Barrhaven Market


2910 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ON K2J 4P7, Canada

Opens at 9:00 AM

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    Al Madina Dates

    Fresh dates, full of minerals and vitamins.



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    Yeast leavened round flatbread, great with any dish.



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    Maggie (Chicken & Beef)

    Chicken and beef seasoning cubes.


  • Tamarind

    Tangy, sweet and sour spice.



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    Labneh Strained Yogurt (500 g)

    Hight in protein, and great for breakfast and everyday use.


  • Ackawi Cheese

    White brine cheese is named after the city of Akka.


  • Baladi Cheese

    Baladi cheese is a soft white cheese from the Middle East.


  • Nabulsi Cheese (1 lb)

    A white brined cheese from the Middle East.



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    Bologna (Halal)

    Seasoned chicken sausage, is great for sandwiches and more.


  • Hot Dogs (Halal)

    Halal sausage is commonly used for hot dogs.



  • Marshmallow (Halal)

    Puffed treat, great for s'mores.


  • Gummies (Halal)

    A sweet treat.