken breast cooked with diced tomatoes, green peppers, and onions, in a tikka masala sauce.


  • Chicken Lababdar

    Broiled chicken pieces simmered in a creamy tomato gravy, flavoured with cilantro.


  • Chicken Korma

    Chicken chunks cooked in a rich, creamy sauce.


  • Chicken Vindaloo

    Spicy. A Goan delicacy, boneless chicken cooked in a hot and savoury vindaloo sauce.


  • Chicken Madras Curry

    Spicy. Chunks of chicken, cooked in a spicy madras sauce, and finished with a dash of coconut milk.


  • Mom Made Chicken Curry

    Bone-in chicken cooked with tomatoes and onions in sauce.


  • Goat Curry

    Bone-in goat cooked with onions and tomatoes, in an old-fashioned sauce.


  • Fish Curry

    Fish cooked in a spicy coconut-flavoured sauce.


  • Shrimp Curry

    Shrimp cooked in spicy mustard and red masala sauce.


  • Chicken Kadai

    Chunks of chicken cooked with typical north frontier Kadai sauce.


Roti and Naan

  • Roti

    Tandoor baked, whole wheat bread.


  • Naan

    Tandoori bread made from leavened white flour.


  • Lachha Paratha

    Layered butter roti.


  • Aloo Kulcha

    Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes.


  • Chili Cheese Naan

    Spicy. Naan stuffed with cheese and finely chopped chillies.


  • Onion Kulcha

    Naan stuffed with spice and onions.


  • Garlic Naan

    Leavened bread topped with freshly chopped garlic.


  • Masala Naan




  • Jeera Rice

    Plain white basmati rice with cumin.


  • Green Peas Pulav

    Basmati rice cooked with green peas and cashews.


  • Vegetable Pulav

    Basmati rice cooked with garden-fresh vegetables and cashews.


  • Chicken Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with chicken and spices flavoured with mint and ginger.


  • Goat Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with goat and spices flavoured with mint and ginger.


  • Shrimp Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with shrimp and spices flavoured with mint and ginger.


  • Vegetable Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with stir-fried vegetables, mint and ginger.


  • Tawa Pulav

    Rice tossed with Bombay-style pav bhaji and fresh vegetables, served with raita.



  • Masala Onion


  • Raita


  • Plain Yogurt


  • Papad


  • Extra Chatni



  • Gulab Jamun


  • Paan Kulfi



  • Chaas



  • Thums Up


  • Limca


  • Mango Lassi


  • Monster Energy Drink (473ml)


  • Pop


  • Natural Spring Water


  • Mineral Water



  • Corona Bottle (1 x 330ml)

    (4.6% ABV)


  • Budwiser Bottle (1 x 341ml)

    (5.0% ABV)


  • Coors Light (1 x 341ml)

    (4.0% ABV)