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  • House Soup

    Ever changing. Multi-seed crackers.


  • Autumn Roll

    Kimchi, sprouts, sweet yam fries, nori, cucumber, brown rice, spicy mayo, and ponzu.


  • Mezze

    Za’atar spiced flatbread, marinated olives, pickled and fresh vegetables, harissa hummus, cashew cream cheese, and house chutney.


  • Warm Olives

    Herbs, citrus peel, and wine.



  • Warm Beetroot Salad

    Red kale, roasted beets, hazelnut dukkah, miso ginger dressing, cashew cheese, candied pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion, fresh herbs, and quinoa.


  • Farmer's Market

    Young greens, seasonal juliennes, sprouts, radish, sauerkraut, fennel root, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and hemp hearts.



  • Autumn Burger

    House bun, sunflower mushroom patty red onion, caramelized onion, pickles mustard aioli, greens, and tomato ketchup.


  • Kati Roll

    Spinach roti, curry potatoes, radish, cilantro and mint yogurt, roasted cauliflower, chutney, pickled onions, and arugula.



  • Mac

    Brown rice macaroni, red onion, coconut cashew cheese sauce, braising greens, summer squash, walnut, and herb parmesan.


  • Green

    Dark greens, bok choy, cabbage, seasonal vegetables, red onion, cilantro, toasted cashews, scallions, coconut green Thai curry, and brown rice.


  • Masoor Dal

    Red lentil dal, mixed raita, house chutney, herbs, saffron, preserved lemon, shiitakes, Indian spiced chilli oil, jeera papad, basmati, and wilted...


  • Rising Sun

    Teriyaki soy curls, peppers, red onion, marinated shiitakes, furikake, scallions, sprouts, mixed juliennes, sesame sauce, braising greens, brown...


  • Full Karma

    Choice of two sides, choice of sauce, and choice of brown rice or quinoa.


  • Half Karma

    Choice of two sides, choice of sauce, and choice of brown rice or quinoa.



  • Teff Flatbread


  • Roasted Potatoes

    Sold Out

  • Steamed Greens


  • House Salad - Tahini Lemon Dressing


  • Sourdough Buckwheat Focaccia


  • Lentils


  • Sauce


  • Steamed Brown Rice


  • Saffron Basmati


  • Sauerkraut (100 ml)


  • Steamed Quinoa


  • Kimchi (100 ml)


  • Multiseed Crackers



  • Daily Cheesecake


  • Medicinal Fudge


  • PB Bomb

    Raw chocolate and roasted peanut butter.


  • Bliss Kiss

    Raw chocolate.



  • Elite Green Protein

    Elite green protein, spirulina, hemp hearts strawberry, banana, and orange juice.


  • Cacao Cacao

    Banana, cacao, hemp hearts, brown rice protein, maca, date, and almond milk.


  • Protein Boost

    Banana, peanut butter, date, brown rice protein, maca, and almond milk.


  • Trail Blazer

    Strawberry, banana, fig, and almond milk.


  • Complete Green

    Apple, orange, banana, hemp hearts, lucuma, rice protein, maca, vita mineral green, and almond milk.


  • Third Eye

    Espresso, cacao, shilajit, maca, fig banana, and almond milk.



  • Green Ginger Ale

    Kale, celery, apple, ginger, and lemon.


  • Earthblood Tonic

    Carrot, beet, celery, kale, and ginger.


  • Sun Burst

    Orange, blackberry, lemon, and vitamin D.


  • En Root

    Apple, carrot, orange, ginger, turmeric, and lemon.



  • Wellness Shot

    Lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey, camu camu, and cayenne.


  • Iced Wellness Toddy

    Lemon, turmeric, ginger, honey, echinacea, and sparkling water.


  • Kombucha Cure

    Kombucha, turmeric, ginger, lemon, honey, and sparkling water.


  • Bon-Boocha

    Kombucha, lemon, ginger, blackberry, maple syrup, and sparkling water.


  • Iced Matcha Latte

    Jaga silk matcha and house-made hemp oat milk.


  • Cola

    House herbal blend.


  • Root Beer

    House herbal blend.


Hot Tonics

  • Wellness Toddy

    Lemon, turmeric, ginger, camu camu, honey, echinacea, and black pepper.


  • Turmeric Latté

    Turmeric, honey, steamed hemp oat mil, and black peppercorn.


  • Medicinal Chai Tea

    Traditional warming spices, goji, pau d’arco, reishi, chaga, and astragalus.


  • Mama’s Magic

    Lemon, ginger, honey, and cayenne.


  • Matcha Latté

    Jaga silk matcha and oat milk.


  • Matcha Tea

    Jaga silk.



  • Café Latté

    2% Jazz espresso and oat milk.


  • Americano

    2% Jazz espresso.


  • Iced Cafe Latté

    2% Jazz espresso and oat milk.