Art and Craft Pizza


359 Stafford Dr N, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2A7, Canada


All our pizzas are made with Local Flour, Stone Milled on the Ranch that grows it. We ferment our dough to make it easier to digest and to build flavour. Pizza is really bread with toppings, so the bread (dough) should be the best part.

  • Plain Cheese Pizza (Kevin Mccallister) (12")

    Sauce, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese) --- This pizza is called a 'Regular' in NYC, we are doing our best to recreate that here in Lethbridge


  • Upside Down Margherita (UDM) Pizza (12")

    Organic Olive oil, Grana Padano (hard cheese like Parmesan), Fresh Basil, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese), fresh mozzarella, sauce. --- The...


  • Pepperoni Pizza (12")

    Sauce, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese), Pepperoni (from Legacy Meats)


  • Cheese and Thank You Pizza (12")

    Sauce, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese), fresh mozzarella, Grana Padano (Hard Cheese like Parmesan), Organic Olive Oil. --- Very similar to...


  • Better Than You Think Pizza (12")

    Pesto, Pistachios, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese), mortadella (Italian Deli Meat, that originated in the North East of Italy) ---A very...


  • Sausage and Mushroom Pizza (12")

    Sauce, Mozzarella (from Crystal Springs Cheese), Italian sausage (not spicy)(from Wild Bros Meat and Cheese), Mushrooms (Cremini Mushrooms).


  • Hawaiian Pizza (12")

    Sauce, Mozzarella (from Crystal Spring Cheese), Ham (Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Pork from Broek Acres), Fresh Pineapple. Available with Red Chilie...



  • Coke Can


  • Ginger Ale Can


  • Water Bottle



Limited time items

  • 14” New York Pizza (14”)

    A very thin pizza with Sauce, Sicilian Oregano, Crystal Springs Mozzarella, Extra Grana Pandano (hard cheese like Parmigiana Regiano) and finished...


  • Garlic Knots

    Our epic pizza dough, tied into a knot and baked in our 700 degree pizza oven. Tossed with Local Garlic, Parsley, Grana Padano (hard cheese like...


NYC Cookies

Giant 6oz NYC Cookies