BUMP Burger


420 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0P1, Canada

Opens at 4:00 PM


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All Bump Burgers are made with our enhanced burger meat that gets 50% of its protein from plant-based sources and the other half from ordinary beef. We do this because it allows us to make a burger that tastes delicious and meaty, and still has a fraction of the environmental impact of a regular burger. So, if you’re a vegetarian looking for a plant-based option, Bump Burger isn’t going to be for you. If you love meat, but want it to have a lower environmental impact, then Bump Burger was made just for you!

  • Bump Fat Boy Burger

    Chili, roasted garlic aioli, shredded lettuce, mustard, onion, pickle, and cheese. Served on a toasted Martin’s potato roll.


  • Classic Bump Burger

    Aged cheddar cheese, green leaf lettuce, Bump Burger sauce, pickles, and tomatoes. Served on a toasted, locally made, potato roll.


  • Mushroom Bump Burger

    Updated for December! The new and improved Bump Mushroom Burger is an absolute favourite for our team. A smashed Bump Burger patty is topped with...


  • Spicy Fat Boy

    Smashed Bump Burger patty, lettuce, onion, mustard, pickles, tomato, Spicy Bump Burger sauce, red hot chili pepper Monterey Jack cheese, chili, all...


  • Spicy Classic Bump Burger

    Smashed Bump Burger patty, lettuce, pickles, tomato, Spicy Bump Burger sauce, red hot chili pepper Monterey Jack cheese, all nestled in a locally...


  • Spicy Mushroom Bump Burger

    Updated for December! The spicy Mushroom Bump Burger has a smashed Bump Burger patty, topped with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, melted chili...



  • Side of Waffle Fries & Dip


  • Double Order of Waffle Fries and Dip





  • Bump Burger Sauce


  • Spicy Bump Burger Sauce


  • Ketchup




  • Homemade Iced Tea (20oz)

    A delicious glass of freshly brewed iced tea with just a hint of lemon and mint. Served over ice, it's the perfect drink to enjoy with your Bump...


  • Brite Water

    A king can of super refreshing Brite Water. Made in Winnipeg.



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