Aama Nepalese Cuisine Inc


100 Horse Creek Rd, Cochrane, AB T4C 0E3, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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Sharables & Small Bites

  • Vegetable Roll

    House Chutney, daikon slaw.


  • Sargemba – Eastern Nepal (Sausage)

    Pork Sausage, Tomato Sauce, and House Bread.


  • Sukuti – Goat

    House Dry aged meat, chilli, roasted soyabean pickle, and flaked rice.


  • Sekuwa Goat

    Charcoal grilled, daikon slaw, flaked rice, house -chutney


  • Yam Fries

    Nepali Spiced


  • Masala Chicken Wings

    Nepali Spiced, House Chutney


  • Lamb Meat Balls

    Blend of Nepali Spiced tomato sauce, Flat Bread


  • Nepali Spiced Fries

    Nepali Spiced


Soup and Salads

  • Thukpa Chicken

    Nepali noodle soup, shredded vegetables, mushrooms, and Broccoli.


  • Thukpa Veg Tofu

    Nepali noodle soup, shredded vegetables, mushrooms, and Broccoli.


  • Shyakpa (Himalayan Meat Stew – made by “Sherpas”)

    Yak Meat, Yukon gold potato, Carrot, Celery, and House bread.


  • Beetroot Salad

    Roasted beets, artisan mix, goat cheese, and Mango -turmeric dressing.



  • Leg of Lamb – Slow cooked

    Buttered Rice, flat bread, and Yoghurt Mint.


  • AAMA’s Butter Chicken

    Buttered Rice, Flat Bread.


  • Chowmein - Chicken (LF)

    Noodle, shredded vegetables, chilli coriander sauce, shredded chicken.


  • Chowmein - Tofu Vegetable (LF)

    Noodle, shredded vegetables, chili coriander sauce, and Tofu.


  • Fried Rice - Chicken (Gf, Lf)

    Egg, chilli sauce, chicken, and assorted vegetables.


  • Fried Rice – Tofu Vegetable (Gf ,Lf)

    Mushroom, chili sauce, and assorted vegetables.


Indulge into Nepalese “Street Food”

  • MOMOS & Chutney (8 Pcs)

    Authentic Nepali Dumplings.


Sweet Bites

  • Kheer & Gulab Jamun

    Rice Pudding with sweets.