Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill


6535 4th Street NE

Opens at 11:00 AM

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  • Four Man Nacho Barrel

    Vegetarian-friendly. Tortilla chips, melty cheese, jalapeños, mixed bell peppers, banana peppers, red and green onions, and fresh tomatoes.

    Sold Out

  • Mussels

    Steamed and sautéed in Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's signature sauce.


  • Calamari

    Made in-house, lightly breaded, topped with jalapenos, bell peppers, and onions. Served with tzatziki sauce.


  • Steak Bites (Half-Pound)

    Half-pound Alberta AAA sirloin, sweet soy sauce, horseradish aioli, sesame seeds, and green onion garnish.


  • Bite Sized Ribs

    Boneless pork ribs, salt-and-pepper, dry rub, or tossed in your choice of wing sauce.


  • Cheese Bread

    Cheesy garlic bread and meaty tomato sauce for dipping.

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  • Perogies and Sausage

    Potato and cheese filling, kielbasa sausage, sautéed onions, and sour cream.


  • Stuffed Yorkies

    Thinly sliced steak strips, house gravy, and horseradish.


  • Potato Skins

    Crispy potato wedges, bacon, melty cheese, green onions, and sour cream.

    Sold Out

  • Fried Pickles

    Vegetarian-friendly. Served with chipotle dip.


  • Cauliflower Wings

    Vegetarian-friendly. Tempura battered and tossed in Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's hot sauce. Served with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce.


  • Coconut Shrimp

    Coconut battered shrimp served with sweet chilli sauce.


Soup and Salads

  • Soup of The Day


  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, croutons, creamy Caesar dressing, bacon crumble, and parmesan.


  • Greek Salad

    Vegetarian-friendly. Fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, red onions, Kalamata olives, and feta.


  • Taco Salad

    Taco beef, tomatoes, red onions, leafy greens, cucumbers, peppers, corn, black beans, cheese, and chipotle drizzle in a tortilla bowl, salsa, and...


Between Bread

All of Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's handcrafted beef and bison patties are made with 100% pure beef or bison only. Substitute Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's Kaiser bun for an ancient grains gluten-friendly bun for $2.00

  • Mushroom Swiss Burger

    Sautéed mushrooms and onions, arugula, melty Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, and mayo.


  • Captains Burger

    Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mozzarella cheese, and creamy chipotle.


  • Bison Burger

    Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, pickles, and creamy chipotle.


  • Chicken Quesadilla

    Chicken, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, melty cheese, salsa, and sour cream side.


  • Loaded Cheese Steak

    Thinly sliced AAA steak, melty Swiss cheese, green peppers, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and au jus.


  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Tender breaded or grilled chicken, hot sauce, ranch, lettuce, and cheese blend.


  • Cap's Reuben Melt

    Smoked beef, melty Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and spicy Dijon mustard.


  • Clubhouse Sandwich

    Grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, an double stacked.



  • Guinness Fish and Chips

    Two pieces Guinness beer battered fish, coleslaw, house-cut fries, and tartar sauce.


  • Steak Sandwich

    Eight ounces of AAA top sirloin made to your liking, house-cut fries, and garlic toast.


  • Smokey Poutine

    Smoked beef, house-cut fries, gravy, and cheese curds.


  • Crispy Chicken Tenders

    Crispy battered chicken tenders, house-cut fries, and plum sauce.


  • Cevapi (chae-vap-ee)

    Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's feature dish. Balkan-style beef sausages, traditional pita bread, onions, roasted red pepper dip (ajvar), cream...


10" Specialty Pizzas

  • 10" Two-Topper Pizza

    One order comes with two toppings. Mushrooms, green peppers, jalapeños, pepperoni, bacon, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, ham, extra mozzarella cheese,


  • 10" Captains Margherita Pizza

    Vegetarian-friendly. Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes drizzled with house pesto sauce.

    Sold Out

  • 10" Mexican Pizza

    Salsa base, taco beef, jalapeños, onions, mixed bell peppers, three cheese blends, tomatoes, green onions, and sour cream side.

    Sold Out

  • 10" Mediterranean Pizza

    Vegetarian-friendly. Marinara sauce, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese topped...

    Sold Out

  • 10" Truffle and Mushroom Pizza

    Vegetarian-friendly. Marinara sauce, truffle oil, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.

    Sold Out

  • 10" Viking Pizza

    Marinara sauce, pepperoni, bacon, spicy ground beef, Italian sausage, and mozzarella cheese.



  • Wings (1 lb)

    One order comes with one-pound wings.



  • Oven Baked Lasagna

    Smothered with mozzarella cheese and Captain's Sports Lounge and Grill's house meat sauce.

    Sold Out

  • Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl

    Basmati rice, grilled chicken, seasonal vegetables, and sweet teriyaki sauce.


  • Butternut Squash Ravioli

    Vegetarian-friendly. Creamy rosé and sage sauce, tomatoes, arugula, parmesan, and walnuts.


  • Chicken Fettuccine and Mushroom Alfredo

    Creamy alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, and parmesan.


  • Butter Chicken

    Creamy sweet tomato sauce, tender chicken, basmati rice, and naan bread.



  • Not So Mini Donuts

    Delicious carnival-style donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Perfect for sharing.


  • Apple Crisp Melt-Away

    Apple crisp melt-away served with vanilla ice cream.

    Sold Out