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199 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2N2, Canada


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Sushi Burritos

  • One-Punch Salmon Burrito

    Atlantic salmon, kale, red cabbage, red onions, tangerine, tobiko, and spicy mayonnaise.


  • Tuna Chop Burrito

    Red tuna, avocado, field greens, cilantro, spring onions, tempura panko, tobiko, and mango salsa.


  • Fired Up Salmon Burrito

    Salmon crisp, avocado, dill, seared tomato, field greens, green onion, seven spice, and yuzu mayonnaise.


  • Pork Jab Burrito

    Pork cutlet, red cabbage, pickled cabbage, jalapeno, cucumber, green onions, curry sauce, and wasabi mayonnaise.


  • Miso Ready Chicken Burrito

    Miso ginger chicken, field greens, red cabbage, avocado, carrots, corn, sesame seeds, and miso ginger sauce.


  • Sweet Potato Cannon Burrito

    Tempura yam, field greens, sesame seeds, avocado, corn, red cabbage, seven spice, wasabi mayonnaise, and spicy mayonnaise.


  • Spinning Tofu Kick Burrito

    Tofu ricotta, kale, avocado, red onions, sesame seeds, seaweed flakes, and ginger miso.


Poke Bowls

  • Salmon Poke

    Atlantic salmon, kale, red onion, tangerine, avocado, corn, tempura panko, seven spice, yuzu mayonnaise, spicy mayonnaise, and yuzu vinaigrette.


  • Tuna Poke

    Red tuna, mango, avocado, field gree


  • Fired Salmon Poke

    Salmon crisp, dill, seared tomato, field greens, spring onions, avocado, seven spice, yuzu mayonnaise, and yuzusco.


  • Miso Ginger Poke

    Miso ginger chicken, field greens, avocado, carrots, sesame seeds, corn, seaweed flakes, miso ginger sauce, and balsamic vinaigrette.


  • Tofu Ricotta Poke

    Tofu ricotta, field greens, kale, red onions, avocado, sesame seeds, seaweed flakes, and balsamic vinaigrette.


Donburi (Rice Bowl)

  • Gyu Don

    Japanese simmered beef and onion on rice topped with green onions, sesame, and pickled ginger


  • Buta Don

    Simmered pork in dashi, topped with shredded ginger, sesame seeds, and shichimi spice


  • Kakuni Don (Pork Belly)

    Shingen's signature slow-cooked Pork Belly on rice topped with green onion, pickled ginger, soft boiled egg


  • Aji Don A22+

    Breaded Horse Mackerel on rice, with greens, cabbage, tomato, green onions, seaweed flakes, pickled ginger, and lemon with our Yuzu mayo dressing.


  • Tonkatsu Don A99

    Japanese breaded pork, red cabbage, corn, tomato, sesame seeds. Tonkatsu sauce.


  • Curry Tonkatsu Don A99+

    Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet, red cabbage, corn, tomato, Japanese curry, shichimi, aonori.


  • Japanese Vegetarian Curry

    Simmered Japanese curry with potato, carrot, onion, kabocha served with stir-fried seasonal vegetables, shichimi spices, and seaweed flakes.



  • Takoyaki A77

    Battered octopus balls, sauce, mayonnaise, scallions, and bonito flakes.


  • Sweet Potato Croquettes A66

    Japanese style sweet potato croquettes with yuzu mayonnaise sauce


  • Wakame Salad

    Tasty, crispy, and crunchy seaweed.


  • Edamame



  • Pop


  • Iced Tea


  • Small Apple Juice (300 ml)


  • Small Orange Juice (300 ml)


  • Bottled Water


  • Perrier Carbonated water (250 ml)