Big Beef Bowl


8362 Kennedy Rd, Unionville, ON L3R 9W5, Canada


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Dumplings and Buns

  • Potstickers (Pork) (8 Pcs) 锅贴

    One order comes with eight dumplings.


  • Shanghai Pan Fried Bao (Pork) (4 Pcs) 生煎

    One order comes with four pieces.


BBQ Skewers

  • Chicken Wing Skewers (2 pcs)烤鸡翅


  • Cumin Lamb Skewers (2 pcs)烤羊肉串


  • King Oyster Mushroom Skewer 烤皇子菇


  • Corn with Cheese Skewers (2 pcs)烤芝士玉米


  • Pork Belly Skewers (2 pcs)烤五花肉


  • Grilled Eggplant 烤茄子


Big Beef Bowls

  • Classic Beef Bowl 清湯牛肉拉麵(牛大碗)


  • Braised Beef Brisket Bowl 紅燒牛肉面



  • Beef with Pickled Mustard Bowl 酸菜牛肉面



  • Meat Sauce Bowl 炸醬面


  • Vegetarian Noodle Soup Bowl 素菜湯面


  • Braised Pork Intestine Bowl 肥腸面


  • Clear Broth Brisket Noodle Bowl 清汤牛腩面


  • Lamb Noodle Soup Bowl 羊肉湯面


  • Cold Vegetarian Noodle Bowl 素冷面


  • Complicated Cow (Offals) Noodle Bowl 牛雜面


Rice Noodles 米粉

  • N01. Brisket and Tendon Rice Noodle Soup 牛腩粉

    Noodles made from rice flour served with brisket and tendon.


  • N02. Braised Pork Feet Rice Noodle Soup 猪手粉

    Noodles made from rice flour served with braised pork trotter.


  • N03. Complicated Cow (Offals) Rice Noodle Soup 牛杂粉

    Noodles made from rice flour served with a variety of braised cow offals.


  • N04. Fish and Meat Balls with Fried Fish Skin 双丸粉

    Noodles made from Rice flour served with assorted meat balls and fried fish skin.


Side Dishes

  • Fried Chicken炸鸡


  • Cold Spiced Chicken口水鸡


  • Spicy Tripe and Beef 夫妻费片



  • Complicated Cow Offals 牛杂


  • Spicy Potato Strips 土豆丝


  • Wood Ear Fungus with Cucumbers 黄瓜木耳


  • Pickled Daikon 酸萝卜



  • Cucumbers with Pork Ears 红油猪耳丝


Snack 小吃

  • Fried Dough Fritter [Youtiao] 油条


  • Fried Sweet Bun with Sweetened Condensed Milk 炸馒头



  • Chinese Sweetened Herbal Tea Cold


  • Pop


  • Soy Milk