Cosies Tea Room


45 King St W, Brockville, ON K6V 3R1, Canada


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  • Cheese Omelette

    Three egg cheese omelette with a side of homefries or toast and your choice of toppings.


  • Supreme Omelette

    Three egg Omelette filled with cheese, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, and mushrooms. Comes with a side of homefries or toast.


  • Two Egg Breakfast

    Two eggs, Sausage or bacon, home fries, toast.


  • Bacon Bap

    Bacon on a homemade bap (bun).


  • Sausage Bap

    Sausage on a homemade bap (bun).


  • Fried Egg Bap

    Two eggs on a homemade bap (bun).



  • Cornish Pasty

    Steak potato rutabaga and onion in our homemade flaky pastry.


  • Chicken Pasty

    Chicken bacon and mushrooms in our homemade flaky pastry.


  • Sausage Roll

    Ground pork and fresh herbs hand-rolled in our homemade flaky pastry.


  • Two Sausage Rolls Combo

    Two sausage rolls and a house salad.


  • Coronation Bap

    Mild curry chicken salad sandwich with mango chutney and a handful of raisins on a homemade bap (bun) served with plain crisps.


  • Bully Beef

    Corned beef topped with Branston pickle and Lays plain crisps on a homemade bap (bun) served with crisps.


  • Tuna Crunch

    Philadelphia cream cheese topped with tuna mayo and pecans on a homemade bap (bun) served with plain crisps.



Cosies specialty scones made fresh from scratch, subject to daily availability.

  • Plain Scone


  • Blueberry Lemon Scone


  • Strawberry Vanilla


  • Raspberry White Chocolate


  • Salted Caramel



  • Coffee


  • Tea


  • Supreme Hot Chocolate

    Decadent hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.


  • Soda Cans