Cravings Market Restaurant


7207 Fairmount Dr SE, Calgary, AB, Canada

Opens at 8:00 AM


Age Verification to order alcohol: 18+ in Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec, 19+ in all other provinces: If the order contains alcohol items, the recipient of this order is required to present a valid government ID to the courier at the time of delivery. This ID must match the name on the order. If the courier is unable to safely verify your ID, or if this condition or any other condition in the SkipTheDishes Terms of Service is not met the order will not be delivered.

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Breakfast Cravings

  • Breakfast Wrap

    Scrambled eggs, sauteed mushroom, chorizo, shredded potato, cheddar, baby tomato.


  • Overnight Oats Berry Parfait

    Rolled oat, vanilla yogurt, berries, apples, banana, whipped cream, honey.


  • French Toast Montecristo

    Lightly egg battered panini with dijon mayo, ham, swiss cheese and maple syrup on the side


  • Veg Omelette Panini

    Guacamole, spinach, grilled tomato, gruyere cheese, crispy onions.


Breakfast Sides

  • Toast and Jam


  • Fruit Salad



  • MenuItemImage
    Coconut Shrimp

    House-made with roasted Thai pineapple sauce.


  • Chicken Wings (1lb)


  • Truffle, Parmesan, and Thyme Fries


  • Korean BBQ Pork Buns

    House-cured pork belly, gochujang BBQ sauce, pickled carrots, sriacha aioli, and garlic chips.



  • MenuItemImage
    Chicken Cobb Salad

    Mixed greens with diced roast chicken, boiled egg, tomatoes, bacon, and Swiss dressing.


  • Diva Salad

    Butterleaf lettuce, mandarin wedges, strawberries, grapes, dried cranberries, roasted almonds, goat cheese, and raspberry dressing.


  • Classic Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, seasoned croutons, parmesan, and creamy Caesar dressing.


  • Bountiful Broccoli Salad

    Broccoli, cranberries, red apples, red onions, sunflower seeds, and honey cream dressing.


  • Heritage Greens

    Build your own heritage greens salad.


  • Greek Village Salad

    Tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and oregano lemon vinaigrette (500ml).


  • Caprese Salad

    Baby tomato, pesto, mini bocconcini, and white balsamic 500ml.


  • Roasted Vegetable and Pasta Salad

    Rotini pasta in pesto with roasted peppers, mushrooms, and onions 500ml.


  • Fruit Salad


  • Roasted Beets

    Local salt-roasted beets, beet reduction, baby kale, pistachio crumble, and whipped labneh.


  • Antipasto Salad

    Alforno roasted vine ripened tomatoes, fresh melon, prosciutto chips, cold presses canola & balsamic


Pan Asian

  • MenuItemImage
    Ginger Beef Stir Fry

    Crispy ginger beef, fresh ginger, signature house sauce, bok choy, fresh ginger, mixed peppers, broccolini, snap peas, green onions, sesame seeds,


  • Green Thai Chicken Curry

    Chicken, bok choy, onions, red and green pepper, green onion, coconut curry, and basmati rice.


  • Peanut Pho Stir Fry

    Sautéed chicken, shrimp, bok choy, broccolini, snap peas, onions, mixed peppers, rice noodles, Vietnamese style peanut sauce.


Steak Bar

  • Petit Filet (8 oz)

    One order comes in eight ounces dry-aged Canadian prime, sides extra.


  • Alberta Beef Steak Kabobs

    Brazilian steak and vegetable kabob, sides extra.


  • NY Striploin Steak

    One order comes with your choice of size dry-aged Canadian prime, sides extra.


Grill and Wood Fire

  • Pork Schnitzel

    Lightly-breaded pork loin, butter spätzle, hunter sauce, and market vegetables.


  • Chipotle BBQ Wood Smoked Pork Ribs

    Chipotle BBQ sauce and market vegetables with your choice of side.


  • Pulled BBQ Jackfruit

    Vegan. Slow-cooked BBQ jackfruit, slaw, crispy onions, garlic toast, and market vegetables with your choice of side.


  • Duck Confit

    Grilled broccolini, charred pepper salsa, smoked Alberta potatoes, and lime crema.


  • Cardamom Chicken Breast

    Sous Vide chicken, cardamom tomato sauce, grilled miso asparagus, roasted wood fire potatoes.



  • Fish Tacos

    Tempura mahi-mahi, salsa verde, shredded cabbage, and chipotle aioli with your choice of side.


  • Steelhead Trout Meunière

    Fresh herb and citrus butter sauce, spring vegetables.


  • Coconut Shrimp Po'Boy

    House-made coconut shrimp, French roll, slaw, pickles, chipotle lemon aioli, choice of side.


Burgers and Sandwiches

All items include your choice of side.

  • Steak Sandwich (8 0z)

    Eight ounces striploin with grilled baguette and choice of fries.


  • MenuItemImage
    Braised Short Rib Sandwich

    Beef short rib braised for five hours, sautéed wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, and swiss cheese.


  • Cravings Banh Mi

    Pork sate, cucumber, pickled carrot, daikon, cilantro, mayo, banh mi sauce, and Vietnamese sub roll.


  • BLTCO Burger

    Certified Angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, chipotle aioli, lettuce, local tomato, onion, and pickle.


  • Alberta Bison Burger

    House-made, caramelized onions, brie cheese, stone fruit chutney, lettuce, and local tomato.


  • Green Goddess Crispy Chicken

    Crispy chicken, coleslaw, grilled tomatoes, horseradish pickle, green goddess sauce.



  • MenuItemImage
    Triple X Pizza

    Chorizo sausage, double smoked bacon, prosciutto, mozzarella, and San Marzano tomato sauce.


  • Pizza Italiana

    Fresh arugula, basil, sliced tomatoes, prosciutto, shaved parmesan, balsamic, fior di latte, and San Marzano tomato sauce.


  • Traditional Margherita Pizza

    Fior di latte, basil leaf, and tomato sauce.


  • Roasted Pear and Blue

    White sauce, B.C pears, gorgonzola cheese, arugula, balsamic reduction, and pine nuts.


  • Forage Pizza

    Wild mushrooms, garlic-caramelized onion spread, truffle oil, local honey, arugula, brie, and mozzarella.


  • Pepperoni Pizza

    EZZO dry cured pepperoni, fior di late, and san Marzano tomato sauce.



All sauces contain garlic, onions, and wine.

  • MenuItemImage

    Local mushrooms, asparagus, peas, and cream sauce.


  • Bolognese

    Classic slow-cooked meat sauce, and San Marzano tomatoes.


  • Lobster and Ricotta Ravioli

    Pacific white shrimp, Atlantic scallops, and caper rosé sauce.


  • Jambalaya

    Chorizo, shrimp, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and creole tomato sauce.



    Pork belly, fresh peas, pickled ramps, egg, and Grana Padano cheese.


  • A La Vodka

    Chicken breast, house-cured pork belly, green onion, and vodka rosé sauce.


Three Course Package

  • Couples Italian Dinner

    Includes one large salad, one pizza choice, one pasta choice, and choice of two desserts. Serves two people.


  • Kids Chicken Fingers and Fries


  • Kids Cheese Pizza



  • Onion Rings


  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • Basmati Rice


  • Truffle, Parmesan, and Thyme Fries


  • Wood Fire Roasted AB Potatoes


  • Shoestring Fries


  • Garlic Crushed AB Potato


  • Market Vegetables



  • Tiramisu


  • Flourless Dark Chocolate Torte



  • Chocolate Hi-5 Cake


  • Pecan Pie


  • Apple Strudel


  • Sticky Toffee Pudding



  • Nestle Bottled Water


  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (250 ml)


  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (500 ml)


  • San Pellegrino Soda (330 ml)


  • Vitamin Water


  • Canned Pop (355 ml)


  • The Grizzly Paw Soda


  • Kombucha


Sparkling Wines

Alcohol items must be ordered with food. You must be 18+ to order alcohol items. Order will be subject to ID verification at the time of delivery. The name on your account must match the name of the person receiving the order. Your order may be cancelled if these conditions are not met.

  • La Marca Prosecco Mini (187 ml Bottle) (1 x 187 ml)

    (11.0% ABV) (11% ABV)



Alcohol items must be ordered with food. You must be 18+ to order alcohol items. Order will be subject to ID verification at the time of delivery. The name on your account must match the name of the person receiving the order. Your order may be cancelled if these conditions are not met.

  • Stella Artois (Bottle) (1 x 330 ml)

    (5.0% ABV)