Bandito Taco Kitchen


8717 53 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5E9, Canada


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The way Birria Tacos are meant to be eaten! A combo will come with Soup, Garnishes, Lime and Salsa for your Tacos or Quesadillas!

  • Birria Taco Combo

    The way that Birria is meant to be served. Three tacos of your choice served with a cup of consomme for dipping.


  • Birria Quesadilla Combo

    Two large corn tortillas stuffed with all of the same ingredients as Bandito tacos and have extra cheese. Served with a cup of Bandito consomme and...



  • Pork Birria Taco (Single)

    Gluten-Friendly. The main dish was sold at Bandito. Pork that is stewed in-house broth for hours till it falls off the bone. A medium corn tortilla...


  • Chicken Birria Taco (Single) (Halal)

    Halal Chicken. The main dish sold Bandito. Chicken that is stewed in-house broth for hours till it falls off the bone. A medium corn tortilla is...


  • Mushroom-Jackfruit Birria Taco (Single) (Vegan Option Available)

    The main dish sold Bandito. Mushrooms and jackfruit that are stewed in-house broth.The the broth is also vegan and made in-house. It can also have...


  • Birria Consomme (10 oz)

    What takes Bandito tacos truly to the next level. A savoury, flavour-packed, broth that is incredibly flavorful on its own, but is meant to be...


  • Guacamole

    Vegan. House-made guac with red onions, tomatoes, and fresh avocado.



  • Birria Quesadilla (Single)

    Bandito's classic birria meat on a larger scale as a quesadilla. One large corn tortilla stuffed with your choice of meat, onions, cilantro,



  • Quattro Leches Cake

    Vegetarian. A nice slice of cake to end your meal topped with fresh berries.



  • Jarritos

    The classic Mexican beverage. Refreshing fruit-based sodas that pair perfectly with an order of tacos.


  • Sangria (Non-Alcoholic)

    Carbonated Sangria flavored soda which is a delight to drink!


  • Pop


  • Bottle of Water