The Lion Pub & Grill


1091 Gorham Street, Newmarket, ON, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Monday to Sunday: Open - 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

  • Three Egg Omelette

    Includes your choice of two toppings, home fries, and whole wheat toast.


  • Bacon and Egg Sandwich

    Served with lettuce, tomatoes, and home fries.


  • Western Sandwich

    Served with ham, red peppers, green peppers, and red onions.


  • Bacon and Cheddar Omelette

    Three egg omelette with bacon and cheddar cheese.


  • Love Omelette

    Bacon, sausage, ham, red peppers, green peppers, red onions, and mushrooms in a three egg omelette.


  • BLT Sandwich

    Served with home fries.


  • Grilled Vegetable Omelette

    Three egg omelette with grilled red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini.


  • Western and Cheddar Omelette

    Served with ham, red peppers, green peppers, red onions, and cheddar cheese in a three egg omelette.


  • Lion Omelette

    Three eggs served with ham, bacon, roast beef, sausage, tomatoes, home fries, and toast.


Three Egg Breakfast

Monday to Sunday: Open - 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. All breakfast served with home fries and toast.

  • 3 Fresh Eggs

    Three eggs prepared your way served with home fries and toast.


  • 3 Fresh Eggs with Ham

    Three eggs prepared your way served with ham, home fries, and toast.


  • 3 Fresh Eggs with Bacon

    Three eggs prepared your way served with bacon, home fries, and toast.


  • 3 Fresh Eggs with Peameal Bacon

    Three eggs prepared your way served with peameal bacon, home fries, and toast.


  • 3 Fresh Eggs with Farmers Sausage

    Three eggs prepared your way served with farmers sausage, home fries, and toast.


  • Eggs Benedict

    Poached eggs served on a toasted English muffin, layered with peameal bacon and topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes.



Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

  • Chicken Club Wrap

    Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, and ranch wrapped in tortilla.


  • Chicken Parmesan Wrap

    Breaded chicken with tomato sauce, cheese, and lettuce wrapped in tortilla.


  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Tender pieces of Buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and Buffalo sauce wrapped in tortilla.


  • Grilled Veggie Wrap

    Grilled veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, roasted green peppers, and portobello mushrooms wrapped in tortilla.


  • Chicken Caesar Wrap

    Grilled chicken served with lettuce, bacon bits, and creamy Caesar dressing, wrapped in tortilla.


  • Crispy Chicken Wrap

    Breaded chicken served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mixed cheese, wrapped in tortilla.


  • Chicken Pesto Sandwich

    Grilled pesto chicken served with goat cheese, greens, and tomatoes, on a bun.


  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, served on a toasted bun.


  • Southern Fried Cajun Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken breast tossed in Cajun sauce served with coleslaw, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes, on a bun.


  • Burger

    Four-ounce burger, served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles on a bun.


  • French Onion Soup

    A rich broth brimming with sauteed onions, toasted croutons, and topped with melted Swiss cheese.


  • Garlic Bread

    Freshly baked loaf.


  • Potato Skin

    Stuffed with cheese, mixed peppers, onions, and bacon bits served with sour cream.


  • Mozzarella Sticks

    Breaded cheese sticks deep fried and served with salsa.


  • Nachos

    Crispy tortilla chips smothered in a blend of cheese, then topped with green onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapenos; served with salsa and sour...


  • Irish Nachos

    Crispy lattice fries topped with mixed cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream.


  • Poutine

    Hot crisp fries topped with cheese and gravy.


  • French Fries


  • Onion Rings


  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • Lattice Fries


  • Buffalo Chicken Poutine

    Tender pieces of Buffalo chicken placed on top of seasoned chips, topped with melted cheese curds, Buffalo butter gravy, scallions, and ranch.


  • Buffalo Chicken

    Boneless crispy chicken pieces tossed in honey garlic or Buffalo butter.


  • Calamari

    Fresh-cut squid breaded with seasoning and deep-fried. Served with tzatziki sauce.


  • Crispy Shrimp

    Lightly seasoned and crispy fried served with sweet chilli sauce.


  • Fried Jalapeno Ravioli (5 pcs)

    Five pieces of ravioli served with marinara sauce.


  • Deep-Fried Cauliflower

    Cauliflower tossed in szechuan sauce and topped with green onions and sesame seeds. Six-ounce portion.


  • Spinach Cheese and Bacon Dip

    A hot creamy blend of cheese, spinach, and artichoke topped with bacon, served with grilled pita bread.


  • Kettle Cooked Chips

    Thinly sliced potato chips, kettle cooked and seasoned, served warm with chipotle sauce, mayonnaise, and ranch.


  • House Salad

    Crispy mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, and your choice of dressing.


  • Greek Salad

    Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in oregano lemon vinaigrette topped with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black olives, and feta cheese.


  • Caesar Salad

    Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, bacon bits, and Parmesan cheese topped with Caesar dressing.


  • Beet Salad

    Roasted beet and blue cheese salad, eight-ounce beets with chopped lettuce and cheese.


  • Cobb Salad

    Chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, onions, romaine ice berg mixed, and mixed cheese.


  • Asian Salad

    Mixed greens and spicy Thai noodles topped with fresh mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and Asian sesame dressing.


  • Pecan Salad

    Mixed greens topped with seasoned grilled chicken breast and red and green peppers, spicy glazed pecans, dried cranberries, apple slices, pear...


  • Goat Cheese and Grilled Vegetables

    Grilled sweet peppers, onions, zucchini, portabello mushrooms, and crumbled goat cheese with balsamic dressing over mixed greens.


  • Brussel Sprout Salad

    Served with feta, bacon, and eight-ounce sprouts with chopped romaine.


  • Canadian Burger

    Six-ounce burger grilled to perfection served with all the trimmings.


  • Mushroom Cheeseburger

    Six-ounce burger with mushrooms and barbeque sauce with mozzarella cheese as well as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.


  • Burger

    Six-ounce beef burger grilled to perfection served with all the trimmings.


  • Bacon and Cheeseburger

    Six-ounce beef burger topped with bacon and cheese served on a rustic bun.


  • Steak and Chips

    Eight-ounce AAA Canadian striploin served with vegetables and choice of pub chips or mashed potatoes.


  • Steak Sandwich

    Six-ounce AAA Canadian striploin charbroiled just the way you like it served on a fresh toasted garlic bun topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.


  • Chicken Souvlaki Dinner

    Marinated chicken served with rice and Greek salad.


  • Veggie Burger

    Grilled veggie patty prepared as your choice of Tex Mex, Mediterranean, mushroom cheese, or whisky barbeque.


  • Lion's Prime Rib Burger

    Prime rib burger with crispy bacon, cheese, and sauteed onion, topped with tomatoes, onion pickles, and lettuce.


  • California Chicken Wrap

    Grilled chicken with crisp greens, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and guacamole wrapped in a tortilla shell.


  • Chipotle Chicken Wrap

    Lightly breaded crispy chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and blend of cheese tossed in a chipotle sauce wrapped in a tortilla shell.


  • Grilled Vegetable Wrap

    Baby green grilled vegetables and goat cheese in a flour tortilla shell.


  • BLT

    That old fashioned sandwich is now a triple decker, just more bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, served on your choice of brown toast.


  • Philly Steak Sandwich

    Slow cooked Angus beef piled high on fresh garlic bread and topped with sauteed peppers, onions, and mounds of mixed cheese.


  • Tandoori Chicken Wrap

    Served with lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes.


  • Classic Grilled Cheese

    This classic triple decker sandwich is sure to fill your hunger.


  • Hot Beef Dip

    Tender and juicy shaved roast beef, piled high on freshly toasted garlic bread with au jus for dipping.


  • Chicken Club

    Deli style chicken breast, crisp bacon, tomatoes, and leaf lettuce on two slices of toast.


  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    Six-ounce seasoned breaded chicken breast toasted in red hot sauce and served on a ciabatta bun.


  • California Club Wrap

    Seasoned chicken, lettuce, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, and chipotle ranch.


  • Falafel on Pita

    Served with tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and tzatziki sauce.


  • Chicken Wings

    Try The Lion's infamous jumbo roaster wings. Lightly dusted and served with celery, carrots, and house dip. Dress them up the way you like with your...


  • Penne alla Vodka

    Penne noodles, bacon, sausage, and green onions with a tomato cream vodka sauce.


  • Fettuccini Pollo

    Fettuccini and grilled chicken in a pesto cream sauce.


  • Beef Ravioli with Red Wine Glace

    Onions, mushrooms, and six ravioli with sauce. Served with garlic bread and salad.


  • Jambalaya Fettuccini

    Fettuccini tossed in tomato sauce with chicken breast, tiger shrimp, Italian sausage, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, and onions.


  • Chicken Fingers

    Breaded and deep-fried tender chicken fingers. Served with fries and plum sauce for dipping.


  • Guinness Steak and Mushroom Pie

    Tender cuts of beef and sauteed mushrooms with Guinness gravy in a flaky pastry served with mashed potatoes and veggies.


  • Shepherds Pie

    A hot oval baker dish with traditional ground beef, vegetables, and gravy topped with mashed potatoes and served with a side garden salad.


  • Bangers and Mashed

    English style farmers sausage, baked beans, and sauteed onions served with mashed potatoes.


  • Fajitas

    Julienne mixed peppers and fresh cooking onions sauteed with zesty Mexican spices. Flour tortilla shells and all the toppings accompany this delight.


  • Chicken Parmagina

    Six-ounce breaded chicken breast covered with basil tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Served with noodles and toasted garlic breaded.


  • Fish and Chips

    Crispy beer-battered haddock with fries and tartar sauce.


  • Lion Chicken Curry

    Chefs own style curry served with basmati rice and garnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and pita bread.


  • Perogies

    Cheese filled perogies sauteed with onions and bacon, pan fried and topped with a blend of melted cheese. Served with a side of sour cream.


  • Liver and Onion

    Lion famous pan-fried liver and onions, served with mash potatoes and veggies.


  • Cheese and Vegetable Quesadillas

    Soft tortilla stuffed with sweet peppers, tomatoes, scallions, jalapenos, melted marble cheese. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream.


  • Raptor

    One-pound of wings, three pieces of chicken fingers, five pieces of deep-fried jalapeno ravioli, three potato skins, sweet potatoes fries, and veggie...


  • Leafs

    Two-pounds of wings, six pieces of chicken fingers, six pieces of mozzarella cheese sticks, crispy shrimp, six pieces of potato skins, lattice fries,


  • Blue Jays

    One-pound of Buffalo chicken wontons, deep-fried cauliflower, deep-fried jalapeno ravioli, and kettle chips.


  • Argonauts

    Four-pounds of wings with lattice fries and veggie sticks.



Hot and cold.

  • Reese Peanut Butter Blondie

    A chewy blondie layer (blonde brownie) topped with milk chocolate ganache and then smothered with peanut butter mousse that is jam-packed with...


  • So Good Chocolate Cake

    Four layers of decadent chocolate cake separated by rich chocolate fudge icing. Finished with a dark chocolate glaze and skirted with fine pajets.


  • Cookies and Cream Cake

    Two chewy chocolate brownie layers with cream cheese and broken soft center chocolate cookies. Topped with a center mound of milk chocolate ganache,


  • Creme Brulee Cheesecake

    Original New York-style cheesecake and decadent French custard baked together in a buttery vanilla crust. Topped with traditional caramelized sugar!


  • Apple Crisp Melt-Away

    This single-serve item is chock full of wedged apples within a coconut cinnamon streusel. Then top it off with a decadent homemade caramel sauce.


  • Warm Ginger Caramel Spice Cake

    This individual dessert is chock full of diced apples, mingled with a moist ginger spice cake and The Lion Pub's secret ingredient, then topped with...